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News: Upcomming 2014 (2018) Release !

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Hello all warriors!

The greatest ww2 RTS game is back! A new release will soon come !


See our post at: Mod db.


The fanatical comrade Neo has done amazing work In revolutionizing the game. He and his lapdog DirtyHarry tested every panzer to perfection.


Now ever more than before, blitzkrieg mod is a game about strategy and tanks. He increased the size of the new maps and shrunk the unit size, making epic fights possible. Also new and improved singleplayer maps were added. A full campaign for Soviet and Axis.


Ok that's it! Have fun with the new release, and let us know what you think of it :)/>/> .




Blitz for Noobies


So what is blitz?


TECH: It's a mod based on Cnc Generals Zero Hour.

History: 2004 since before you were born till 2014

Genre: RTS

Sub Genre: the first and only true arcade style controlled RTS game which simulates what normally only turn based RTS games can do. Long battles, actual strategy, shifting frontlines and historic techknowledgy development.


Blitz2 plays like an other arcade game. StarCraft, warcraft, command and conquer. Unlike the latest big map RTS games, in which you get units by point systems etc. blitz2 features a classic production model. You just construct factories, and then build units. The resources are flag buildings (occupy with infantry to make money) and oil tanks (build them to keep your army supplied). You need to capture ground to win and can hurt your enemies operations by blowing up his oil tanks.


So far so classic...


Now comes the good part. In all the other games, usually there is a rush, where a player focusses on some kind of early unit hoping that his choice is superior to the enemy. Then there is a battle, and one side wins. If there is no winner, the battle continues. Resulting in each side making bigger armies, sending them, smashing head on into each other until there is a winner, with battles lasting mere minutes. There is some room for unit management in these games, and also some sneak tactics, but not much strategy. Generally maps are small and all the strategy and tactics you want to employ don't matter much since units can turn instantly.


Blitzkrieg 2 mods works differently. It actually plays a lot like the real ww2 did for the generals. Armies take time to assemble and move and need proper support (artillery, AT, air). There is no rushing or winning early. You will need to select a target to attack, move your army into position, scout the enemy movements and attack. Once you captured your target, you need to secure it. You haven't won the game in 1 battle. The maps are huge and line of supply distance counts. So you cannot simply send your victorious army of 1 battle to crush the enemy. By the time they arrive, your enemy will have a large force waiting for them. You will need to resupply and reform your armies. This results in frontlines, and the shifting of them.


In most classic RTS the size of your army matters the most, the bigger force usually automatically wins, so almost always its a game of who can build the biggest force the fastest. Tech development and economy development are key. In battle only unit management and tactics matter, not strategy. The player with the best micro, and the best building plan, wins. Blitz2 instead features realistic movements. Tanks won't be able to turn and face the enemy in an instance. AT guns can be hidden. Artillery can destroy entire armies. On big open maps, this leads to a game of maneuvering. A game of movement. It matters how you use your army and when.


Example: if you have 20 tanks, and the enemy 50, there are scenarios in which you can still deal considerable damage to the enemy force or win. Flanking for instance is important. Suppose the enemy 50 tanks meet 6 of your own and chase them and a big group. If you maneuver 2 groups of 7 tanks into flanking positions left and right of the enemy group, they will destroy several tanks before the enemy tanks can turn. Also you the enemy needs to command his force, since most of the tanks in the middle will continue on chasing, and only a few will peel off to engage the flanking units. In classic RTS the enemy could stop, turn in an instant to face 1 flanking group, destroy it with superior firepower, and then turn to face the other. However in blitz the tanks take time and space to turn as real tanks do. This will result in a much higher number of enemy casualties than in ordinary RTS games.


After reading all this... I hope you realize what we promise: a real time Strategy game.


Well that's it! I hope you enjoy the coming release.


DirtyHarry Blitz2 Team



(If you still want to read more, see below.)


















For the strategy Nerds like me: more explanation what is what and why there is a god


Ok the following comes from my brain, i have no idea what anyone else thinks of it, but i presume it's true since i always beat comrade Neo.



What makes blitz different in more detail: Strategy vs Tactis.



-A tactic is a way of doing something, or a sequence of somethings.

-Strategy is creating potential.

-strategy and tactics can overlap, a strategy can sometimes also be a tactic and a tactic a strategy or they can share elements



For instance. Suppose you are the milk man and you need to deliver milk to a house guarded by a fearsome dog (latin: Neocratus Giganticus Moosonius).


A tactic to deal with the dog:


Use an armored suit to walk safely to the house and deliver.

Shoot the dog, walk to the house, walk back (America only).

Bring a fire truck, use the ladder to cross the yard, and deliver.

In RTS starcraft terms: build a bunch of aircraft, rush them to the enemy resource area, destroy his economy.


A strategy to deal with the dog:


Deploy a cardboard version of yourself, and set it up somewhere away from the entrance. Potentially, the dog will go for the decoy instead of you.

Leave your van in front with the car alarm beeping, and go to the back door.

Email the owner with a complaint. Potentially the owner will keep the dog inside.

Throw a bone, wait till the dog chases it, race to the house, deliver, race back.

Bring your own Chihuahua dog, hopefully the enemy dog will bite it and there might be a media outrage, perhaps resulting in banning the dog from the yard.

In RTS terms: use minor forces to defend an important target. Keep an army in a flanking position nearby. Hopefully the enemy will take the bait and you can deliver a knock-out blow.


A strategy creates potential. The enemy either acts in a way that plays into your strategy, or it doesn't. The dog for instance might be able to tell the difference between you and cardboard. A tactic is a way of doing something, it either succeeds or fails. The result of a failed strategy could be that you simply have to think of something else, or that the status quo remains unchanged. It could also mean you lost valuable time and effort. A failed tactic means you got bitten.


In most arcade RTS games, and indeed all realtime strategy games before blitz, there is little room for strategy. Tactics are all that matter. If you can click really fast, manage your units really well, and have a good production scheme, you are far more likely to win in the quick paced world of RTS than a player attempting strategy. Most popular RTS games are in fact RTT games :D/>/> .


Blitz is different. Both tactics, micro, building schemes and strategy matter. Strategy is simply an extra important variable in blitz, as important but not more so, than the others. A player skilled in strategy but not in micro can be equal or better than a player skilled in micro but with no strategic sense.


Ok well i hope that explains stuff to the 5 people reading this (i hope).

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This crazy idea of making a Blitz final release came from nowhere and is probably the natural outcome from all these thousands hours of works Korona, DH and I invested after the last release.


The mini units idea was an idea Korona and I had discussed and tested at same time that we tested a special supplies map from Korona. The idea to have a gameplay where pincers moves were possible is what led to these mini units on large scale maps.


Korona add many cool things like the gun accuracy (for instance the early T-34s models missed their target more than often while the German units had very accurate guns). We made the guns to have a more realistic range and so on with all the new stuffs included in the upcoming version.


DirtyHarry and I played tons of games to make sure the new system was working (and yes he is a better tactician and have better strategy than i have, thats why i suggest to any of you playing against him to avoid any 1 vs 1 match up. 2 vs 1 if your not bad players or 3 vs 1 if your newbies :rolleyes: )


At the end the result is double: 1) a release of a Blitz revamped version in 3-4 weeks from now and 2) a Korona project using sc2 engine with a cool supply system to be tested in the next months

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Raptor, I don't understand what you mean... Ok my Irish roots makes me eat potatoes all the time, I agree, but where did you take from that I was a communist? You can't say such a thing without proof! For instance when I play Blitz I don't play with the Soviet faction...I mean well maybe i play as Russian but it doesn't mean anything....Or look at my avatar, you can't say that it is about the Reds or anything related to...euh, bad exemple....Or look at this red flag on my wall, it doesnt means anything at all...euh, well, bah.... :blink:

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lol, don't take it personally Neo. I just know you, and yes Harry is a better tactician than you, than all of us. I would love to see an old school 2.6 of him and abba I'm willing to bet Harry would wipe the floor against Abba. They both have very different approaches and are both extremely effective. But when playing against abba I have a way of playing that's more laid back, when I play against Harry I'm always on my toes and I'm surprised every time and even after the game he boasts "you could of beat me with those T-34 if you attacked my factory" lol stfu harry you son of a bitch.


But yes, someone needs to find abba and challenge him to a match of Blitz vs Harry, game of the century.

Edited by Comrade Raptorkov

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Youre right Rapt, a game like this would be really fun to watch... Last game with Abba is almost 6 years away now... but I'm playing against Dirtyharry every week end and even if i use a special script where i uptech faster than him, he still owns me! Today we play 2 games, 2 epic battles with tons of tanks and i've tried to use all the tacticts i could. And like every week end the result was the same, General Harry lead his armies to the victory... :mellow:


Lets face it, this guy is not human... he is probably a program, a special AI knowing in advance everything were going to do...


Anyway the good news is that beta tests are moving forward with final tuning of the MP gameplay almost finished. Missions maps are currently under review by DirtyHarry and myself with adjustments with all the new units and new gameplay.


Korona's works are awsome giving to the new units their true look (Nashorn, Panzerjager I, Achille, Archer, M10, M36) and he is thinking about making a new AI.


All this meaning that we get closer and closer to the final release.


Stay tune!

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Hmm, good to see this place, somewhat, active again. =)


I wonder though, have you guys managed to fix the bloody airbug and are the Frenchies still in?

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Well, the airbug has not been seen for a year. In all the games neo and I played - no airbug.


The cause was the bofor flak gun and maybe the axis gun aswell. It is no longer in the game same as the axis one.


As for the French, yes they are in the game a little bit. You can still make maginot turrets as allies.

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Hello :)/>


So great to see that this mod is still alive.


I thought this mod was dead for sure! Allow me to be blunt and ask when the planned release date is! So.. when is it?


Did I read something wrong on ModDB or is the mod going to another game engine (Starcraft2) ?


Anyway, I can't wait to play the new mod version.


Also, if you want more publicity, why not post this update on the blog? Or the Blitz site?




I made this channel (link above) four years ago, not really doing anything with it, but will it be anything like those videos I posted? I thought the general 'powers' system was great and I liked how you could send out aircraft for reconaissance (fighters) they would fly over for a bunch of minutes.


And will the Hummel be as cool as it used to be or is that just a bug?





Also, do you still take in Beta testers?


Thanks and keep up the good work!


P.S. Don't forget to set all forums to display posts for, say a year or so, because this one wasn't showing when I clicked on this forum (because it doesn't display 'older' posts).

Edited by Rudolfvda

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I think we're the only two active people left, mate. Good to see I'm not the only dead guy here haha


Ah, do you also check DerelectStudios now and then? For BK2? For the past years I've been checking the forums and site for updates, now let's hope we'll actually see some new stuff. Can't wait for the new release.

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Nice video. Certainly brings on the nostalgia.

When I made the Hummel it was before it had that fire for effect ability. I spent ages getting the transition states to all work properly, complete with their little animations. Then someone modified and broke it :P


Since Neo and Harry are really the only persons left working on this, it's kinda up to them now if they're going to fix it. If they're even working on it anymore at all that is.

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So..... Does anybody actually still play this mod, or did just spend 5 minutes downloading to play against a computer opponent?

Edited by Kenny

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Me and my buddies still play the game.


However, due to the lack of news, we've decided to start patching, balancing and updating the game on our own. (Although we won't release it due to the fact that we don't own the mod. So we're keeping it private. :v)

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We are still alive, but we tend to keep in contact via facebook these days.

We've all just moved on to other things over the last decade.

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