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Comrade Raptorkov

Infantry Squads

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So I've felt like going in and finishing the Squad Based infantry, I've got a basic concept down and would like to get some input (if anyone is actually still coming here) before I start the process of writing all the code. (I'm redoing infantry from scratch)


Sorry Korona, but your crazy Idea to have 3 squads take like 5 minutes to build, and 1 at a time is just ridiculous; and doesn't feel right in Blitz. I think having squads be a little on the expensive side and taking a while to build, 1 at a time, and in as great a number as you want, is the proper route.


For too long infantry have been little more than cannon fodder, something to throw in fornt of your tank lines to soak up all the damage. But now that we've figured out a janky, although workable way to implement squads, we can give a little bit of power back to the infantry. So here's my basic concept:


Infantry squads will revolve around multiples of 4, Standard squads will be 8 Troops strong, and support squads will be 4 Troops strong. Buildings and transports ('cept tiny ones) can now garrison 12 troops, so this will allow you to have a standard squad and support squad hold up in a single building. Through my research, I've found every country had more or less the same Rifle-squad concept. They rely on 1 or 2 NCOs armed with either a rifle or SMG, a LightMG and 2 support personal (usually armed with rifles) and 6 - 8 privates armed with rifles. So for Blitz I feel a typical rifle squad should be composed of 1 SMG, 1 LMG, and 6 Riflemen. Assault type squads can ditch the LMG in favor of 1 or 2 other heavy weapons. Support squads will consist of 1 or 2 heavy weapons and 2 SMG, this is where you can expect to find your flame-throwers, bazookas and most of your AT riflemen.


I'll edit this post with my order of battle and weapons tables tomorrow.


Also, check this out:

Bouncing shells



Russian layout is up, got the Germans done it'll be up soon, still thinking about the Allies.

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Raptor, Do u know how the hell to research the land lease 1943 and 1944, it says tech must break through tho i have everything in the ranking tree researched..

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and is it done now?

also squads should cost the same as the infantry in it

(higher cost of building the squad if the production is faster)

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