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Mig Eater

Feeling Nostalgic...

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I was in the mood for some old school mods, so I dug up AR2 & played a few games. The gameplay is still as solid as ever but the Gfx haven't stood the test of time very well, so I extracted my favorite unit (design) & gave it a makeover.


I'm releasing this on the basis that it should only be used with AR2, so I don't want to see it popping up in any other mods..! To use it just copy the files in to the RA2 folder & launch AR2 as normal.


PS: I have an Idea for a new Raven, so I might give that a makeover in the future as well.

post-314-077072200 1309018374_thumb.gif


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Mig Eater, thanks a ton


Any chance you wanna work with us? Im trying to kinda revive this - tmapm and vin7 are waiting till Ares can support offmap reinforcements, I think.


I know you're busy with D-Day and all (impressive work!), but help some brothas out eh?

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Just realized how badly I was necroposting. Confused this thread with a much newer one.



Tiny step towards revival :D/> :P/> Added the Enforcer and Jackal to the bleed build of OpenRA

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