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How To : Reflective Surfaces

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After reading a request on how to make reflective surfaces, I decided to share some of the alchemy to turn bitmaps into quicksilver :D

A test sample of what you can achieve:

[b][shamless PR][/b]
Blitz2 will include several superb "silver birds" that will display some of the graphic quality you've been missing in generals...
[b][/shameless PR][/b] ;)

[u]Now the way to do it :[/u]

A reflective surface is in fact a composite of 2 bitmaps: one bitmap with what you could call a "normal" texture and one that will serve as reflection.

You need to adjust the texture settings on 3 levels:
-Vertex Material

You start in the textures tab, by assigning your regular texture bitmap to the "stage 0 texture". For stage 1 you need a nice looking sky or environment bitmap. While still on stage1 set the pass hint to "environment map".

Then jump to Vertex Material and choose "WS environment" for stage 1 Mapping. It is by far the best looking.

Get to the Shader tab now and set the advanced option like in the picture.

[b]STEP 1[/b]





In some cases you're better by setting Pri Gadient = Modulate

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