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Comrade Raptorkov

Star Ruler

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Amazing 4x rts game I stumbled onto. It's a space based empire type game. You know fly your ships from star to star colonizing planets for their resources and building ships. The universe can be as small or big as you want it, from just 1 star to over 10000 all of which is procedurally generated to your settings. Then there's ship building, you design the ships for your empire with a simple circle you drop components into and balance it out into a functioning craft, with unlimited scale, you can make a deathstar if you so pleased. Theres no ship cap either, so you could build a fleet of deathstars. It has a simple tech tree as well, to unlock new systems for ships and improve old ones. Anything can be destroyed, included the giant star in the middle of the generated universe with 4.15P of hitpoints, if i got it right thats 4,150,000,000,000,000,000 HP




This game makes SoaSE look like barbies adventure. The best part of all it's only 20 USD on steam

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