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  1. -ironduke57 It simply means that i discovered that there was sabotage acts to stop this experiment. A Greenpeace sub faction attempted to stop the war by using many unfair tacticts. The leader of these partisans was a spy inside the German army...Rumors are he was under the cover of the Supreme commander himself! The traitor was arrested by the Gestapo and we have no news from him since... :ph34r: Finally, it's not impossible that a new German general could be assigned to lead the Wehrmacht...
  2. It seems somebody has thrown sand in the gears of this "experiment"! Too bad! :blink:
  3. PANZER DIVISIONS ENCIRCLED IN THE SMOLENSK POCKET Against all odds the Soviet strategy to encircle German divisions worked...at least for now... The 26th Mechanised Corps completed a long move started more than 1 month ago in view to cut off the German front line from his rear. As result, more than 300 tanks from the 16th and the 12th Panzer have been trapped in the Smolensk-Bryansk area and if no outside help succeed to break the Soviet encirclement, in 5 weeks from now the Germans will lose their biggest army. The 26th Mechanised Corps with his 175 tanks (20 KV-1, 103 T-34, 26 BT and 26 T-26) are prepared to be attacked by the 17th and 18th Panzer and their 169 tanks (26 Panzer IV ausf D, 88 Panzer III (50mm) and 56 Panzer II) located at Minsk and newly arrived from Poland. A defeat at the battle of Orsha would be a total disaster for Germany considering they had planned to take Moscow before fall. On their side the Soviets had already reach their goal with this battle: stop the German advance and buy time for a winter counter-offensive. Finally the Leningrad factory produced 14 T-34, 5 KV-2 and 6 KV-1. They were assigned to the 10th Mechanised Corps near Norvo.
  4. GERMANS HAVING HARD TIME TO SECURE CONQUERED AREA Since august 25th the Soviets used a new strategy to stop the Germans advance. They expoit the huge gap between the German front line and their reserve troops way behind in Poland. With a mobile defense strategy the 23 rd succeeded to attract the powerful 16th Panzer from the south (Lubny) to the north in Orel (see september 8th map) while the 26th Mechanised Corps moved from the south behind the German front line up to Gomel with the hope to cut the 16th from his supply lines. But general von Abba retreated his 16th from Orel to Bryansk (see september 22nd map) to avoid the encirclement move. During this time the Leningrad and the Stalingrad factory still making tanks. Production from Stalingrad was send to protect the area and Leningrad production was send in the Moscow area. General von Abba is now learning that he needs to bring back his reserve troops to avoid the soviet encirclement moves, so planing has become a more important part of the war as we can see on the photo below (old General von Abba in the middle desperatly trying to deal with the Soviet moves being without news from his personnal advisor in Berlin: Korona von Braun :P )
  5. On september first Army Group Center call back reserve divisions from Poland. Also, Army Group Center took control of the city of Smolensk without a fight, Mechanised Corps retreating toward Moscow. No battles in this first week of september but no doubt it will be very hot around Moscow in a near future. Rumors are that Soviets are building up their defense on the Mozhaisk line :ph34r:
  6. Exactly....but we have orders: "not a step back!" so we can complaint but we will fight till the last man! Kill the fachists! :ph34r:
  7. GERMANS GET NEW TANKS! The Wehrmacht got new units at the front line. First, during the last battles Germans destroyed and captured many Soviets tanks. 127 ennemy tanks have been repaired and are now ready to fight for the Reich: 90 T-34 (screen shot), 19 T-26, 7 T-28, 6 Flamme thrower and 5 BT. The genious Korona Von Braun made this new captured T-34 and rumors are he could provide new camos to the Panzers during their winter campaign in Russia. He is also behind the new rule where 5% of opponent tanks can be repaired and captured when a battle is won. The winner of a battle can also repair 30% of his own damaged tanks. On the Soviet side this wasn't a really good news particularly when we take a look at the 16th Panzer division near Kharkov = 244 tanks including 79 T-34 ! But the Soviets worked hard the last 2 months to repair reserve tanks who havent seen action yet. 50% of theses broken tanks were repaired. The new Soviet total tank on the map (post no.1) is now lower than before but all these tanks are in condition to fight.
  8. Yes Reginon...Soviets desperetly needs good officers and more modern tanks too! :P Up to now the result of this "tourney-experiment" is very close to what happend on the eastern front from june 22nd to agust 25th. Even when you took a look at the map (page 1) we can see that Von Abba front line and real German front line are very close from each other on august 25th 1941. There is 2 differences though. First, the real Army Group North surrounded Leningrad very soon...Von Abba's Army Group North is far from Leningrad. Second difference, real Army Group South divisions were more cautious around Kiev. They choosed to take time to make a giant encirclement move to trapp the Soviet army in a pocket. They choosed this stretegy to avoid too many tank losses in Kiev streets, facing an ennemy with much more units available. With his Army Group South General von Abba choosed a head to head strategy using his Panzer divisions as front runners destroying everything on their ways. The advantage of this strategy is time, no losses of time for these giants encirclement moves. That's why his front line has mooved faster than the real German's one. The down side of this strategy is that your losses will be much more high and that's what's happend to him. His Army Group South has lost 96% of his tanks and he has only 26 tanks left. On the other hand, his fast advance in the south towar Kharkov forced the Soviets to stop tank production in Kharkov on august 25th, almost 2 months sooner than the real Army Group South did it. He stopped Kharkov production but at a very costly price and all his reserves are far behind in Poland...Will be interesting to see how err von Abba will deal with this ;)
  9. Winter will have the following effects: Grounds units speed reduced, some German tanks having mechanical problems, German infantry strenght reduced a bit, etc. But the question is: will Soviets survive till then?
  10. People from all Russia were shocked to learn that the 2 best Mechanised Corps were defeated in the Lubny area. These armor divisions had many modern tanks (T-34 and KV-1) and were the last stand to protect Kharkov and his tank factories. Right after the defeat the evacuation of Kharkov factory began. This factory will be relocated in Urals. The Red Army lost the most important T-34 factory of all Russia and it twill take 3 months to produce T-34 from this factory. What could save Russia? Maybe the Lend lease aid from USA & UK…maybe the fact that Germans suffered heavy losses in the last battles….maybe a miracle…One thing is sure, the comrades will fight till their last man…without a step back! German officers looking at some of the 139 T-34 destroyed near Lubny
  11. MINSK UNDER GERMAN CONTROL The Wehrmacht easily crushed the Soviet defense and took control of the Minsk area. Despite some streets fights (photo) Germans won another important battle and moved the central front toward Moscow. It was the first time in more than a month than Army Group Center has moved. At this point the OKW strategy is unclear. Why this delay with Army Group Center when Army Group North and South had lost most of their tanks? Was it planned to use Army Groups South and North first to clean the table before Army Group Center launch his 8 Panzer division on the road to Moscow? Time will tell if this stretegy was the best but for now the front line is moving and the Soviets are easy preys for the faschists! On this august 18th Germany moved his 11th Panzer to Kiev, probably to resume his attack toward Kharkov and the tank factory. On their side the Soviets send the 28th Mechanised Corps from Dnepro. to Lubny to join the powerful 25th. Finally the Leningrad factory produced 28 new T-34 and 12 KV-1. These tanks were shipped south and are now in transit in the Vitebsk area. Their final destination is keeped secret :ph34r:
  12. Doc Shrinker will be in charge soon ;)
  13. THE FALL OF KIEV Last nite the 9th and the 16th Panzer attacked the city of Kiev. This city (a strategic cross road linking the western parts of Russia) was defended by 2 of the best Mechanised Corps of the Soviet Union: the 15th and the 8th. The battle was a non stop city fight and casulaties were very high on both sides. Once again the air superiority of the Luftwaffe played an important role, destroying every Soviet defense and bombing the city many times (screen shot) Germans used a different strategy to take Kiev. No massive attack was launched but instead, they used what was close to a "guerilla" strategy with quick hit and run attacks, retreating behind their 88mm gun defensive line after every attack. It was almost an attrition battle (the game last hours) where Soviet strenght decreased slowly and with the non stop Luftwaffe raids, they were forced to leave the city and move on the other bank of the Dniepper River. The Supreme Command Headquarters was shocked by this defeat and generals from the 15th and 8th Mechanised Corps were called back to Moscow (we don't have any news from them since :ph34r: ...). Now that Germany owns all the south west part of Russia, the conquest of all Russia is possible. The only problem for the Wehrmacht is the number of units they have in the south. If Kiev was a major victory for Germany, it was also a costly one. They lost 77 of the 115 tanks they had before the attack and as Keifer said, the Wehrmacht cannot suffer that kind of losses for very long. But one thing is sure, the front line still moving toward Moscow and the Mechanised Corps prooved their armor units were not in condition to fight. Production of modern tanks (T-34, KV-1) are more than ever a priority for Staline and all the comrades.
  14. Well said Bob and Kaiser! ;)
  15. Was fun to play, 2 thumbs up Pivac :)
  16. Neo

    Well That Took A While

    Just disappointed that 5 months of work was sweep out in few seconds...without counting all the time Pivac and Dr Shrinker spend to make their beautiful maps... But Phoib the brave fireman save us ... ;)
  17. - Dr Shrinker Well...i never kicked Abbas ass in a 1vs1 battle...but let say this was a symbolic victory for my Soviets troops considering he had much better tanks than i have. I'm still thinking he is one of the toughest fighter on the battlefield but his weakest link is maybe that he is prone to choke under pression in a tourney formula like this.... ;) muhahaha...The faschist committed too many strategic mistakes to have a chance to conquer Russia ....(Soviet propaganda!) :D
  18. ah of course....i forgot to tell Riga map is a remake of the nice Desert Fox map Slick Willy and Dr. Shrinker made long time ago ;)
  19. COSTLY WIN FOR ARMY GROUP NORTH Last night the Army Group North resume push toward Leningrad after more than a 1 month break. The 1st and 6th Panzer division attacked the port of Riga wich was defended by the 12th Mechanised Corps (330 units, only 132 operables). After suffering heavy losses at Kaunas, the 1st and 6th Panzer division were going to take Riga easily their opponent having only obsolete tanks (no T-34, no KVs). But the Wehrmacht met tougher than expected resistance with unsuccessful attacks on the east and west part of the city defended by lines of AT guns and AA batteries. As you can see, first Germans attacked the strong Soviet defense lines (east and west). The Soviets expected the Wehrmacht to attack in the gap between their 2 lines of defense and trap them with flank attacks. When Germans were defeated in their attempt to break trough the defensive lines, they regrouped their strenght and launched a massive attack in the gap. The Soviet flank attacks were not enough to push back the invaders but they destroyed many panzers and force the Germans to stop their push and secure the central part of Riga. On their side the Soviets did a good job against Luftwaffe attacks and most of the time the Wehrmacht fought without air cover. After days of street fights, the city of Riga felt into the hands of the fachist but their losses was heavy (73% of their tanks lost) and their push toward Leningrad is probably stopped for a while :ph34r:
  20. Neo

    Well That Took A While

    Better late (very late) than never! :P Now let's roll the tanks!
  21. Funny....play with your ball and during this time the Red Army is preparing his massive winter counter offensive
  22. Haha! :lol: hehe ^_^ huh.. <_< ..welll..... you'll pay for this infamous propaganda :ph34r:
  23. FRONT UPDATE AUGUST 4TH 1941 The 11th Panzer and the 1st Romanian armor division retake Uman and destroyed one of the best Soviet Mechanised Corps (4th). Soviets were the first to attack but Germans builded a solid line of defense using 88mm AT guns. While Stukas were attacking the Soviets heavy tanks (KV-1 and KV-2), the 88mm stop waves of T-34 and BT, forcing Russians to retreat in Uman. Once again the Luftwaffe and German paratroopers were the key to open the road for the Wehrmacht. Unable to counterattack the German position and under Luftwaffe non stop attacks, the Soviets were trapped in the city. Their lack of infantry (without mg they are not a match for the German troops) and their weak air cover (only few I-16) are the 2 main problems of Soviets Mechanised Corps since the war had started. Despite the win the German tank losses were high (55 tanks) and Army Group South has lost 50% of his armor units in more than 1 month. The 9th and 16th Panzer took Karostene and the 4th Panzer merge with the 3rd Panzer. On the Soviet side the 28th was moved to Rostov and the 27th still on the road to Stalingrad. The 25th got the 2 first BM-13 to defend the Dniepper river. Photo from the German 88mm at the second battle of Uman