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The First Battle Of Smolensk

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July-August 2011 The First Battle of Smolensk 70th anniversary



On June 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. 2 weeks later on July, the Soviet first Western Front was on the verge of completely ceasing to exist.

The Stavka committed virtually its entire strategic reserve to protect the Smolensk-Moscow axis.


The Battle of Smolensk was critical and its outcome would determine if an offensive against Moscow could continue.


Under your command the German Army Group Centre. This mission is in 2 parts. The first part puts emphasis on the German supply challenge, you have to protect the German supply depots and railway workers, and also defend against attacks from the Red Army and from the partisants.


The second part is about the Battle of Smolensk itself.

This mission will be included in the next patch Korona and friends will release soon!

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I as chief tester can recommend Neo's maps.


The campaign will feature a complete axis and soviet story line, and the important allied missions.


Also included will be several single singleplayer maps featuring from detailed battles of interest to whole front wars, with 1 map operation Desert Sun featuring a programmed reactive AI.


For mp there will be several new regular maps, created by Raptor and DirtyHarry, featuring large scale warfare. Also a few coop maps vs a pre programmed ai player.


The engine will have new and updated features such as a new inf system and bomber system, will contain fine tuning for unit ranges and damage, as well as the fine tuning of graphics, allowing the game to run much faster, all thanks to his holyness, Korona.

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Yeah you can maybe see the downgraded textures on the tanks. (They look great at full range still). This boosts performance massivly allowing us to have even more units on screen.


I've also downsized the regular infantry skins to something sane given they are about half a pixel in game. TBH I think I could have made the skins 1x1 and still not have had an impact on graphics.



Anyway although it makes the game feel a lot crisper it's probably the dullest of the changes. All new air systems and a revamped infantry system are some of the highlights but there's a whole ton of changes since 3.1


We're basically just tightening up everything to make it the most polished version of Blitz ever!

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