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The Actual Iraqi Faction Manual

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The following is an overview of how Iraq would appear if Electronic Arts had published Iraq as an official faction in the Zero Hour add-on.

“C.O.” – Denotes that Campaign Only

Iraqi Faction

Report to Security Council: Situational Report (SIT REP) on Iraqi activities.
Distribution: CLASSIFIED
Baghdad, Iraq

Iraq is a country that in the face of U.N. sanctions has been able to continue reequipping its forces illegally. When sanctions ended Iraq began a series of 5 year plans to restore the military to the 4th largest status it once was. With an economic resource that cannot be matched, oil, Iraq has been able to afford the rebuilding of its forces while greatly improving the lives at home by rebuilding its previously devastated infrastructure. As a result, Iraq’s dictator has been able to achieve a popularity status greater than at any previous point. With the help of foreign countries such as China, France, and Russia, Iraq has been able to modernize its previously aging military and even bring in advisers to assist in training.
The cutting edge of Iraq’s sword is its Republican Guard, which is the best trained, best paid, best equipped, and most loyal of its armed forces. Once considered to be inferior to American units and their allied counterparts, Iraq’s armed forces can now be compared favorably with their enemies thanks to years of restructuring, overhauling, and retraining. A military parade during the dictator’s 70th birthday recently displayed Iraq’s new war machine. Iraq’s newly restored might was aptly named the Phoenix Parade and Saddam officially declared that day the “Day of the Phoenix.”
Two weeks following the dictator’s birthday, Iraq’s military capability and prowess along with its intent was tested when it invaded the newly democratically elected sovereign nation of the Democratic Republic of Iran. Several months prior, Iran experienced a democratic revolution. While the new democracy was undergoing drastic restructuring of it’s armed forces its neighbor took advantage of the situation and invaded. Six weeks later, Iraq’s Republican Guard had captured the capitol of Tehran and reached the boarders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iraq’s military power has been proven as well as its intentions to be an aggressor and threaten stability in the region.
Iraq can be characterized by its use of indirect combat, propaganda, and its dirty fighting. Their tactics are not above using lasers to blind troops and pilots. Iraq is notorious for its exploitation of enemy prisoners of war and especially for its use of torture, coercion, and execution chambers. The Iraqi leadership has also gained notoriety during the Gulf War for putting civilians in harm’s way for political benefit through the use of human shields.

Iraq has fought several major wars in the past several decades and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. The Iraqi military has a particular fixation with artillery and the use of indirect combat based on past experience against Iran. Past experiences against America has also taught them the sting of airpower and thus have invested in anti-air defenses as well.
Iraqi indirect combat units are perhaps the best in any military however; their direct combat units are not as successful and are in fact some of the weakest in the conflict. Iraq has only had 8 years to rebuild and therefore suffers from not having a big air force. Iraq’s revamped air force is still very small. Iraq also has perfected camouflaging over the past years; many of their units seem to strike out of nowhere. Their official militia, the Fedayeen, disguise themselves as civilians and ambush from crowded areas.
Many Iraqi units appear to be the least capable at the start but Iraqi military leaders can steadily upgrade those units into virtually completely new fighting forces that rival those of more advanced countries.

Republican Guard
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Urban Terrain Acquisition.
These are not the soldiers who surrendered to the Americans in the hundreds of thousands during the Gulf War. The feared Republican Guard is Iraq's crack fighting force, an elite squad par excellence crammed full of the fittest, best-trained, best-equipped and most highly motivated men in the country's army. They are armed with automatic weapons but can switch to use small RPG’s against infantry and light armor similarly to the American Ranger’s Flash Bang Grenade. Through bringing in Chinese and other foreign advisers, Republican Guard units can be built as veterans by using the Chinese General’s Red Guard training ability.

Rocket Guard
Purpose: Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Urban Terrain Acquisition.
Iraq’s tank fighters are well armed for dealing with armored ground vehicles and flying vehicles alike. They are good at defending convoys of armor against air attacks and are even better at defending against enemy armor.

Guided Missile Team (Generals Ability)
Purpose: Anti-Tank, Scout, Urban Terrain Acquisition.
The anti-tank guided missile 2-man teams are lethal to enemy armor and are capable of either disabling or destroying enemy vehicles before they are even seen. When stationary, they enter stealth mode. They can still function if one man is killed but with reduced efficiency.

Special Republican Guard (Structure Upgrade)
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Detect Stealth, Performance Enhancer, Terrain Acquisition.
Elite Republican Guard, “Praetorian Guard.” They serve as the most trusted guardians of the Iraqi leadership and are considered an elite within an elite. They are officers with the healing effects similar to the Chinese Propaganda Tower. Automatically built as veterans. The Special Republican Guard is also armed with a laser blinder.

Iraqi Desolator (Chemical Trooper) (C.O.)
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Clear Garrisoned Structures, Terrain Acquisition.
These soldiers have been trained to use chemical weapons as standard munitions. Their weapons inflict area effect damage and their toxins are highly lethal to anything that breaths and can even do damage to vehicles.

Fedayeen Militia
Purpose: Anti-Tank, Infiltrator.
These paramilitary fighters are feared for their ability to strike out of nowhere and deal tremendous damage. They fight without concern for self-preservation and are daring enough to carry out suicide strikes. They are also trained to commandeer vehicles as well. Perhaps their most terrible feature is their ability to blend in with the civilians and strike with RPG’s and guns.

T-72U / T-90 Assad Babl-2 (Lion of Babylon 2)
Purpose: Anti-Tank, Anti Structure.
These tanks aren’t the same old T-72’s from the Gulf War. The T-72U’s are a new production model that have been vastly improved and modernized. Iraq’s workhorse frontline tank is lightly armored but through continuous upgrades it can pack a major punch. It can be upgraded to carry the Sniper Missile for long rang attacks against enemy armor and some low flying aircraft. This light tank can be continuously upgraded to virtually become a completely new machine. Upgrades to the T-90 through the Overhaul Upgrade. Has the Generate Smoke Screen Capability.

Akbar Assad (Great Lion)
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Tank/Structure Assault, Anti-Air.
Iraqi Production Battle-Master. This Battle-Master export variant has been heavily modified by Iraq to meet its own needs. The Iraqi Battle-Master has seen more armor plating; the addition of 160-mm mortars, an observation mast, and the fitting of a 125mm main gun. The Akbar Assad’s modified armament consists of a more powerful cannon, rocket pods, and a machine gun for protection against infantry and flying units. Other qualities include a “dazzler” missile jamming device, improved rang-finding, a faster engine, and has the ability to receive many upgrades. The modular design of the tank makes field conversions quite easy. Iraqi field commanders are encouraged to customize the tanks of their individual units in order to meet their specific needs. Like the Chinese Overlord, the Akbar Assad is a flexible platform that can be fitted with either: an improved anti-air system, extra rocket pods, or reactive armor. Has the Generate Smoke Screen Capability.

Al Majnoon
Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault, Siege.
Iraqi Self Propelled Howitzer based on the South African G6. Upgradeable from 155mm to 210mm as the Al Fao with the Overhaul Upgrade. The Al-Fao is designed to fire a 100-kilogram projectile at a range of 35 miles. Has the Generate Smoke Screen Capability. Range can be enhanced even further with Rocket Assisted Projectiles.

Al Ababeel 100
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Tank, Area Denial, Seige.
The crown jewel of Iraq’s armed forces is the locally produced Ababeel area denial system. The 400 mm Ababeel is a truck mounted MLRS with a four round capability. Each rocket fired by the Ababeel carries a warhead capable of dispensing anti-tank bomblets and minelets.

Purpose: Strategic Siege.
These behemoths are a sight to behold; they are modified SS-27 ‘Sickle’ scud launchers with extra range. They have the greatest range of any artillery unit in the game. Creates missiles by buying them like the bomb truck arms itself with high explosives or bio-bombs. Missiles cost $500 and are GPS guided, just like in real life as an additional upgrade.

Purpose: Variable Role, Transport, Detect Stealth.
Iraq’s premier armored transport. They are based on the Iraqi Akbar Assad chassis but modified to carry extra infantry and transport them straight into the thick of the action and support the soldiers by fighting along side them. Armaments vary depending upon the type of infantry being carried.

Purpose: Anti-Air, Anti-Infantry.
Tunguska-M1 is a gun/missile system for low-level air defense. It can engage targets while stationary and on the move, using missiles for long-range targets and guns for close-in defense. It is designed for defense against both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and can also fire on ground targets.

POW Truck
Purpose: Prisoner Of War Acquisition
Iraq’s steady stream of prisoners relies on the use of a specialized truck designed specifically for stunning enemy combatants, capturing them, and returning them alive to an Iraqi Prison. The POW Truck is also used to transport the prisoners from the Prisons to the Torture Chambers and Execution Centers.

Construction Dozer
Purpose: Builder, Tower
The Iraqi Construction Dozer works very similar to Chinese and USA Dozer except that it can tow artillery and certain other stationary objects. The Iraqi Construction Dozer is also used for mine clearing.

Supply/Repair Truck
Purpose: Supply Collector, Repairs
The primary provider of resources for Iraq’s war machine, the Supply Truck is similar to its Chinese counterpart. However, it addition to acquiring and transporting resources, it can also be used in the field to repair damaged vehicles.

Air Units:
Hind (C.O.)
Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Anti Infantry, Transport.
An aging Soviet design, Iraq uses these helicopters to land infantry into a fighting zone and support them with air cover. The Hind can carry up 8 troops and can provide light cover with rockets and a cannon.

Havoc / MI-28N Night Havoc
Purpose: Base/Unit Assault.
The Havoc is a flying tank, heavily armored and yet nimble. It carries rockets and a 30mm cannon for dealing damage to infantry, vehicles and structures alike. Upgrades to the Night Havoc with the Overhaul Upgrade.

Su-37 Super Flanker
Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout.
Iraq’s workhorse fighter/bomber is quite literally a flying tank. It is armored like a tank and is therefore slower than most air units. Their expensive cost makes having too many of these to be cost prohibitive. Thrust Vectoring upgrade allows for super maneuverability to dodge missiles and fire on enemy planes that are on its tail.

MiG-21 Drone
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Tank, Support, Harassment.
Baghdad has allegedly conducted experiments in converting aircraft into UAVs capable of carrying 2,000-liter spray tanks. A variety of intelligence sources report that Iraq has converted an unspecified number of MiG-21 fighters into UAVs designed to conduct long range chemical or biological spray attacks.

General’s Powers:
Iraq 1 Star Generals Ability *
Generate Smokescreen
Allows vehicles to generate their own smoke screen. A vehicle releases smoke around itself that decrease the accuracy of surrounding attackers, and reduces the damage each round does as a way of simulating misses.

Republican Guard Training
Republican Guard infantry emerge from the barracks as veterans.

Al Ababeel–100
Ability to produce the Al Abilil-100 MLRS at the War Factory.

Iraq Three Star Generals Ability * * *
Toxin Strike
5 MiG-21 drones fly by a target and spray toxins. There are three ranks of Toxin Strikes. Third level Toxin Strike drops small Anthrax bombs.

Anti-Tank Guided Missile Team
Ability to produce the ATGM at the barracks. For more information –> Infantry on p. 2.

Rocket Assisted Projectiles
RAP for short. Extends the range of conventional artillery rounds by 25%. Works for the Al Majnoon, Al Fao, artillery cannons, and certain tank cannons.

Artillery Bombardment
An Iraqi shell shower of unrivaled magnitude. This is a mixed salvo of rockets and artillery shells strikes a designated target. There are three levels of Artillery Bombardment.

Shadow Civilian Structures
Iraqi structures can be disguised as civilian structures however Iraq also possesses the ability to surround these disguised structures with identical shadow civilian structures. Iraq can create shadow structures in the form of civilian buildings. There are three levels of this with each successive level allowing another structure to be built adjacent to the real structure. There are two levels of Shadow Civilian Structure and up to two additional shadow civilian structures can be built.

Iraq 5 Star Generals Ability * * * * *
Oil Embargo
Economy crippling attack type. For a set amount of time the enemy’s economy will temporarily drop down to zero, denying the ability react strategically to an immediate attack.

Civilian Death Propaganda
Player takes control of a special combat unit disguised as the enemy’s forces and attacks the civilian population at the expense of the enemy’s General’s experience points. This unit can be manually controlled similarly to the Specter Gunship before leaving the battlefield after a set amount of time. This attack is done to gain sympathy from the foreign countries and turn worldwide opinion against whoever is attacking Iraq. If enough civilians are killed than the enemy will be demoted one level. This is potentially Iraq’s greatest threat to an enemy: International Sympathy.
- Attributes -
Most Iraqi structures have the ability to blend in with civilian buildings when they surround themselves with them. Iraqi defensive structures can be cloaked or surrounded by civilians. Can create shadow structures in the form of civilian buildings. Iraqi structures can also be upgraded to create shadow structures after being disguised as civilian structures. Often times, Iraqi leaders are ordered to deliberately put civilians in harms way as a defense mechanism surrounding their civilian-disguised military structures with identical real civilian structures. If these are hit then the loss of civilian life translates into money hacked from the other side and deposited directly into Iraqi funds. If enough civilian structures are destroyed then the enemy general can be demoted. Iraq has also been known to use mobile research facilities disguised as civilian vehicles, making targeting and destroying them particularly difficult.

Iraqi Air Field
The Iraqi Air Field can produce, rearm, and maintain up to four aircraft. Note that the Havoc does not need an Air Field for resupply. The Thrust Vectoring upgrade is purchased here.

Prisons, Execution Centers, and Torture Chambers are an integral part in Iraqi psychological operations. Prisons allow for the capture and storage of enemy prisoners of war. These prisoners have a cash value that can be used but also have other values as well. POWs can be stored here. Images of the POWs can be broadcasted to Iraqi troopers to give a healing propaganda boost. The prison also generates prisoners in the form of Iraqi dissenters. POW Trucks can be built at the Prison.

Execution Center
The Execution Center and Torture Chambers constitute the epitome of Iraq’s notorious tactics in warfare. The Execution Centers take the prisoners held in storage and executes them creating a dual effect. A sum of money is awarded for every enemy executed. These executions are broadcast directly to the Iraqi people creating a boost in moral and performance in the units of a given area. If carried out with the right timing, an execution can turn the tide of a battle.

Torture Chamber
Originally located deep within the bowels of the dictator’s lavish Presidential Palaces, these extremely illegal operations now take place in discrete, dedicated structures. The Torture Chamber is used to demoralize the enemy and destroy their will to fight in a targeted radius. Affected units become temporarily weakened. Also, POW’s are interrogated here. Enemy prisoners can provide valuable intelligence by revealing what the enemy sees for a short period of time.

Oil Refinery
One of Iraq’s greatest assets is its access to the world’s greatest amount of oil. This oil is directly translated into a slow, steady stream of money. Some of the funds provide Iraq’s principle source of internationally tradable resources meaning that other countries are willing to exchange some high technology in exchange for oil.

Power Plant
A safe power source for Iraq, these plants supply a nonvolatile source of energy although they are not as efficient as the other faction’s counterparts. Their energy distribution has a limited range and can only power buildings in their immediate vicinities. Make room to build enough of these to power your base.

All Iraqi infantry, including the Republican Guard, Rocket Guard, Iraqi Desolator, Guided Missile Team, Special Republican Guard, Fedayeen, and Rodall Juziz are trained and released from the Barracks. The Capture Building upgrade is developed here.

Command Center
The Command Center is the nerve center of Iraq’s military operations. Construction Dozers are built here. Upgrades include the Military Garrison and Anti-Air Fortifications. When they are acquired, the Radar Blinder Capability, Toxin Strike, Artillery Bombardment, Civilian Death Propaganda, and Oil Embargo are deployed from here.

War Factory
The Iraqi War Factory builds and repairs Iraqi vehicles. Damaged vehicles can enter the repair bay one-by-one for repairs.

Presidential Palace
The major source for many of Iraq’s more advanced weapons systems and secrets, the Presidential Palace can create important upgrades to weapons and defenses. The Garrison Upgrade creates ten Special Republican Guards to garrison the Presidential Palace.

Mobile Labs (C.O.)
Masters of disguise, the Iraqi military commanders have perfected ways of aversion in a cat and mouse game played with the U.N. for over a decade. These labs are responsible for researching Iraq’s biological and chemical weapons. Additionally, at least one lab must exist in order for Iraq to maintain its ability to use the weapons the labs were created for. They can be disguised as enemy or civilian vehicles in order to evade the watchful eye of outsiders.

Defensive Structures:
Netting Site
The Iraqi Netting Site is capable of hiding most types of infantry and vehicles from enemy view. However, when firing from short ranges the camouflage is diminished.

SAM Site
The Iraqi SAM Site is a long-range anti-air missile capable of engaging enemy aircraft from great distances before they can strike. The Iraqi Sam site can be hidden with the Camouflage Netting Upgrade.

SAM Storm Nest (C.O)
This structure is actually a fortified collection of up to nine SAMs separated by three compartments surrounded by an armored wall. This rather expensive structure is an armored wall containing three rocket pads. Each tri-mount can carry up to three missiles. A total of nine medium-range missiles can be built within the armored wall, with one tri-mount for each of the three launch pads.

Toxin Demo Traps * (C.O.)
Demo traps that make a toxin cloud once they explode.

Fortified Nest
A camouflaged nest that can have one of several defensive structures built: an artillery nest, anti-tank cannon, or anti-air system. The nest can be moved but must pack up, be towed, and then unpack before firing.

Super Weapon:
Project Babylon – (5 Star General). Super Gun: can blind enemy satellites and can launch satellites into orbit as well. It is armed with 6 shells and each shell is fired individually on a specific designated place on the battlefield and is deadly accurate. Can bombard with black market type baby nukes. Uses conventional high explosive shells or toxin shells as well.

Iraq Structure Upgrades:

Military Garrison:
Fills structures with eight Special Republican Guards.

Anti-Air Fortification:
Having felt the sting of American air power in the first Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator has initiated a program to protect his vulnerable institutions. Fortifies a structure with Anti-Air weapons.

Note: Some of the listed upgrades are specific to certain Generals and are indicated with a “*”.
Overhaul Upgrade: Overhauls specific units that have upgraded to become nearly entirely new units.

Training Upgrade: Allows for troops to gain combat experience at a faster rate than normal.

Millimetric-wave radar: Guidance for missiles is provided by the Albalet Millimetric-wave radar. The Night Havoc helicopter retains most of the structural design of the Mi-28. The main difference is the installation of an integrated electronic combat system. Other modifications include new main gearbox for transmitting higher power to the rotor; new high efficiency blades with swept-shaped tips; and an engine fuel injection control system.

Sniper Missile Upgrade: Developed at the Iraqi War Factory, it allows for the Assad Babl to carry the Sniper Missile. Once fired, it requires a short reload time.

Radar Blinder Capability: Trained computer hackers in secure location can hack into enemy flight control centers and disable their airports and air operations for a limited amount of time.

Thrust Vectoring: Allows the Su-37 Super Flanker to have super maneuverability in order to dodge missiles and dogfight better than the enemy.

Depleted Uranium Shells: Increases the hitting power of Assad Babl-2 and Akbar Assad tanks by 25%.

Al Khafji-2 Composite Armor: * Western intelligence reports that it consists of layers of rubber, Aluminum, plastics, steel and other unknown materials, and is considered capable of stopping most anti-tank threats.

Shredder Round Capability: * Limited testing of this new tank round, monitored by Western intelligence sources, confirmed that the round is a dangerous new addition to Iraq’s arsenal. Improves the firepower of Assad Babl-2 and Akbar Assad tanks by 50%.

Morale Performance Upgrade: * Developed at the Presidential Palace, this upgrade increases the combat performance of all infantry. Attack rates and lethality are boosted by 25%.

Explosive Reactive Armor: Developed at the Presidential Palace, Explosive Reactive Armor, or ERA, increases the armor protection of the Assad Babl, Akar Assad, Tunguska M-1, and the BTR-T by 25%.

Advanced Fire Control: Improved fire control technology increases the firing range of the Assad Babl-2 and Akbar Assad tanks by 35%.

Ballistics Guidance Upgrade: * Purchased from the Presidential Palace, this upgrade improves the accuracy of ballistic artillery 25%.

Missile Guidance Upgrade: Purchased from the Oil Refinery, this upgrade vastly improves the accuracy of missiles shells through the integration of GPS smart guidance systems.

Execute POWs Upgrade: Execute enemy Prisoners Of War to demoralize their morale and strengthen your fighting spirit.

Interrogation Upgrade: Developed at the Torture Chamber, allows for the interrogation of POW’s in order to reveal everything enemy units see for a short period of time.

Military Garrison Upgrade: Allows for certain Iraqi structures to have military garrisons of Special Republican Guards.

Anti-Air Fortification Upgrade: Allows for Iraqi structures to create a small network of anti-air emplacements for protection against attacks. Some of these weapons can also attack ground targets.

Civilian Structure Blending Upgrade: Allows Iraqi structures to blend themselves in with civilian structures for a limited amount of time. Also, you may build one shadow structure of the same civilian type. This upgrade becomes available once the player has reached 3 star general capability.

Generate Human Shields Upgrade: * Generates human shields as a defense mechanism around military targets to prevent the enemy from attacking. If the enemy strikes and kills the civilians there will be a penalty to the other side.


Propaganda General:
Former Iraqi Minister for Information, Aziz Saeed Al-Sahaf, will use any methods necessary, no matter how inhuman, to achieve his goals and has an excellent environment to nurture a defensive psychological warfare campaign against his country's own population. His propaganda machine has the distinct advantage of total control of informational assets and sources within the country. On the surface, it would appear that General Aziz is the least capable but his use of coercion and ability to hurt the enemy’s will to fight make him one of the most feared generals of Iraq. He has been known to kill Iraqi civilians while using agents disguised as enemy troops in order to gain more anti-American fanaticism from the general population. Relies heavily on the use of propaganda, POW’s, Prisons, and PsyOps. Hurts the enemy’s moral and increases the fighting power of his own troops. Can also incite Angry Mobs at a given location. His close ties with his Chinese counterparts allow him the ability to build Propaganda Towers.

· Side: Iraq
· Rank: General, Farriq Awwal
· Branch: Republican Guard, Nebuchadnezzar Division
· Combat Number: 0002-067007
· Stationed: Ridhwaniyeh, Iraq
· Tactical Overview: Propaganda
· Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online.

Advanced Execution Center Decades of practice in the arts of coercion, exploitation, and terror have produced superior Execution Centers and Torture Chambers, which generate greater demoralizing effects.
Morale Performance Upgrade Aziz Salih knows how to use propaganda like a real instrament of war. By broadcasting his messages to his troops he increasing his men’s fighting spirit. Attack rates and lethality are boosted by 25%.

Generate Human Shields Generates human shields as a defense mechanism around military targets to prevent the enemy from attacking.

· Can incite angry mobs.
· Angry Mobs armed with RPG’s
· Artillery units are more expensive
· Restrictions on the Akbar Assad’s capabilities

State Security General: (Elite Republican Guard General) –
The entrusted guardian of the Baath party and the whole Iraqi state. Barzan Abd Al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid Al-Tikrit was the Special Republican Guard Commander under Saddam Hussein's regime. An elite within an elite, General Barzan units are the best of the best however; their major drawback is the higher cost of his units. Has special upgrades and many upgrades are either cheaper or already automatically purchased. Composite armor upgrades for the tanks have no disadvantages; it is effective against any kind of weapon rather than just a specific kind.

· Side: Iraq
· Rank: General, Farriq Awwal
· Branch: Special Republican Guard
· Combat Number: 0001-023402
· Stationed: Al-Nisoor Square, Baghdad, Iraq
· Tactical Overview: Elite Units
· Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online


Al Khafji-2 Composite Armor A second-generation improvement over Iraq’s older indigenously developed composite armors used during the Gulf War. The experimental nature of this technology limits its availability on the battlefield to commanders and elite units. It has no known weaknesses, resistant to all damage types. Increases armor protection by 50%.


Shredder Round Iraq has a developed a powerful new armor-piercing round for its tanks, code-named SHREDDER. This new weapon gives them a range and effectiveness roughly that of the newly upgraded American Abrams tank. Improves the firepower of Assad Babl-2 and Akbar Assad tanks by 50%.

· All units start at Veteran Level
· The Overhaul upgrade is available at the start.
· All units are more expensive

Artillery General:
Excels in indirect combat even more than the normal military already does. His artillery units have extra range and are more accurate. However, his direct combat units are weaker than their normal Iraqi equivalents. He also has some restrictions in terms of the amount of available upgrades for his direct combat units. Starts off with the Al Fao instead of the Al Majnoon. The R.A.P. upgrade is purchasable as a one star general instead of at a three star General. Artillery recharge rates are faster and deployable guns can be transported much quicker. The Babylon Project Super-Gun also recharges faster, carries one extra round, and can fire either conventional, Neutron, Liquid VX, or dirty nuke type rounds.

· Side: Iraq
· Rank: General, Farriq Awwal
· Branch: Republican Guard, Hammurabi Division
· Combat Number: 0014-032205
· Stationed:
· Tactical Overview: Artillery
· Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Advanced Artillery Nest These camouflaged nets cannot produce any other stationary defense mechanism other than artillery. However, the artillery is much more advanced, accurate, longer reaching, and lethal than the normal artillery nest.

Advanced Armored Tammuz-3 This SCUD launcher is heavily armored for its protection. Its missiles cost less to deploy than the regular Tammuz-3 and have greater range and accuracy.

Ballistics Guidance Upgrade Improves the accuracy of artillery shells by 25%.

Howitzer Barrage Similar to the Artillery Barrage, only the shells use a higher yield explosive so they are 25% more damaging.

· Al Fao is available at start.
· Rocket Assisted Projectiles available at start.
· All Artillery has superior range and accuracy.
· Restrictions on the Akbar Assad’s capabilities
· Advanced Armored Tammuz-3
· Has access to Liquid VX artillery rounds.

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I can't see why some of the units have to have rather bland names, such as "Advanced bla bla". In Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, they don't have "Adavanced bla bla", they come up with a slight variation on the weapon's name for its upgraded version. Advanced, to me, just sounds cheesy. It sounds like something from Red Alert.

And the Butcher General could get an upgrade whereby he gains access to RPGs with the following warheads:

Anti-personnel high-explosive (HE) round: This is specially designed for jungle and mountain warfare. The HE warhead contains 900 steel balls and 2,000 to 3,000 incendiary pellets that scatter over a 15m radius on detonation.

Bouncing anti-personnel round: This round works in a similar way to the bouncing anti-personnel fragmentation mines. On impact, it bounces off the ground to a chest to 2m height then airbursts over the target area. The airburst is much more effective than typical blast warheads especially toward entrenched troops. The airburst has a lethal radius of 18m.

Tandem-warhead anti-tank round: This has possibly entered service in the 1990s. The round is specially designed to penetrate the explosive reaction armour (ERA). Although it is not powerful to penetrate the armour of most modern main battle tanks, it is still effective in dealing with lighter targets such as infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

Taken from Chinese Defence Today:: Type 69, 40mm Rocket Propelled Grenade

This would fit in because you guys have the Chinese supplying arms to Iraq.

The Guard Dog general could have MiG-25 drones instead of MiG-21 drones, which would not be able to be shot down by ground weaponry. Also has KA-50 Hokum helicopters rather than Mi-28s, and the Hokums would have heavier armament, be more armored, but be slower and $750-$1,000 more expensive. The Hokum would have to be made to look like it has thicker armor however.

And please, do not let RPG troops shoot at fixed-wing aircrafts! Iraq has enough AA, as well as the fact that RPG-to-fixed-wing-aircraft is quite ludicrous.

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POW Truck
Purpose: Prisoner Of War Acquisition
Iraq’s steady stream of prisoners relies on the use of a specialized truck designed specifically for stunning enemy combatants, capturing them, and returning them alive to an Iraqi Prison. The POW Truck is also used to transport the prisoners from the Prisons to the Torture Chambers and Execution Centers.

Ok Pc, tell me everything what needs to be known with regards to capturing POWs. smile.gif I've always been excited with this feature since I've heard that it will be on AAOW. I'm all ears... wink.gif

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I'll do my best! laugh.gif

Prisons, Execution Centers, and Torture Chambers are an integral part in Iraqi psychological operations. Prisons allow for the capture and storage of enemy prisoners of war. These prisoners have a cash value that can be used but also have other values as well. POWs can be stored here. Images of the POWs can be broadcasted to Iraqi troopers to give a healing propaganda boost. The prison also generates prisoners in the form of Iraqi dissenters. POW Trucks can be built at the Prison.

Once you've captured enemy prisoners, you can transport them back to your base, and put them in the prison. The prisoners supply a steady stream of cash to your forces (ransom payments? hehe tongue.gif ) as well as making the prison have a propaganda effect (minus the cheesy graphics).

The prison also generates prisoners in the form of Iraqi dissenters.

I have no ideas what this means?

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By the way, I forgot to say that I wrote the the Iraqi thing. So any questions regarding Iraq should be addressed to me. cool.gif If the questions inolve heavy duty coding that I am unable to answer, I will refer the question to someone who can answer it unless someone from the team beats me to it.

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Freedom, the reason why it's called advanced in the manual is simply to denote that is better than the normal version. With regards to the advanced structures, they are simply called that because they are simply more advanced. Also, it clarifies things at the start and prevents confusion. But, in the case of advanced units as in the case of the advanced Tammuz, in game these units will have different names such Super Scarab or Akbar Tammuz. Noting them as advanced is merely or classification purposes.

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o cool your useing my idea for prisoners giveing money when captured awsome cool.gif also you should make a colored manual printable with instrctions and put together with staples like the ea manual with a aaow picture on the cover and unit pictures bye each unit it would be awsome for aaow to have its own manuals cool.gif wink.gif wink.gif

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Exactly! I wrote this manual thing a LONG time ago, maybe a year ago I think. I've collected the appropriate pictures and other stuff, if you see it using Word, it would look like the regular manual, with the exact format. As in the Generals Section, the format is identical, but when I posted it here the format changed. The reason we do not have the pictures next to the units for now is that I want to havee renders of the vehicles and structures with backgrounds as in the actual game. But for the infantry, real pictures will be necesary as well as for the Generals, but we already have them. If more people like you show an interest in it and tell me, I will try to get the current pics next to it or make it available for download or something. wink.gif BTW, prisoners serve much more than just money.... they got at least 6 other functions as far as I know. cool.gif

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*points and screams*

firewarrior has arrived!! welcome to the new forums:)

one thing why do the iraqis have MORE tanks then the usa(starts hmming stryker stryker stryker) and why do they have more infantry?

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Don't forget, I'm listing ALL things. This includes untility vehicles and stuff such as the POW Truck, the Dozer, The Supply Truck, ect. I also included CAMPAIGN ONLY units. So that lowers the list down. Next, America has far more air units to balance this out. Also, Iraq was planned before America was so I have little control over the American faction. But know this, more does not translate into better. Each of these units fuctions for a specific purpose. Iraq starts with 4 vehicles: The IFV, the light tank, the artillery, and the anti-air. Also, many of the units are weak at the start, one of Iraq's kinks is that it needs to be constantly upgraded. The Overhaul Upgrade comes later when advanced structures are present. The other more advanced units become available when more advanced structures are available. If used correctly, no single unit should be replaced during later parts of the game because they can be continually useful. But for now, one reason why there is no stryker is because we want to have the adaptable multi-role unit be for Iraq in the form of the BTR-T. That way, each faction preserves a unique identity that is not copied by other factions.

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QUOTE(STURMSHREK @ Nov 27 2004, 11:08 PM)
BTW, prisoners serve much more than just money.... they got at least 6 other functions as far as I know. cool.gif

Like intelligence? cool.gif

That's great, I kinda think capturing POWs for bounty is ok, but giving it other functions is better. biggrin.gif

I hope one of the functions is that you'll be able to reveal the territory around all enemy command centers or briefly see what part of the battlefield your enemy is looking at when you capture a certain number of POWs.

And another function I hope is that you have the choice to defect them over to your side.

And how will this be done? Will it be something like you'll have some sort of stun bullets, shoot the enemy infantry, then they will surrender with those animations raising their arms, throwing their weapons, and will function like crates, meaning that you're POW truck will have to walk over them tobe picked up, right? But how will you be able to "bring them in" to the POW camp? Like you will just "park" in then there'll be animations of marching POWs?

PCTeen1, Sturm, this is so beautiful, now I'm more excited! smile.gif I really pray that you guys pull this up, no mod or TC (other than ProGen) has done this.

Pls, pls, pls, make this work! tongue.gif

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lol i hope to see a downloadable manual cool.gif with all 3 sides and the info and the pictures and the storey put it up it would be soo cool laugh.gif it would be the first mod with a manual laugh.gif cool.gif or i wasthinking maybe the stryker could be armoured vehicle that can heal vehicles armed with a minigun that can hit air/ground plus a tow launcher and the ability to go in water and then the bradley would have a main gun thats a little bit strong with more range the stryker would heal vehicles and have more speed it would be a great support/ armored fast atack vehicle that can go in water while the bradley would be a support/ infantry transport with less speed more armor and a 6th infantry slot added with a law solder inside the strykers minigun would be as powerful as chinas gattlingtanks gun it would be able to defend againist infantry / aircraft while the bradley would defend against infantry / light - med vehicles cause the bradley tank can destroy tanks so bradley more range on main gun plus a bit more damg

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I too, knew that AAOW has a lot of potential. the AAOW verison of the USA faction is one of my favorites, But Iraq is a side that I have to try out. One of Iraq's specialties is indirect fire units according to the Manual, the Tammuz-3 for exmaple is the longest ranged unit in AAOW, but it has its weaknesses as with any unit in Generals/ZH(mod or no mod). Edited by Black DoomsDragon

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Correct. Iraq is an artillery themed faction that specializes in indirect combat. Iraq's major drawback though is not inferior airpower as before, it is its direct combat units. Infact, Iraq's heavy tank is an license built Battle Master that has been customized. however, this does not mean that it does not have significant offensive capabilities. wink.gif
Iraq's other specialty is propaganda. I don't mean propaganda as in China's use. I mean more as in psychological warfare. cool.gif Iraqi structures can blend in with civilian structures and generate shadow civilian structures around it along with civilians. biggrin.gif Most notorious are the human shields. But even more notorious than that is the Prison system consisting on the regular Prison, and her sister structures: the Execution Center and the Torture Chamber. sick.gif

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Iraq's tactics is to hit it's enemies from afar, and prevent it's enemies from fighting. the Iraqi Artillery General is more capable, as I understand from the Manual, of bombarding his foes to dust than vanilla Iraq. But still, Vanilla Iraq is well capable bombarding it's foes to dust Edited by Black DoomsDragon

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QUOTE(STURMSHREK @ Dec 2 2004, 12:15 AM)
Anyone care to comment on either the Iraqi Structures capabilities or the Iraqi generals? Such powers as generating human shields. We need more feedback. wink.gif

You can't make people interested, and anything asked after this post seems to be set up and sorta cheesy, like a intentional "interview". Smurf doesn't respond to threads in blitz II to say "Isn't anyone going to ask on bla bla? wink.gif"

Maybe as a disadvantage the Iraqi tanks can have purposefully horrid unit AI to represent their sub-par tank tactics.

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Well it seems to be working, otherwise people would not have responded. tongue.gif Reason why I need people interested in the specific top in question is to generate feedback. Not because I want to feed by ego but because we are creating it as we speak and need to answer questions about why things are the way they are. If somebody thinks it's not balanced or something should have another power or this or that, then that is what I'm after.

About bad AI tanks... well the player can set it to easy AI. In regards to bad tank tactics, I think certain people fail to realize that the factions will be balanced and that the AI tactics will rely on the skill of the player. Everyone seems to think we are creating a faction designed specifically so America has something to shoot at and be proud of how superior it is. Iraq is not being made as a convient way for players to be convinced that they are marching an unstoppable world's best bully over an easy blow-over enemy of the same time period. This is not to give a modern realistic America something modern realistic to stomp on. rolleyes.gif

Iraq will be the equal of America in regards to fighting potential. It is a faction that cannot win a war of resource attrition but can win a war of life attrition by making the enemy sustain unbarable casualties and forcing them to withdraw or sue for peace. That being said, this is not a one sided game where Abrams, marines, apachees reign supreme. This is a game where the better player reigns supreme.

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Thought about what specifically? laugh.gif

When I planned Iraq out I had no idea people would be playing the game just to recreate the Iraq War of 2003. That's why I did NOT plan on having AI built in to the Iraqi generals and such since I expected people to play as Iraq against AI oppenents or other people. Seems though people to play with Abrams and Blackhawks and blow "Iraq as they know it" away. dry.gif Unfortunately this may dissapoint some people but I make no apollogies for not including rusty T-72s, BMPs, T-55s, and scruffy, white flag waving, surrendering troops for the enjoyment of being mowed down or plowed over in a Goliath stepping on David fashion. tongue.gif If a nation or faction is to be included in a game, it should at least have a fighting chance of winning.

On the topic of including powers designed to counter powers of another faction, that would be weak. We should keep it at having original powers for each faction that givez them a unique edge that forces the other player to react. Otherwise you take the strategy out of Strategy game when you just push a button to counter the powers of the other side.

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tho iraq could never win a war v the usa as the death toll of both sides shows the big differance 1,500 usa solders while iraq has 17,000 deaths and riseing and in the battle aginisnt the insurgions they have had a much bigger death toll another thing is iraqs an artillery faction with alot more range then anyone else not in real life but my favrite thing is long ranged weaponrey im always useing search and destroy tactic at the us stratigy center so the side would make me feel right at home due to its tactics ill be constantliy putting in a easy comp so i can capture the iraq command center and use there artillery im all about long ranged tactics so ill like the faction alot but not as much as usa and how much range will iraq artillery have i also think to counter the fact they have so much range is to slow down how fast it fires since usa palidin artillery can fire 3x faster then iraq artillery and it has more acuracy due to in 2006 they will be implementing a new guided artillery shell so i think iraq should have reduced artillery fireing speed and less acuracy

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