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Here are some useful tips, library references, and fonts that make a texture job easier.

If you got info yourselves, please make a topic below and I'll add it in here. This topic should stay locked so it only contains real information.

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Hmm, I should add some of my own things here as well.


<b>Texturing Tutorials</b>:

RoN texturing - http://ron.heavengames.com/library/article...tutorial3.shtml



(I typically make my own, but sometimes use others for grunge/splatter effects)


(All links here were dead. Removed - killa)






(usually I just google for things, and I do have a massive reference folder of images for many many subjects)


bags! - http://www.s4military.com/19.html

ww2 uniforms/gear - (dead link)

model painting (might give some ideas) - http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/weatheringda_1.htm


Painting/Drawing Tutorials-

Loomis (warning very NSFW), best drawing tutorials you can get - http://www.fineart.sk/

painting process - http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=311575

photoshop shortcuts - http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=247294

photoshop shortcuts (again) - http://www.heathrowe.com/tuts/shortcuts.asp

painting/light/form/etc. - http://itchstudios.com/psg/art_tut.htm

misc painting tutorials - (dead link)

misc painting/photoshop tutorials - http://www.furiae.com/tutorials.php



Now, some things I've learned.


Texturing is just applied drawing/painting. The better you are at those two, the better your texturing is.


Layers masks are your friends, use them!


See how the pro's do it. Rip the textures from your favorite fps, rts, etc. and as you play the games make it a point to figure out how they did it.



Mini-Myrmidon Tutorial


This will basically just go through and explain how I did my latest texture.


Step 1:



Usually I go in and draw with the line tool (usually 1 px in length, for straight lines I turn of antialiasing) the black detail lines with a plain color underneath. I also make it a point to bake the shadows into a texture, and use it as a guideline for the light. I then used a grunge brush to give it a more textured surface, and then used the line tool to draw in the highlights. (note: I did use a 1px hard-round brush for some of the details)


Step 2:



The First one was far too dark, and hard to see. So I lightened it, and then with a 1px brush painted in some scratch lines. I also used a brown color to add some discoloration in on the edges. The facemask was entirely hand painted, no line tools. I tend to zoom in really far when working on things like that, almost doing it like pixel work.


Step 3:



I actually lightened it even more here, and toned down the scratches opacity quite a bit. I handpainted in the bags, using reference very closely. The bag on the right in this picture had to have taken me at least half an hour of tweaking to do...probably more (I pretty much was learning how to paint things like that...hence why its more realistic to the smaller bags just to the left of it).


Step 4:



More of the same, just flushing out details. The new bags went far quicker than the first one of that type I did.


Step 5: (done!)



Using some of the suggestions from a wip cgtalk topic, I tweaked this to look better at a distance. This meant the main body got more definition, darker shading along the sections, etc. Then I went in and added some more lighting. Did the rest of the details, and for the final texture I tweaked its levels slightly and ran the sharpen filter over it.

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Lots of dead links - killakanz

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