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  1. Wrath231

    Little Confused On Ai

    My main gripe is I belive the skirmish AI is currentely incapable of using the air units whatsoever unlessly its a heavily scripted mission.
  2. Wrath231

    (another) Broken Download Page?

    Yeah, the download was broken for me too (kept giving that error) until I logged into the forums..that fixed it for me.
  3. No , I haven't been trying to play on skirmish maps marked "no AI"...but my experience battling the AI in skirmish seems pretty random. On one or two maps , I had a hard Allied AI almost whup me by spamming Comets 20 min in..but on most maps, regardless of AI difficulty, they send very small armies piecemeal, or worse, don't even acknowledge your presence. Also it seems the AI doesn't use the aircraft at all (i assume its do to the new way they're called in).
  4. Wrath231

    Bug Listing For R3

    On Kursk (or Kharkov) ..the panthers you start with don't have a skin yet.
  5. Will the unit portraits for engineers and supply gatherers be updated for next release? I remembered we had started a thread several months back (before 2.6 came out) where everyone was finding great WWII pictures of American, German , and Soviet engineers. We had a dev member say he was gonna use some of them next release. Hope it still works out. Having that cartoony picture of the guy with crate kinda ruins the atmosphere.
  6. Wrath231

    Company Of Heroes

    The full game is pretty fun, but its dumb you can't do Allies vs Allies, or mixed teams like German/Allies vs German/Allies. I know it'd be ahistorical , but dammit it'd add something new to the mix.
  7. Wrath231

    Does Blitz 2 Overight Other Mods?

    I got the latest version of ModToaster and I'm still getting that stuck at 99% problem
  8. Wrath231

    The 761st Tank Battalion

    Sure , maybe at the beginning Himmler was extremely picky about which men had the "right stuff" , but hell , later the Waffen SS even had a foreign volunteers division due to attrition and limited manpower.
  9. Wrath231

    Update Those Cameos Already!

    Godwin , are you going to give some of us of a mention on the Blitz 2 credits for the next version :D
  10. Wrath231

    Any One Want Smart Ai?

    I gotta give the guy props just for getting the Allied AI to do more than just stand around ;)
  11. Wrath231

    Maps With Killer Ais...

    I find if I put a couple brutal axis with a hard russian AI on paris (left side of map) , they go nuts with tanks and airplanes within 10 min.
  12. Wrath231

    Maps With Killer Ais...

    Don't let your AI go completely outta control..it's hard enough putting down one Maus , when suddenly the AI cranks out 3 more :(
  13. Wrath231

    Heros Of Ww2!

    Adolf should get a Mercedes to drive around in then :P
  14. Wrath231

    The 761st Tank Battalion

    I respect your love for 761st , but then why shaft any other divisions/battalion of any other countries ? :unsure:
  15. Wrath231

    Update Those Cameos Already!

    My Afrika Korps stuff came from here..Deutsche Afrika Korps/... I didn't feel like posting the huge versions of the pics for fear of stressing the forums.