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baron von brownfoot

Blitzkrieg 2

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Can anyone help me out to get Blitzkrieg 2 to install on my new computer? It appears after years of putting up with slow frame rate stalls I have upgraded my computer to enjoy the game and now am unable to play due to incompatibility issues. I would like to enjoy Blitzkrieg again.

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Please read through the forum entries about installation issues.


Blitz2 works with win7 64 bit, as i have that (win7 64bit professional).


Try a clean install of zerohour (to the c:\programfiles (x86)\EAgames\cnczh) + 1.04 patch. Then install the main R3 (blitz3.0) file on it, then patch it with 3.1.


If you still have problems try running blitz in compatibility mode. Right click on the blitzkrieg2.exe, go to compatibility tab, click run compatible with winxp service pack2, disable visual themes, disable desktop composition, disable scaling on high dpi settings, and run program as admin. If that still doesn't work, do the same with the generals.exe by editing the shortcut.


atm for myself i only run generals.exe in compatibility mode, somehow i dont need to alter blitzkrieg2.exe settings...



For multiplayer etc see the guides.

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