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Need help! :( cant find this game... :(

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I am writing to you cause I really need help to find this game I use to play.

I have searched and searched online but for some odd reason I can’t find it.

During the summer of 2013 I use to play this medieval themed game with the following characteristics:

  • It was a MMO
  • Time never stopped – as in like when you switched off the game it kept on going
  • You started off in a village or something if I remember correctly, and you build up resources through trade or whatever other means
  • You would take over a parish or a country and move on to the province (as in you would scale up over time)
  • You could join alliances
  • The map was very big
  • You could see many icons moving around on the live map all the time – meaning these were other players doing their thing
  • You could zoom out a lot, and as you zoomed out, the area and the color of the area that was under your control would blend in/merge in the province as you zoomed out. What I am trying to say as you zoomed out details became less visible on the map and bigger things became more prominent; like cities or all the other movements on distant areas of the map
  • When something was sent out, like an army or a trading unit, if you clicked on it, the path of the moving unit would be shown, which was usually a straight line
  • And I think it had some sort of an installer if I am not mistaking, but still it wouldn’t take over the computer like a fully loaded game, so like you could still see your computers tool bar on the bottom


Then as I was playing and was on Ventrilo (audio chat) with other players, they were saying the game was getting an overhaul and was getting bigger and better.

I remember seeing video of this newer version; it was pretty nice, it was medieval era, same kind of concept but better with better graphics and huge map.

It had many many players! so everyone was moving over and they great promotional videos and it has already become operational! 


Now, no matter what I type in my searches, I really can’t find it. IT IS VERY STRANGE.

I also remember doing this search a little while ago and finding it again. But now I cant find.

I really don’t think the game would just vanish as it had many players and was quite popular.


I am emailing with the hopes you might be able to have some idea of what I am talking about and helping me find it L


I thank you in advance.


Please please get back to me and I will try to remember more details.


Yours respectfully,



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