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F/a-22a Raptor

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ive read tons of publish military stuff bout the f-22, i think these days the usaf is more interested in stealth these days over anything so they would chose an f-22 for a fighter/bomber mission over the f-14 anyways.


as for the f22 as a plane, usaf has poured everything it knows about the tehnology into this fighter, its got more advanced counter measures, payloads (although not more versitile they admit) and things like thrust vectoring, radar, early warning systems, supercruise (ie, dam good engines) and of course stealth...its so good that lockheed martin technologies (the creator) has an exclusive contract with USAF and the plane cannot be developed for any other country even the greatest allys of US (britain, australia), i know for a fact we are purchasing the jsf to replace our old f-111 fleet.


As for F-18's they have quite good statistics for thei purpose and remain probably one of the mose useful planes available....thats my 2 cents

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