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  1. Don't worry about your young mens...we have friends who should take care of them very soon ;)
  2. Neo

    Messerschmitt Bf 109

    In fact my favorite move when playing as Russians will be to make the German player to "pay" everytime he select this dam no.6 buton during a game ;)
  3. We, the comrades, we want the lands back to the people, we want freedom for the world and all the power to the working class! Our people know what the word "work" means...they know how to spend their live working 22 hours a day and how to die with a smile on their face cause they know they gave the best from themself for their motherland. Thats the type of freedom we would like to share with you people from Germany...but you decided to follow your own way where the richs get richer and the poors get...guns and are send to the front...
  4. Propagenda..pure propagenda Mr. Korona Speer....we never had any purge in our country...only few traitor were accused of "trahison" and put in jail for few months....we are not a faschist country and we don't invade our neighbors (except the Polish cause they deserved it!) -_-
  5. Neo

    Messerschmitt Bf 109

    Yes exactly Korona...but the BT-7 and BA-10 were not more impressive...Only the few T-28 available had something to offer...Conclusion: old Mechanised Corps without "modern" tanks were easy prey for the German war machine particularly without air cover and against an opponent who can build these powerfull 88mm gun...ouch! ;)
  6. OCTOBER 13th 1941 More bad news from the front for the Soviets. Their oldest Mechanised Corps (1st) with 475 tanks were completely destroyed at Norvo not far from Leningrad. The Stug.Abt 184 and the 8th Panzer with a total of 135 tanks (12 Pz IV D, 50 Stug III B, 50 Pz 38(t), 23 Pz II) were helped once again by their powerful Luftwaffe with massive bombing raids of He-111 and Stukas. At start Soviets launched their hords of armor vehicules (295 BT, 113 T-26, 21 T-28 and 44 BA-10) against German position, forcing the Wehrmacht to retreat and secure their position deep in their territory. From there rows of 88mm guns stoped the Soviets advance, forcing them to stop their counter attack and retreat. Then the Wermacht launch his counter attack in bloody battles where once again, the German air superiority (squadrons of FW-190 vs 4 Hurricanes) was one of the decisive factor. Photo below: one of the 193 T-26 destroyed
  7. Neo

    Messerschmitt Bf 109

    The last game we played in the ww2 Experiment i had a Mechanised Corps with 475 light tanks including 113 T-26. Yes these T-26 are cool and can make damage against Pz II and Pz38(t)....but forget it against Stug III (we use a special short gun version), Panzer IV or the insane 88mm gun ! I understand now why Ruskies lost thousands of these tanks in the first weeks of the war ;) So with the new tech tree, dont waste too much time before getting XP!
  8. You faschists are gambling on horses "after" the race...Moscow is watching ya! :ph34r:
  9. OCTOBER 6TH 1941 1st and 3rd Panzer Divisions attacked the Pskov area on their way to Leningrad. Despite some artillery fire (photo below) the Wehrmacht encounter few resistsance from the infantry defending the area. Soviets had no air support nor Mechanised division to help near Pskov. Is Korona Speer is behind this move toward Leningrad or is da fuhrer has decided his own plans switching Moscow for Leningrad as their first target? :o In fact it seems that the Red Army choosed to secure 2 important areas: Leningrad and Moscow and leave the field wide open to the faschists...for now ;) That's what happen in the central area too when the 26th Mechanised corps was moved north-east to Vitebsk leaving the way open to the Werhmacht to break trough the Soviet Front line at Orsha and deliver the 12th and 16th Panzer inside the Smolensk pocket. 4 Panzer divisions were ready to attack the 26th before they were call back...is this strategy to save his troops for a final stand will pay off? Should Soviets had to fight for every inch of ground with more tank support at the front lines? Time will tell :ph34r: In Africa all is quiet. Montgomery Shrinker and Rommel Abba don't seems to launch attack and open all Africa and Middle East to their opponent. Reports are not showing reinforcement troops from any of the opponents meaning this could be quiet for a while in Africa...unless... In USA President Roosevelt approves US$1 billion in Lend-Lease aid to the Soviet Union. USA are not officially in a war situation with Germany but their military production is growing. In Britain a first ship with 43 Valentines leave Hull's arbour 6 days ago and should reach Archangel in Russia the next week to supply the Soviets.
  10. Neo

    Messerschmitt Bf 109

    Its a ritual hapening in a volcano where the great priest (Phoib), with dozen of DS crew, sacrifice a sheep in your honor... From then, once a month, on every full moon your blood will turn purple (because of your new purple hearth) and you will start to act like if you really were a Bf-109 (with all the noises etc.). (maybe you should had accepted the CC3 cd first :P )
  11. yes ironduke it works..you just look at it when i was updating few seconds ago...try again ;)
  12. Yes Or30, we have big sticks for you and if you're lucky enough you could have a big bag of rocks to throw at ennemy face! Here in Russia we take the Great Patriotic war so seriously that we consider one human lost as a tragedy...and millions of conscripts killed as a statistic! ;)
  13. New world map ready....see first post.... Also, Russia is recruiting conscripts...tons of conscripts...to stop or slow German advance...If you know someone who may be interested to fight SS divisions with a stick let me know...lots of job availables...c.v. not requested...just take the first train to the front and i'll meet you there...I'm easy to identified, i'm the tall guy yelling at conscripts to move their ass and follow our "powerful" T-26 on their way to what is now known as the largest Russian tank cemetery of the world or if you prefer...the Russian stepps! :ph34r:
  14. Neo

    день побед&#1072

    62 years ago Eastern Europe was celebrating the end of 6 years of totalitarism ...and the begining of another totalitarian era for the next 44 years...happy birthday! :blink:
  15. Neo

    Declaration Of War!

    Romans, turn your thumbs down! :)
  16. THE WAR IS NOT OVER YET! Our reports are showing lots of troops moves everywhere in Russia, France, Britain and also in Africa where the Afrika Korps is preparing to take Tobruk! But the Britts had received lot of reinforcement and they are preparing to launch Operation Crusader. Following the costly failure of Operation Battleaxe, General Archibald Wavell was relieved as Commander-in-Chief Middle East and replaced by General "Shrinker". His main goal will be to push back Germans from Afrika and protect the Middle East. During this time another giant is preparing his weapons in view of military actions against the Third Reich (photo bellow showing uncle Sam's wife working to make a pretty death machine) Follow world map udate on the first post :ph34r:
  17. Aircraft speed is now perfect...Still very very fast compare to grounds units but now the air combats look more real and less like a group of bees turning around! ;)
  18. Neo

    Just A Mini Update

    Here's another good exemple of web ghost, nice to see you monsieur Logan! ;)
  19. Neo

    First 2.7 News

    Really nice modelling and texturing jobs...2 thumbs up Commanders! ;)
  20. Neo

    Another Shellmap

    This is a more interesting tread than your "kill your ennemy" post Raptor ;)
  21. Neo

    Stradegy Rambling

    Oh no....he got me! Damn Raptor...you are the best____ but also the worst _____ i've ever met....I wish one day you could _____ a _____ who could _____ you and leave you ____ for the rest of your ____ :ph34r:
  22. Neo

    Stradegy Rambling

    Raptor...are you serious with this topic? We love you man but you can do better than this in a topic! ;)
  23. I'm still addicted to these old and almost useless KV-2 (too much mechanical probs)...but what a music when they shot their heavy shells :)
  24. That's the point Korona...having spent so many hours to prepare this experiment and as result having the whole thing stucked up because of continuous arguing and crying about a f****** detail... act like an anticlimax for me.... I'm not paid for this, i do it for fun and fun simply disappeared.... Let say Germans who were surrounded in the Smolensk Pocket were released by the Soviets as part of another Molotov-Ribbentrop pact including the withdrawal of German troops from Russia. Tactict for Germany to buy time to find another Supreme commander? Time will tell..... :ph34r: