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I must admit, I feel Blitz2 is a perfect rts. Not because it's ww2 based, but the formula it uses itself, for rts is absolutely perfect. you only gain tech advancement through combat, well you gain it faster anyways. any other rts would have you gain it through research or building up the tech tree. In Blitz2, you have to fight for upgrades, and he who holds the best strategy gains faster.


While most will think this is a curve that helps the veteran the most, I realize, that he who partakes in the greatest risk, receives the most.


That is to say, ever blitz2 game is a gamble, should I advance here, or wait. i notice, that even if you advance and take heavy losses, still kills more and receives the most point towards the next advancement. Only in Blitz 2 does the smart uses of resources available to you gain you the most insurance and advancement. Other rts would have you just build structures, but Blitz2 makes you fight. this urges players to combat with one another and partake in multi-front battles. Though out numbered, players will start to focus on you, though this may seem like a disadvantage, it is you alone who benefits, for every kill you're 2 step closer to the next tech level, and people are ignoring each other to fight you. so everyone is fighting you, you're getting the ost kills, you gain experience and combative skills the quickest. before any realizes, you're 3 techs ahead of the next closest guy, meaning you can build more, faster and cheaper, soon you find yourself just walking over your foes with ease.


In other words, blitz rewards gambles and combat, and disadvantages the turtles and tech runners.

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