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    Christmas Haul

    Oh, I didn't respond to this year yet. My gift got delayed by Santa, but in the end I got a book: Story on a Plate, and yes, in the past euh... 10 years I developed a love for cooking. And normally I would have created the most elaborate Christmas dinner for family and friends. But this year, it was just with 3: me, my gf, and my 4 year old stepdaughter. And 4 year olds have picky eating habbits, and a woman in her first trimester eats even more selectively. So yes, next Christmas, it will be at least 4 people in my little family :-)
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    So, whats up

    How's life outside of this derelict forum?
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    Christmas Haul

    I HARDLY REMEMBER MY PASSWORD FOR THIS FORUM! Also what did you try to do Mehman, we disabled goat porn a long time ago,
  4. Count von Phoib

    Christmas Haul

    We are your only hope. Also, I gave this present a few weeks back, as a reminder, it was one year since we met.
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    Happy 2019

    Meh, as part of a personal server
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    Forums updated

    Due to reCaptcha version 1 being phased out, we had to update the forums. This also meant the existing theme was lost. We will be working in getting it back again.
  7. Count von Phoib

    Christmas Haul

    If Phoib keeps the servers running I keep posting. I do have plans to update the server somewhere this year. I hope this version will keep running then :-p Also, I got - Soap - Pan - Towels - Sports stuff - Loads of books.
  8. Count von Phoib

    3d Modeller

    Derelict Studios is looking for additional 3d modelers, to help with upcoming projects. Expected models include soldiers, buildings, landmarks and/or vehicles. You will be provided with pictures and concept art, and are expected to work from that. You are also able to UVW map efficiently. Requirements: You have 3ds Max 9 or higher. If you have a lower version, you are willing to upgrade to Max9 at least. Be good. Speak English and/or German fluently. You can model in the 500-2500 triangle range. You can unwrap an object. Have enough time. You will end up in an experienced mod team and receive free webspace for personal use, as well as the possibility of free games. Please provide a link to an online portfolio if interested.
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    Anyone Interested In Testing A New Blitz 2?

  10. Count von Phoib

    Помогите выбрать подаро

    You want to surprise your sister, and you come here... We have Mehman, that might be a surprise...
  11. Count von Phoib

    Christmas Haul

    These forums will stay online for a while, if only to continue this tradition! Lets see... 3 Christmas balls, with Animal, Elmo and Cookie Monster. 1 small lego set Homemade ajvar Chocolate Rakija Chips Sweet tshirt Blouse Jeans Boots :)
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    In this place? That would be an extraordinary achievement.
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  14. Count von Phoib

    Port To Tiberian Sun

    No, but we won't stop individuals porting the voxels to TS for individual use.
  15. Count von Phoib

    Port To Tiberian Sun

    You can give it a try, we won't stop you.
  16. Count von Phoib

    Christmas Haul

    It'll stay dormant for a while... Anyways... Socks, boxershorts 2 Guust Flater comic books 2 wallets 1 Lego Alien Tripod 1 Bush beer chocolate, candy Snuff by Terry Pratchet And some money :)
  17. Count von Phoib

    Christmas Haul

    I hope somebody does, there must be some reason to keep this forum open...
  18. July-August 2011 The First Battle of Smolensk 70th anniversary On June 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. 2 weeks later on July, the Soviet first Western Front was on the verge of completely ceasing to exist. The Stavka committed virtually its entire strategic reserve to protect the Smolensk-Moscow axis. The Battle of Smolensk was critical and its outcome would determine if an offensive against Moscow could continue. Under your command the German Army Group Centre. This mission is in 2 parts. The first part puts emphasis on the German supply challenge, you have to protect the German supply depots and railway workers, and also defend against attacks from the Red Army and from the partisants. The second part is about the Battle of Smolensk itself. This mission will be included in the next patch Korona and friends will release soon!
  19. Июль-Август 2011 это 70-летие первой битвы под Смоленском. В июне 1941 года немцы вторглись в Советский союз. 2 недели спустя в июле, первый советский западный фронт был на грани полного прекращения существования. Ставка направила фактически все стратегические резервы на защиту оси Смоленск-Москва. Битва под Смоленском была решающей и ее исход должен был определить, будет ли иметь место продолжение атаки Москвы. Под вашим командованием центр группировки немецкой армии. Это миссия в двух частях. В первой части акцент ставится на снабжение немцев, вы должны защитить немецкие базовые склады и работников железной дороги, а также оборонятся от атак Красной Армии и от партизан. Вторая часть о самой битве под Смоленском. Эта миссия будет включена в следующий релиз «Корона и друзья», который скоро выйдет!
  20. Juli-August 2011 ist 70. Jahrestag von der ersten Schlacht in Smolensk. Im Juni 1941 überfallten die Deutschen auf die Sowjetunion. 2 Wochen später, im Juli, war die erste sowjetische westliche Front am Rande der völlig Aufhören der Existenz. Die Stavka schiekte fast alle seine strategischen Reserven um die Smolensk-Moskau Achse schützen. Die Schlacht in Smolensk war kritisch und das Ergebnis wäre feststellen, ob ein Angriff gegen Moskau möglich ist. Unter euer Führung ist die deutsche zentralle Heeresgruppe. Diese Mission hat 2 Teilen. Im ersten Teil liegt den Schwerpunkt auf der deutschen Versorgung, ihr müsst die deutsche Versorgungslager und Eisenbahner schützen und auch gegen Angriffe von der Roten Armee und von Partisanen verteidigen. Der zweite Teil handelt von der Schlacht des Smolensk selbst. Diese Mission wird die nächste Version Korona und Freunden umfassen, die demnächst erscheint !
  21. Count von Phoib

    What Are You Guys Up To?

    I had my third game of Starcraft 2 this year. That's about it for gaming :( Also, programming an interface to schedule jobs on a cluster of supercomputers.
  22. Count von Phoib

    Victory Day

    Happy Victory Day, Comrade! Click for a larger version. 1280x720 version
  23. Count von Phoib

    Well Then

    Phoib's plans for the end of the world is on hold, due to shortage (laziness) of staff. And the staff's failure to read email? :(
  24. Count von Phoib

    Well Then

    Yes, yes you were. who could have guessed that bright eyed optimistic young fellow would become the most powerful member of the Sins of a Solar Empire community. A game nobody cares about only played by retards. fuck you phoib You say the sweetest things :wub:
  25. Count von Phoib

    Well Then

    Yes, yes you were.