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  1. If you want more factories and you dont play online, then the easiest way is to put some pre-build factories on a map!
  2. Neo

    Who Did It?

    Thre's some Dr.Shrinker maps on the pack and i know exactly what maps are from this great veteran mapper....duno for Hawk or Mac.....I think Egyptian Passage could be from Freedom but i'm not sure... :unsure:
  3. Neo

    Who Did It?

    Yes i got your email Raptor...your cool maps will be included in the description section!
  4. To killakanz: yeah killa I think the epic scale of this mod is now special. The team worked hard to give players the feeling of having to lead realistic units to the front line (many of these tanks created by a genuis named killakanz ;) ) To Raptor : none of the maps are removed because of the snow bug...so we still having time to solve this bug (btw it seems Raptor has 2 very cool maps in the next patch...more details soon) To you all: Just to let you know that this last patch should be the final touch to the evolution of this mod and i dlike to thanks sincerly my old friend Korona von Braun for all these hours he spend to work on this Blitzkrieg II product and all the magic he brings to the concept. Another great cheers to Dirty Harry for his amazing contribution to the gameplay. Not only this guy is now the best Blitz player of the world (until Abba come back from retirement :P ) but he is also brillant and fully dedicated to this mod. Finally, respect to all of you who worked hard the previous years in any part of the game: maps, units, special effects, audio, etc (one of my favorite part of this mod is the tank audio...mostly from Mandarax) Ok time to stop sucking balls... :lol:
  5. All these bugs are fixed for the maps for 3 players or more. All 2 players maps are removed cause they are now too small for the new weapons range.
  6. Neo

    Blitz Devellopments

    DH is right....were still busy but not dead...Lots of new stuff should be ready soon for a release. For the last months Korona "Von Braun" , Dirty "The Great" Harry, Comrade Raptorkov, myself we test these modifications and the result seems to be a step forward. About the maps im finishing a mission where Germans have to defend on 2 separated fronts fistly against the Soviets and later to defend the Rhine aginst the Allies. This mission is a nigthmare to make because all the options the player have (Invade the Soviet Union or not, defeat the SU or not before the Allies are landing, etc.). Stay tuned...
  7. Good joke brother Harry :lol: :) ...well... :huh: i mean .... :mellow: ...whats the meaning of the last sentence? :unsure: :o ...ok i think i got it
  8. Thanks for your comments BlitzIIFan, we appreciate it! In order: 1) We're happy you like our mixt of ww2 news and music. Tbh it took a huge amount of time to find these radio reports for every period of the war and make it fit with the tech tree upgrades. 2) About the AI so much was said about it during the last months including comrade raptor's post. Like he said the best way to feel the new air system is to be playing against human players. Another way would be to try the missions. Many of them having the AI using specific scripts to attack your troops (over 20 missions maps). Btw there should be a new patch release soon with new coop maps (some from Dirty Harry, some from me) or new missions maps with AI using air. 3)AI maps: In the next patch the AI will be implement on some of the maps, it wont resolve the AI problems you underlined but... 4) In conclusion thanks again for your comments, they are very useful for our crew. Korona, Dirty Harry, Raptors, myself and others are always open to moving forward suggestions
  9. Neo


    Welcome back home pinbag boy! Glad you like our new Blitz version! Hope to play you online soon! Just a warning...when you left Abba was the king of the battlefield...now the crown fit to Dirty Harrys head...never play him 1 on 1 unless you forgot what the word "rape" would means ;)
  10. Those who succeed to liberate Fascism from Eastern Europe can make post to show us WHEN you won (its hard to walk in Berlin before 1945) and WHAT strategy you used! For those who fail...don't worry...your just part of the 90% of the player who have to play it more than once to achieve their goal! (and btw, i succeed only in my 3rd try with a victory as late as may 1945 :P )
  11. Neo

    Off Topic: Personal Picture Thread

    I can confirm to you all: the Holland nuclear program is working... Only problem was they hired my lil brother Dirty Harry as scientist (their first mistake) and let them bring home some U-235 to play with (their second mistake). He did some tests in the backyard (thats where the name Operation desert sun come from) and I was one of his subjects for what he called "a cool experiment with minimal risk". Yes DH has changed my life and i'm so grateful and full of joy that my battle axe and me we would like to hold him in our arms.... If anyone have his new adress, it would be appreciated..... :ph34r:
  12. Neo

    Off Topic: Personal Picture Thread

    Yes it could be me but...No ...this is not me...I dont hold my battle axe with only 2 fingers...
  13. Neo

    Awesome Model Planes

    Impressive work....for a dentist! :P
  14. Neo

    Active Player List

    MSN: neo0691@hotmail.com
  15. Neo

    R3 Unit Losses & Changes

    Dear Count...first of all go and get installed your ZH cd and Blitz3....from there it will be a real pleasure for us to play with you online....and once this is done, maybe your nostalgy for these old units will disappear like smoke ;)
  16. About the info macho man put forward...these tests were conducted from a distance of 50 meters, so very close to the target. Most of the tank battles occurs at less than 1000m...closer to 500m..thats why we are using penetration from 500m. For the Pz 38(t) the penetration capability decrease greatly between 500m and 50m (can get through a 50mm armor plates at 50m but only through 36mm at 500m). Even the early T-34s had armor plates of 45mm (except for the top and bottom), wich is more than the 36mm the 38(t) gun can penetrate at 500m. Add to this the angle factor (T-34 front armor was at 30 degrees and the side at 45 degrees) and you have almost no chance that this Skoda tank can really damage a T-34 at 500m.
  17. To macho man: about the T-34 armor in game... The ZH engine doesnt allow us to use frontal, side or rear penetration values but instead a combination of these 3 values into a total HP artmor value. For tanks Logan and I have worked on tables where we used thickness + angle factor of the hull, super structure and mantlet on the front, rear and side part of every tank. For the T-34 (1940) this value is at 400. Armor type (light-medium-heavy-superheavy, etc) also add or substract a % of the attacking gun value). For the gun capabilities I used armour penetration tables at 0 degree with AP rounds wich are providing us values for a 100% hit. This value is used in the Korona "miss-hit" formula wich give the final output of a given gun. The Pz 38(t) and its 37mmAp round having a net value of 96. So this 96 weapon value compare to the 400 armor value of the early T-34 is not a match (even if any gun can have a lucky shot diseabling heavier tank).
  18. Even the best fall down sometimes! ;)
  19. Neo

    Game Lags

    Thanks for the comments Macho man...we appreciate....we spend so much time to make this new Blitz version something special... About the lagg factor i would add to the previous comments that many missions have much more units than any ZH missions have and have much bigger maps than most MP maps. So we are working here at the limit of the capabilities of the engine. I had to reduce the scale of the epic battles many times to make gameplay the more fluid as possible. So on these maps it is not recommended to select all the units you have on the map (double A) to attack at same time. Also, except for some specific missions (defensive missions like Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow) it is not recommended to use a more turteling tactict and build up too many units before launching your attacks. The engine having a maximum unit number it can deal with (around 3000 objects including all sides and civilian objects). So the more units you have on the map the more laggs you could experiment and the closer you are to the fatal error crash DH was talking about.
  20. Neo

    Approaching Storm

    Welcome back home soldier !
  21. Neo

    Operation Desert Sun

    Sounds very cool....just a question...horses are included or not? :)
  22. Be cautious with DirtyHarry's infinite wisdom and knowledge of the universe...While your looking in the direction he is showing to you, you could suddently get hit by the truck coming in from the opposite direction....In game he call it a "diversion tactict" ;)
  23. Neo

    Name Of Russian Songs?

    Hi, the song i used from the Red Army Choir are: Oh field my field, The partisan song, Moscow nights, The Cossacks, 2 different versions of the Sacred war and 2 more songs i forgot the names :)
  24. Neo

    Audio File

    It took me weeks to find, adjust and coordinate these radio news with the chronology of ww2 events. But sadly i couldnt found many news about the Soviets during ww2. All radio news from 1939-1945 covered all events on the west, in Africa and in Italy....but almost nothing was said about the Eastern Front (only a quick news about Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk)...it was a shame to ignore the Russo-German war because THIS was the war where everything was decided... This one said PM me and i'll send WINRAR files with these audio messages :)