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  1. spyvspy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hey! hiding out here, avoiding. Anybody playing Foxhole?
  2. spyvspy

    Created With The Map Editor

    I have a C&C3 TW map I created and play as a custom map, with working scripts. It has area triggers, that start attacks by enemy squads, it also has a spawn waypoint that spawns teams with a timing script. But I agree, the Worldbuilder is rough to use. I figure they only developed it to the point where designers could squeeze out the content they needed for release. Those designers also had the devs right there for tech support and documentation. If Blizzard has the intention of keeping SC2 alive as long as SC, they probably will release nice tools and patch them, support them. The way it's presented as integrated into the game and the business plan is encouraging. My only problem is I never played very much SC, never completed a campaign, and don't really feel much excitement for its multiplayer.
  3. Yeah right its a big surprise. Isn't that the same thing the Iranian's say about the USA elections: "The 2 parties are the same, no change in policy, the dems and republicans are all the same asshole Jew lovers, none of them good Muslims, and therefore we can't expect a breakthrough on relations." :P From inside the USA every time we change parties you would think the fucking sky is falling, people running around screaming we are 'going Fascist' or 'going Communist' I say how about that STFU?
  4. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    The 15k radius of collapsing all structures bothers me, its still not big enough to take out the suburban sprawl properly.
  5. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    yuck since when is this /b/
  6. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    Wow, very freaky stuff there. Apologies to those here who are fond of Royalty, but this junk is such classic Monarchy bullshit, insert whatever 'State Religion' instead of Communism. Do they claim any right to the line of succession of Korea's old Monarchy yet?
  7. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    imo, Rome died and stays dead. Every European successor empire since then, has usually been some delusional mad man claiming to have an Empire, and doing a shitty job at it too. All of them just like The Dear Leader, Mr. Kim, mentioned above. Same with a lot of Roman Emperors. The Roman Republic was the best. But true about the influence on our lives.
  8. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    The Russians now say communism sucked because it came from the west, and are proud to have survived it.
  9. spyvspy

    Hans Rosling

    I checked out the time replay thing. Somebody needs to do something about that continual drop in the infant mortality rate, or were all screwed.
  10. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    I'm really turned off by these idol shows, give me pretty faces with fake fake studio enhanced voices, please.
  11. spyvspy

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    I guess SK could always surrender to China first, as a preemptive measure. NK is just China's starved, dehydrated, rabid rottweiler tied to a tree in the front yard, and they know damned well it needs the one bullet solution.
  12. spyvspy

    What Was Your First Computer?

    I think that logo looks familiar, Leading Edge? long gone, like everybody else, and Dell, HP soon to follow...?
  13. spyvspy

    Monday Is July 2008

    haha that topic has a post date of Feb 5 edit: which isn't good news since the news item is #5 on Isotx's front page :/
  14. spyvspy

    Monday Is July 2008

    are you "allowed" to post a download copy of the trailer here?
  15. spyvspy

    Massive Terror Attacks In India

    Pakistan, let me count the ways... State Sponsor of Terrorism against India in Kashmir Nuclear weapons tech proliferation Training camps Safe haven for Al Qaeda leadership Competent Military government oh wait I forgot: Our loyal partner in the war on terror