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Blitz Steam Group Chat

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If any of you folks are interested in getting back in touch and playing some Blitz 2 games again, here is the link to the group chat  set up by AbbaZabba.


There's already a few people I never thought I'd have the pleasure of seeing again, so I'm happy as hell to say that Blitz lives!! (I will post this in the Blitz forum as well).

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Hello all!


Come to the chat group and let's all catch up. I have been in touch with Korona here and there and I am hoping he can get us playing soon(ish). I sent him a whatsapp just now actually! 

I've been in touch with Shrinker over the years. 

Where is my special Neo? I miss my special Neo :)


Anyhoo! come join the chat please :))


Abba :))))

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