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Basic Troubleshooting

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Go through all of this first, then if you are having trouble with the mod, create a new topic and we will add the new troubleshooting information here.

[b]Before You Ask For Help; Use This CheckList[/b]
- You have Red Alert 2 with Yuri's Revenge patched to YR 1.001.
- You have to downloaded AR2. The filename should be a .exe.
- The .exe does not need to be put inside the YR directory, but that's fine.
- Run the .exe. Click the button called "mod". The mod will be automatically activated and YR will be automatically launched.
- If you see no changes ingame then either
A) You are not using YR 1.001
B) There has to be another mod or other modding files in your directory. If you are unsure, the easiest way would be to reinstall RA2 and YR. But I suggest you to check carefully what files you have there. Don't overlook any. BEFORE you run ar2, find and delete any files named like these:

ecachexx.mix where xx is a double digit integer from 01 to 99
ecachemdxx.mix where xx is a double digit integer from 01 to 99

[b]Symptoms:[/b] Everytime I run AR2 my virus scanner activates and says something about a virus; I click "stop" and AR2 modification loads. However when I play campaign it is the normal Yuri's Revenge with AR2 Units. When attempting to play skirmish, I recieve an Internal Error.
[b]Fix:[/b] What occured is a result of not using the patched Yuri's Revenge Version #: 1.001. Because of this, most of the mod contents was unable to be read by the game.

[b]Symptoms:[/b] Five seconds into the game or less all my units blow up!
[b]Fix:[/b] What occured is a result of your registry being corrupted. You need to reinstall the game to fix this. Then you may reinstall the mod and you should be good to go.

[b]Symptoms:[/b] Everytime I try to play the campaign nothing happens!
[b]Fix:[/b] This is because the campaign has not been completed. When it is, it will be packaged with the latest version of AR2 and there will be no Genesis campaign.

[b]Symptoms:[/b] When I click on "AR2 Mod" in the Mod Launcher, I get an ERROR FINDING GAME!
[b]Fix:[/b] You have to reinstall Yuri's Revenge because it is not located in your Windows registry. After reinstalling, try again.

[b]Symptoms:[/b] I have The First Decade and your mod won't work!
[b]Fix:[/b] You have to install [url="http://www.ppmsite.com/downloads/Install_TFDPatcher_1.0.exe"]XCC Compatibility (TFD Patcher)[/url]. Edited by tmapm

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