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    Did We Ever Have That Blitz2 Tourny?

    Tournement by campaign mean each group (4 players each) have to play a game or more during a weekend. All games are 2 vs 2 but if, for a specific battle, 1 or 2 players are missing, the game can be played 1 vs 1. The goal is to conquer all the map, so a win or a lost in a specific battle is not the end of the world (but the defender will almost always have a better strategic position, so, for a city, conquer is harder than defense). Each player play on a specific campaign at the begining (France-Russia or Africa) but with troops progress some partnership can be done (russians and americans fighting together against germany in Berlin). So a big world map will be updated to show progress of every troops on the field each weekend.
  2. Neo

    Did We Ever Have That Blitz2 Tourny?

    OK FOLKS, i'm working on a special project, a tournement with 10 players: 2 with americans (1 start at D-Day in France and 1 in Africa); 2 with british (1 D-Day and 1 Africa); 2 Russians and 4 germans. City route by campaign: France: D-Day, Caen,Paris....Market Garden: Nijmegen, Arnhem....Ardennes...plus russian, African et german campaign. I'm working on D-Day and Caen map...africans maps are done...and Paris will be taken in the official map file. At the beginning the tournement will oppose different players in France, Russia and Africa. After that all will depends on troops progress. Defenders will almost always have better position to defend and, when this happen, allies will get twice the money the german have. (in fact, allies had a hard time to conquer big strategic points during ww2 but troops number ($) was in their favor). Before going farther on rules, i dlike to know if theres any kind of interest to play and to make some map... If things going well, it could start in 3 weeks from here and be played for some weekends.
  3. Neo

    Allies Overpowered?

    I have played it on 10K before, and from what I remember there weren't any spam problems. - Freedom My question is: Is it possible that with 10k the game take much more time, specially at the begining where players risk to be more ''turteling''? Is it possible that if a 50k cash make players more ''spasming'', at the same time that give both side faster promotions and, as result, produce a much shorter game?
  4. From my part, the biggest part of the fun to play BlitzII come from the realistic aspect of the thing. In real war (big battles), planes comes in large amount (50 or even 350 like in Okinawa battle). Here we have a very cool game with very restrictives maps for airfields area, trying to show some realism in planes attacks. So the point is: ratio! For instance when you get 4 airfields (16 planes) you have a lot...so how many AA must be builded to equalize that power. If the answer is a too much high unrealistic number, so you have an unbalance part of the game...
  5. Neo

    Allies Overpowered?

    I'm a newcomer in the Blitzkrieg's world and i'm playing only since 3-4 weeks, so i don't have enough experience to talk about that from the playing experience i've got. But, from a more scientific point of of view (noobs but not stupid ;) i made test to compare differents units between thems. Power, rate of fire and armor were considered. The time each unit takes to destroy a building (light factory) or a vehicule (dozer) give the TPM (total power measurement) and the time it takes to destroy that unit by a firepower, give his AM (armor measurement). The results (in seconds) for Allies and germans are: USA TPM AM 1) Pershing 16 22 2) Staurt Flamme... 17 1 3) Hellcat 32 1 4) Priest 39 2 5) Sherman upgraded 40 5 GERMANY 1) King Tiger 27 31 2) Hummel 28 4 3) Panzer IV 29 6 4) Panzer V (officer) 31 14 5) Panzer IV F2 35 8 6) Panzer III upgraded 36 6 7) Tiger I 37 24 ** In fact, the smaller TPM and the taller AM are the best. Some curious results: 1) Panzer IV (F2) is not stronger (power+ fire rate+armor) than regular Penzer IV (even a little bit weaker) 2) Panzer III upgraded is as strong as the Panzer IV and Panzer IV F2 3) Tiger I and Panzer III upgraded have the same fire power(armors are differents) 4) Stuart Flame thrower have the same fire power than the Pershing and the King Tiger (but less armor) It gives some answer? ;)
  6. Interesting discussion guys. For me, there's 3 important things about Germany in ww2: First you had a crazy, violent racist leader assisted by many crazy, violent, racist people (part of the army and the population); Secondo you have a lot of followers (army and population again) who didnt know really what kind of monster their leader was...But those people were coming from many years spend in the dust and desperately needed hope..so they were ready to listen anyboby talking about that; Third you have a big scientist communauty who were ready to gave a hudge high tech advantage to a rebuilding army to protect their country against their communists neighbour. So there’s always somebody to take advantage from hard times peoples are living and, in this case, the result was disgusting... But i make a difference between that and the brillant military strategy show on the battlefield.