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    What Is Your Favorite Strategy In Bkii?

    I tried out the new beta, and it is pretty cool. I really like how the infantries are built in companies instead of individual soldiers. Keep up the great work :)/>
  2. WehrmachtCeLL

    What Is Your Favorite Strategy In Bkii?

    That is actully really awesome. What will this new version be like? Or does it just simply fix some of the problems in the old game? There is this one bug, in multiplayer, where once you built a lot of tanks and stuff, they just randomly die. I , and my opponents lost entire armies because of this bug, but its still funny as hell when it happens. Anyway my email is fhd21998@yahoo.com I also have skype, MulticellularOrganism1
  3. WehrmachtCeLL

    What Is Your Favorite Strategy In Bkii?

    Well, I played a Axis vs Axis game with another player once, and I went medium tank research, but he went heavy tank + airpower, and he just OWNED me, because after he researched jet tech, he must bombed me inot oblivion, and none of my aircraft could even come close to destroying his crap xD eventually I researched jet air, and we were fighting basically equal from then on, so airpower is quite useful, even in a tank-biased mod
  4. I just wanted to hear some of the strategies people like to use in multiplayer matchups. Also, what faction do you like to use the most? The Airpower Allies, Rushing Reich, or the Spammin Soviets? ^_^
  5. WehrmachtCeLL

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    I think its very unique how air power is deployed in this game. Unfortunatly, that might be hard for the ai to use, maybe even uncodeable. There are also a couple other things i would like to mention, that maybe could be fixed? 1. During skirmish games vs ai(becuz there are not a lot of people online, and the official lobbies are ALWAYS full), we start off with a standing army, while the ai does not, making the early game unfair. Is there a way to give the ai a starting army, so it can at least be a fair game? 2. Sometimes, when the Stuka attacks, the bomb never goes off, especially when i'm targetting infantry and structures. 3. Bombers are quite weak in this game, and when I send a bomber fleet against the enemy in multiplayer matchups, a huge alarm rings and they quickly dispatches planes to deal with my bombers. The machine guns on the actual bombers are also extremly ineffective at repelling attacking planes, in fact, I think they are just there for decoration. Planes then shoot down the bombers, extremly quickly, and proceed to dogfight my escorts. In RL, the B-17 is bristling with machine guns, but ingame, it only has 2, and they do absolutly nothing. I think that that might be a bug or an imbalance, because my bombers are extremly expensive (especially b-17s $20 000!!), vulnerable, and inaccurate too (most of the time, they drop their bombs before they reach the target, so some of the targettted factories are not disabled) 4. Sherman Calliopes when aimed at a target, relatively far away, would start shooting their rockets right away, then move closer to the target until it is within range of their guns. Anyone else noticed that?
  6. WehrmachtCeLL

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    We used to play blitz via Hamachi, which was a free service. But since a couple of months now they turned down their service a bit, making it only possible for 5 people to connect, and since maybe a few weeks it doesnt seem to work at all (...). We are currently looking for an alernative program. Connection via EA games should still work (like reg zerohour), although probably with under 5 players and perhaps with some connecting issues. I like using Gameranger to connect and play via LAN, but it doesn't support Blitzkrieg II... yet.
  7. WehrmachtCeLL

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    I tried multiple times to join Blitz2 Lobby1 2 and 3, but they are apparently always full.