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Christmas Haul

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We're going to the in-laws in a few weekends for a late Christmas.


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@ AshjW Cool!


Not much for me. Haven´t seen an family yet except my ma and we don´t really give each other anything anymore.

Bought Eastern a "new" car (Mercedes B 200 CDI 4matic from 01/2015). It came only with summer tires so I had to buy winter tires incl. rims (~1000 € (MB: Oh no, you had to buy an 4x4 so you have to buy at least 17" and there a no steal rims which fit.:domo:)) and then it´s first service (~700€! and it was only the small A service) was needed in December for is warranty to stay in effect. So my finances are non existent at the moment.

So no new PC as I had planed for this year. Maybe next year, hell maybe the price for the new threadrippers will go down till then. ( Yes I seriously think about changing from Intel to AMD. That would be my first AMD in my main rig since my Pentium 200Mhz!)


So I only got me an Miband 4 and Fraiser DVD Box.


So I hope you all had a great XMas and you have my best wishes for next year!


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