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  1. The Eastern front campaign is now included in this ww2 experiment with Germany battling in North Africa against the Britts (under Ike Shrinker command). We still using the same historical ratios (40%) for units available on every armour division and for weekly production from factories. We use many rules for armour division moves, battles, supply line, etc. We use units improvment as they become available during war progress: like the Panzer IV ausf IV D (and E), the ausf F1 model, the F2 model, the G model,etc. Every battle start with pre-builded units according to every armour division strenght and 30k$ in cash with ho additionnal income. Every kill counts and even costly wns reduce the number of AFV available for the next battles. Production from every specific factories are transfered by train or by sea to the front lines. To leadand simulate the much superior training and readiness of German forces and their great efficiency on the battlefield, General Von Abba was the best candidate. Who never saw this expert in micro management roll his tank over your base so decisively that you suspect he should cheat to be so effective? As advisor the German war machine need a logistical mastermind like Speer was and they need the genius of a von Braun...Korona von Braun was the right candidate! To simulate the situation on june 1941 and the fact that the Soviet officer corps and high command had been decimated by Stalin's Great Purge, Russia need an average player who can lead their tons of scrap tanks (T-26 & BT) into a massacre before using the Patriotic willingness in a "Not a step back" stand in front of the fascists! Marshall Neo was the right man! Finally, need a General with toughness, a risk-taker who can also use his versatility and adaptability to find a way to open a second front in Europe and, at same time, kick Rommel's buts in Africa...Dr Shrinker was da man! This experiment having many similarities with historical facts, is history will repeat? Is USA will wait years before jumbing in? Is Germany will conquer Russia and maybe change the balance of power in Europe? Is Africa and Middle East will fall into Africa Korps hands?
  2. General Koronosev orders are to stop the fascists and save the Motherland from you err von Harry ! Be prepared to see your Wehrmacht be humiliated !
  3. I don't have time to play in a tournement...I don't have time to be involved into a multi-palyer tournament...but maybe I could have some time for this 2 players experiment :P
  4. Someone giving you this order: "The German Wehrmacht must be prepared to crush Soviet Russia in a quick campaign! "
  5. Following DH suggestions : 1) Sherman delay between shot will be boost from 3 to 4 seconds. The value of 3 seconds wasn’t a mistake but instead an estimate value by our expert Logan. He help me a lot to set values (ROF + turret speed) for all Allies tanks. German medium tanks delay between shot are at 5 seconds, while the T-34 76mm are at 10 seconds 2) Sherman’s accuracy is at 71% (with13% miss). If we compare with tanks at the same period (end of 1942) we have the T-34 76mm version 1942 with accuracy at 67% (but with a high 27% miss) and finally the Panzer IV F2 with accuracy at 87% (only 7% miss). So the accuracy values are really close to the historical values. 3) About the French tanks, their production speed is related to the real French production rate between 1938 and 1940. France war philosophy rely more on static defense (Maginot Line) than dynamic offensive with armour divisions. That’s why tanks like the R-35 were slow and used as defensive unit or to support infantry troops. (btw in the middle of the war with Germany, some French armament factories went on strike, many of the union members having their membership of the Communist Party of France. At that time Germany and USSR had a peace agreement…what a fucked up!!! :P .). 4) About increasing the Maginot range, Korona and I have talked about this and yes the Maginot turrets will have longer range. 5) For Air, P-47 rockets will be more spread like Korona described it above…. 6) Having the German bombers free from 1940 to 1942 (tech 1 to tech 3) seems to me a good idea with historical support 7) And your right too about the German armour cars. They have 300hp at the moment wich is way too much for this type of unit. A value of 100hp should be more appropriated. 8) Hummel cost seems to us appropriated. This unit can do so much damage in group. During ww2 this self-propelled artillery had some limitation like having a limited amount of ammunition. These 2 factors plus its very long range explain why its price is used as a limitation in game. 9) Pz 38(t) build time is related to the real production from the Skoda factories during ww2. So we cannot compare the production time from German factories to those from Czechoslovakian factories even if the latest seems a bit too high. 10) Decreasing the Hetzer cost by 100 seems to me logical. 11) Panther dual price should be fixed at 2800 12) Korona has already fixed the Il-2 as described in his post above 13) Having the deployed AT more vulnerable to infantry sounds logical to me too
  6. Thanks Nodlied...Panther should have the right value....InitialHealth:682 p.s. The answer to DirtyHarry's post should follow soon!
  7. Neo

    Who Did It?

    Hey Doc...I remember this map...(forgot the name). I think i resized it and edited it to make it more wide open to fit with the new gameplay....but this was long ago....For your nice train map (Zee Rhine if i remember well) we removed it from the map pack (all the 2 players maps will be removed from the official map pack with the next patch).
  8. During the next days there will be a new map section with descriptions for all the 58 maps included in the next patch. Theres some maps we don't know who are their creator. If someone can help.... These maps are: Autumn Hill, Paris, Figth like Russians, Egyptian passage Thanks
  9. Neo

    Bug Listing For R3

    Hey Nodle....the Ft-17 use French voice...."my voice" ;) How did you know it was the wrong voice selection? Parles-tu francais?
  10. DirtyHarry is rigth. I would add to this that all missions were tested many times by many players up to the final release version. Si i'm tempted to point out the 3rd, 4th or 5th thing on DirtyHarry list!
  11. Neo

    Contest: Name The Bomb

    What about "Fritzium"?
  12. These allegations are false. I have orders from the Stavka to not make any comments! Oops! :blink:
  13. Type of maps: 1- Mission maps 2- Coop maps 3- Challenge maps 4- Multi-players maps 1. Mission maps: A solo map with epic battles. Units are delivered or built. 2. Coop maps: 2 or 3 players working together to win against the enemy controlled by an AI. You can build units. 3. Challenge maps: Multi-player maps with pre-built units on it. You can also build units. 4. Multi-player maps: For 2 to 6 players. You start from the scratch with minimal units and buildings. Here we have the new multi-players maps included in the next patch: Rodina (from Comrade Raptorkov) Dense city meets sparse village farmland in this slice of the motherland. Up to 5 players battle it out for the lush land between 2 deserts. Good for 3 or more player FFA, 3 player spawns located in the dense city to the south, 2 spawns in the wide open fields to the north, features cool dynamic weather. SummerFire 2: Trident, (from Comrade Raptorkov) It's summer once again, this map's diverse terrain and layout will test your endurance and strategic decision making. Here you will find a tightly packed industrial city which just pumps out cash, with sparse farming towns, rolling hills, wide meadows, sharp cliffs with a river laying right in the middle. Features a day/night cycle using black and white mode, and random weather. Overall a huge 3 player map featuring an epic landscape with cities and towns. Many tactical and strategic opportunities and loads of cash. Africa1939 (from Neo): A 3 player map with basic pre-built defense. Money comes mainly from the 2 capturable harbors on the sides of the map and from the village on a hill in the middle of the map. Eastern Europe (from Neo): A 5 player map where income is provided from different types of resources: coal mines, oil fields, wheat fields, iron mines, etc. The map is best suited for 3 vs 2 match ups. And finally we have these good old multi-palyers maps: Europe re-shrunk (from Dr.Shrinker edited by Feuersturm and later by Neo): A classic map from the “good old days’”. This map had some modifications to fit with the new Blitz gameplay. This is a 7 player map with lots of details and nice texture work. High Bastion of Hell (from Dr.Shrinker): Originally a 6 player map, now a 4 player map (2vs2) with lots of hills and nice passages. Smolensk Pocket (from Dr.Shrinker): A 3 player FFA map with the usual nice village set up from Dr Shrinker Romania 1939 (from Dr.Shrinker): A 7 player map (or FFA for 3 players) with nice villages and hills
  14. Neo


    In fact this scene is from the begining of the mission when British forces have land on Sword Beach with their heavy Churchill AVRE. In this mission Shermans are delivered on Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches. Number and type of units are the closest to history as possible with Americans geting basic Shermans and tank destroyers and British and Canadian geting also Shermans but with additionnal British units like Churchills, Cromwell, Fireflys, etc Same historical accuracy for the German Panzers divisions according to the time every division reach the Normandy area.
  15. News update: The mission map "Normandy44" and the Challenge map "Battle of Normandy" now have LST ships on the beach with Shermans on it. At the begining a nice animation show these Shermans delivered on every beach. Thanks to Phoib for the purchase of this cool ship and to Korona to make it working! :)
  16. Neo

    Who Did It?

    To Dr Shrinker : heres the maps from unkown mappers (at the end of the list) My link May your new pc re-open the door of Blitz Town, the village where you were born, the place where you've learn to figth! :)
  17. Autumn Hill: (from Hawk) An old 8 player countryside map with villages on the perimeter of the map. Good for FFA games. Snow Blind (from Dr Shrinker) Somewhere during winter...a small FFA map with a little village in the middle. Paris: (from Hawk, edited by Dr Shrinker and Neo) A old 5 players map (3vs2). This map was resized to fit with the new Blitz II weapons system. Egyptian Passage: (from Dr Shrinker) An old 4 players map with a huge pyramid in the middle. The small size of the map is not best for the build up of massive armies but the nice building set up provides non stop action.
  18. Route66 (from DirtyHarry) A sleepy American town ready for destruction, 2 - 4 players The Dutch Mountains (from DirtyHarry) A 4 player extremely low lag map, representing the famous Dutch Mountains The Lost War (from DirtyHarry) East Germany at the time of the Axis collapse, 2 - 7players. Conquer what you can as Russia or the Allies, defend as Germany. Panzer Heaven (from DirtyHarry) A vast desert map for 4-8 players with many small towns. Ideal for tank warfare. Flag buildings pop up randomly! Mussolini's Madness (from DirtyHarry) King of the Hill map, 4-5 players. Mussolini attemtped to construct a modern city in the Libian desert. Now it's your turn to mess things up. Middle East 1942 (from Neo) A 4 players free for all map with the Caucasus oil fields, Irak, Turkey and Iran RussoGermanFront (from Neo edited by Dr,Shrinker): Another classical map from the past. A 2 vs 2 battle with cities from Poland and USSR The Bunkers (from Neo) Desert and....88mm guns in bunkers!
  19. Now a preview of the Challenge maps included in the next patch. Type of maps: 1- Mission maps 2- Coop maps 3- Challenge maps 4- Multi-players maps 1. Mission maps: A solo map with epic battles. Units are delivered or built. 2. Coop maps: 2 or 3 players working together to win against the enemy controlled by an AI. You can build units. 3. Challenge maps: Multi-player maps with pre-built units on it. You can also build units. 4. Multi-player maps: For 2 to 8 players. You start from the scratch with minimal units and buildings. Challenge Battle of Berlin: (from Neo) The Germans are defending the capital against the Soviets and the Allies. This 3 player map features famous Berlin landmarks like the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag. Challenge Battle of Normandy44: (from Neo) This challenge is based on the same mission map and allow 4 players to fight for the Normandy villages. One player leads the American troops with basic Shermans and controls the Naval support (an awsome weapon from Korona), the second Allied player leads the British and Canadian troops with their impressive tanks (Churchill AVRE, Crocodile, etc). The German players have the best tanks like the Panthers, Tigers and Kingtigers. Challenge Battle of Stalingrad42: (from Neo) This is a quick challenge for 4 players to fight over the “Fateful City” with head to head figths from the beginning to the end. Challenge East Front Winter43 (from Neo) This is a big 4 players challenge on the Eastern Front from Leningrad on the north to the Caucasus oil fields on the south. The Soviet player's bases are located in Moscow and Stalingrad. Challenge The Battle of Kursk (from Neo) A 4 player challenge based on the Battle of Kursk. Soviet players get income from garrisoning the buildings they have to protect while the German players get income from a train coming from their rear. The train stops at your main base every X minutes. Challenge The Great Patriotic War: (from Neo) This is a 2 vs 1 challenge where 2 players have to re-organise the defense of the USSR from 1941 and stop the Wehrmacht before Moscow and Stalingrad are captured. This challenge can also be played on a 1 vs 1 basis. Challenge World War 1939: (from Neo) This is a 3 player challenge where the Allied player has France, England, West Africa and the British troops in Egypt. The Axis player has Germany, Italy and Japan. The Soviet player has the USSR and their precious oil fields. This is a “Risk” type of map where you have the choice to build up your defense or conquer the world!
  20. Part 2 of the map preview: the co-op maps. Type of maps: 1- Mission maps 2- Coop maps 3- Challenge maps 4- Multi-players maps 1. Mission maps: A solo map with epic battles. Units are delivered or built. 2. Coop maps: 2 or 3 players working together to win against the enemy controlled by an AI. You can build units. 3. Challenge maps: Multi-player maps with pre-built units on it. You can also build units. 4. Multi-player maps: For 2 to 6 players. You start from the scratch with minimal units and buildings. Coop Axis vs Allies (from DirtyHarry) Conquer France fighting a tough scripted AI producing random attacks with both Allied and Russian units, progressing through the tech tree. Coop Axis vs Soviets (from DirtyHarry) Fight operation Citadel against an entrenched Russian opponent equipped with the latest Russian units. Coop Defense of Bastogne (from Neo): December 1944 The Battle of the Bulges. Following their initial success, the German troops decided to eliminate the village of Bastogne wich was a major obstacle to their armored advance to the west. You are encircled by the German troops and you try to buy time waiting for the General Patton’s Third Army spearhead. Tips : Make sure your artillery batteries are in a safe location and use it wisely. Coop Defense of Kursk : (from Neo) July 1943 You have to defend the Kursk area against the north and the south German pincers. Make sure you don’t waste too much T-34s too early…save them for the last German attacks from the south…
  21. And finally we have these Soviet missions: The USSR at war MissionSoviet1 (Moscow41): (from Neo) 5 months ago the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. The Axis forces considered Moscow, capital of the USSR and the largest Soviet city, to be their primary military and political objective. To defend Moscow you have to deploy the newly raised reserve armies (the 5th and 16th) and hope your reinforcements from the Far East will arrive on time. Tips: Use & protect your Bm-13 Katyushas, they can help a lot. MissionSoviet2 (Leningrad41): (from KORONA) Our northern front has collapsed. Our forces have sought refuge in the great city of Leningrad but the Germans have cut it off from our lines and are laying seige! The only supply route is across the now frozen Lake Ladoga. You are being transfered to oversee the defenses. Keep the city monuments safe and maintain the supply route across the lake. NKL-26 snowmobiles are available to enable fast transport across the ice and snow. This map is not only a cool map but also very original compare to the usual missions. MissionSoviet3 (Stalingrad 42): (from Neo) The enemy is at the gates. The German 6th Army & 4th Panzer Army are ready to roll over Stalingrad. You have to defend the city with reinforcements coming from the north and across the Volga. The orders are simple: “Not one step backwards!” Tips: use your artillery to destroy the German Panzers when they get stuck on the minefields. MissionSoviet4 (Uranus North 42): (from Neo) Launch Operation Uranus against the north wing of the German front defended by the Romanian 3rd Army. Tips: Romanian troops can be defeated easily but beware of the German 22nd Panzer Division coming from the south-west to the rescue. The Il-2 ground attack aircraft will be very useful. MissionSoviet5 (Uranus South 42): (from Neo) This should be an easy one for the Red Army: Crush the Romanian 4th Army on the south flank. Bring the vodka comrade, the German 6th Army will be trapped in Stalingrad soon! MissionSoviet6 (Winterstorm 43): (from Neo) You have to counter the German rescue mission called Operation Winterstorm. For the Germans this is their last hope to save their 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad. Time is on your side. You’ll receive reinforcements from the powerful 2nd Guard Army soon. Tips: Just make sure your defense is solid between Stalingrad (up right) and the Von Manstein troops coming from the south. MissionSoviet7 (KurskNorth43): (from Neo) Kursk July 1943 the Germans launched Operation Zitadelle with the 9th Army trying to crush your 13th Army on the north front. You’ll have to face the latest of the Wehrmacht weapons including Tigers and Elephants. These panzers are monsters comparing to your T-34s 76mm and T-70s. Tips: The Elephants are vulnerable to infantry attacks, so build up infantry squads and keep them in reserve. MissionSoviet8 (KurskSouth43) (from Neo) You’ll face a tougher mission on the southern front of the Battle of Kursk. Von Manstein's Army Group South is better equipped than Model's Army in the north. 3 Panzer Corps are attacking including the 2nd SS Panzer Corps with 3 elite Panzer Divisions. Tips: Don’t waste your T-34s head to head against the panzers. Instead use flanks attacks when the enemy is deep in your territory. Use your ground attack aircraft wisely. MissionSoviet9 (Smolensk43) (from Neo) August 1943 the Germans have retreated from Kursk. Smolensk is the key to their defensive line for their stolen USSR territories. They built a very solid defense there…but you have to liberate the city and destroy their last hopes of a counter attack. Under your command: 15 armies from the Kalinin & Western Fronts including the new KV-85. Tips: be patient and conquer one piece of ground at a time using your artillery. Mission Soviet9B (Poland45): (from Neo) Poland winter 1945 your 2nd Guard Tank Army has the mission to destroy the 11th SS Panzer Division near a small polish village. This SS division having Kingtigers, you need to use all your best guns (IS-2, SU-100, T-34 85mm) to stop the enemy. This map is based on a previous 2 players version from Captain Miller. MissionSoviet9C (Berlin45): (from Neo) April 1945 You lead the Soviet spearhead of the 1st Belorussian Front. You have tons of tanks and troops to conquer Berlin, but you have to cross the Seelow Heights, the last major defensive line outside Berlin. Time is of the essence. You have to conquer Berlin before the timer expires otherwise Stalin may choose another General to lead his troops. Tips: Use your artillery and your aircraft to open a breech at the Seelow Heigths and be cautious, it is easy to lock yourself into a trap if you send too many tanks at same time through the enemy defensive line.
  22. Now for the Allies we have 2 missions: Allies at war MissionAllies1 (Africa 1941) : (from Neo) November 1941, Your British troops have to relieve the siege of Tobruk. Under your command: the British 8th Army including the famous Desert Rats Division. But be cautious, the Afrka Korps is commanded by Rommel, the Desert Fox. Tips: Your Matilda and Valentine tanks can challenge any Panzers... the only problem could come from the powerful German 88mm guns. Use your artillery to destroy these 88s and the victory should be yours General! MissionAllies2 (Normandy44): (from Neo) Normandy June 7th 1944 The Allies have landed & the Normandy Campaign has begun. This is a very special mission where you have to liberate villages like Cherbourg, St-Lô, Caen, Carentan, Douvres, Villers-Bocage and Bayeux using your American, British and Canadian troops. Your troops are delivered on the beach (some via these nice LST ships) Also you have naval support from the ships supporting your landings (a cool 3 in 1 weapons from Korona!). Tips: Use snipers to guide your naval guns to clean the bulk of the German divisions.
  23. MissionGerman5 (Moscow41) : (from Neo) November 1941 your 3rd and 4th Panzer Groups are ready to roll over Moscow. But time is playing against you. The Red Army is building up forces to launch a massive counter attack soon. Tips: Don’t waste too much time... rush to Moscow using your Stukas before the weather turns too cold. MissionGerman6 (Stalingrad42): (from Neo) The mission for your 6th Army: destroy the symbolic city of Stalingrad and secure the South Eastern Front. Under your command is the 24th and 14th Panzer Divisions, many infantry divisions, the Luftwaffe bombers and a big rail gun (the Dora) ready to launch its 800mm shells over the city. Tips: Capture the harbor as fast as you can and stop the Soviets from sending reinforcements by boat over the Volga. Use your Luftwaffe to destroy the artillery batteries over the Volga. Also: be patient, you have to pay for every piece of ground you gain but don’t waste too much time...on November the Reds could trap your 6th Army inside the city. Then your only hope will be to stop the Soviet’s Operation Ring while a rescue mission (Operation Winterstorm) is launched. MissionGerman7 (Citadel43): (from Neo) July 1943 You can crush the bulk of the Red Army with a massive force of Panzers including your new Tigers from the 2nd SS Panzer Corps. This is an ultimate battle where the Soviets have nothing left to loose. Tips: Make sure you use scouts (planes or snipers) to lead your advance into the enemy territory. You have to use to your advantage theTigers and Panthers long range guns. MissionGerman8 (Urals44): (from Neo) May 1944 This fictional scenario brings you over the Urals mountain range where the Soviet military industries are runing at full capacity. You have to capture Tankograd (the Chelyiabinsk factories), the Factory 183 at Nizhny Tagil and the SU-76 factory at Kirov. Tips: Make sure you build a solid defense to protect your train station before moving your troops to the east...you are into a no-man's land...only limited reinforcements will be possible since you are now 1800 miles (2900km) from Berlin. MissionGerman9 (Ardennes44): (from Neo) December 1944, the Soviets were defeated few months ago and now the Germans want to force the Allies to negotiate a peace agreement. This is why Operation Watch on the Rhine is launched. Your mission: destroy every fuel depot the Allies have and destroy the American and British divisions in the Ardennes. Tips: Don’t waste too much time because General Patton’s division could be sent to the rescue faster than expected.