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Tiberian Dawn: The First Strike

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I'd like to make a few points as to why nobody is replying to your calls for help.


Firstly, your mod idea. You're basically re-making C&C Renegade. We've heard that idea infinite times before (I have in my distant past signed up to no less than 4 mod teams trying the same thing), and with the exception of Renegade X, they have all failed. To really get people's attention, an original idea would be a good start.


Ok, so idea aside, lets look a bit deeper. From what I can tell you've been going for half a year, and you've got barely anything to show for it. Just a handful of poorly rendered, untextured models. You have nothing in-game yet, in fact I've looked over your modDB page and forum and I still have no idea what game engine you're planning to use.


How many people are on your team? As far as I can tell, it's 3, including yourself. What exactly do you do on your team Bfranx? What is your contribution to the mod? Models? Textures? Code? Please don't say you're just the webmaster, you can't just put up a website and expect everyone else to make a mod for you, it doesn't work like that. As mod leader, you have to be the most active contributor to the mod. It is the best way to inspire people to help you without pay.


And I think I'll end with a comment on your last post there. Coming in saying your progress has been going really, really slow then saying you're not dead isn't going to convince anyone that this isn't a doomed project. You need to show us that you're progressing somewhere. Show something off, get a nice render of one of your models with at least a token effort of a texture on it. Better yet, get something in a game engine and show that.


I'm sorry to be tough on you here, but modding is tough. To really be successful or even reach a release, it has to go beyond a hobby. Blitz 2 only got to release because various members of the team worked on it full time, overtime, around the clock, day after day. Keeping a team together for a successful mod wasn't easy either, not a single member of the original Blitz 2 team worked on the final release. Even the leadership changed on a few occasions.

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