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  1. Neo

    Soon Is Now!

    11 Soviets, 9 Germans, 2 Allies
  2. Yeah for some people the installation creates a new folder (for me it was a "program files" folder inside the ZH folder) wich makes the game to be installed inside the program file folder but outside the EA folder. So if you have this eror message check carefully where the game is installed. ;)
  3. Neo

    Soon Is Now!

    Congrats to all for the team effort....it was fun to work with you. With all the hours we spend on it during the last years, Korona and i are supposed to receive a huge amount of money from DS. So with all this cash im planning to take vacations and have a trip to....hold on, phone call....... "What are you saying?...Phoib took all the money?...Not even a peso left? ...So this means we worked for free?...When are we going to get paid for this?...What?....Volunteers my a**! ...hello?...hello? " ...line cut off.... Well it seems the nice vacations are canceled.... All i can say is : have fun folks!!!!! :)
  4. Neo

    Hang Tough

    Le Poisson was officially declared MIA for years...so welcome back home soldier! p.s. we accept donations even from the poors :P
  5. Hurray for killa and his Italian muppets.....Viva killa ! :)
  6. The vets know how fun it was when the Blitz machine was running at full speed...But this new car is running with a boosted engine...The best is yet to come...just try it you'll see it by yourself ! :)
  7. Neo

    The T-44

    At the end of 1944 the Red Army had hundreds of T-44s. They were operational and ready for action. They could have used them if they choosed to. So it makes this unit available and operational....much more than the Maus ;)
  8. Neo

    Favourate Tank Transporter

    Nice picks too killa ;)
  9. Neo

    Favourate Tank Transporter

    Nice pictures... :)
  10. Ok here's the best way to succeed step by step: First you have to make sure your units are not going to ....bah let it go...Better to wait the official release because this mission wont be available anymore.
  11. We are closer than ever to an official release...In this release you will be able to play against AI in skirmish games or trough the 20 missions available (11 Soviets + 9 Germans) ;)
  12. Neo

    Progress Update

    Wow! Nice building! Yeah these flak towers could be useful...we don't have many Berlin's building so far...
  13. Neo

    You're Not Dead

    Your right ;)
  14. Neo

    Progress Update

    No navy but.....there will be a mission where 980uj** dam keyboard...a mission in the pacific where (8&66**jngu..use korona new units.jjjjjjhs%$## i should really buy a new keyboard...in this mission we have ***(jjerdd marines and also....((**UHHH zero..LL)((** to defend the Guadal(**&YTT against the (*YYT%$#V$##@ japanese soldier(*887?## defending...(*!@\\ on the island...P-40 J87&&u
  15. Neo

    When Is 2.7 Released?

    About BM-13 accuracy.....for all artillery gun and rocket artillery i founded interesting datas and used them for the current units. So range, damage and accuracy are closer to real values now. Like Rapt said, Kats need to be used in group if you want to increase your chance to hit something...but once they hit something they hit it hard....like a superweapon. Kats range was also the shorter among all artillery units...in game you need to protect them very well and use it in a hit and run way... The American Long Tom has the top range among all artillery units. It can hurt the ennemy badly well behind his front line ;)
  16. Neo

    Who Still Plays?

    When these missions maps will be finished i could be back on the active roster....Would be cool to have some of the old dinosaurius like Dr. Shrinker and Abba back on the battlefield as well ;)
  17. Neo

    Progress Update

    Well...in fact Korona gave you a clue when he said :"I don't have the time to build an entire aircraft carrier, new planes and new infantry just for a joke" and also: "The models are real but the naval gameplay ain't " ...the truth is out there ;)
  18. Neo

    Evil Sister

    Whatever the number (v3.0 or v2.7), the new version will be very special compare to the old versions...and those who will survive to the long wait will cry tears of joy when they try it the first time :)
  19. Neo

    Thank You Derelict Studios

    OMG he's back!....And 2 days later a plane crash in the Hudson River not far from his home... Coincidence? Nah...We're under attack! Women and child first! Don't panic we have enough lifeboats... :P
  20. Neo

    Hi All Guess Who? Lol

    Welcome back Admiral, nice to see you still alive...Reports were your heavy battleship was sunk by an iceberg some 400 miles south of Newfoundland and resulting in the loss of 1500 people including yourself... But wait a minute, what was the ships name again? The Titamato...something like that? :unsure:
  21. Neo

    Thank You Derelict Studios

    Interesting comments DH....I would add this: From the begining so many people worked on this mod (Smurf, killakanz, Flyby, Biohazard, Dr Shrinker, Phoib, Logan, Korona and many others i forget...). So when i jumped in, it was already a cool ww2 mod. I was fortunated enough to work with Korona "von Braun" for the last 2 years. As leader of this mod he makes things happening in an unexpected way, always using his genious to find new effects, new units or even new ways to improve gameplay. During the last year we got precious help from different people like Logan (lots of researchs for historical datas about tanks and aircrafts plus mission scenarios), Flyby (was generous to allow us to use some elements of his amazing "1946" mod), Phoib (many new historical buildings plus advices and support), killakanz (was also very generous to let us use his cool tank models like the Churchill, Matilda, Valentine, etc) and others. Add to this all the beta testers input (DH is doin a hell of a job at doing detailed evaluation of every new mission and the whole gameplay in general), Raptor is now an important member of this team and provide important input about gameplay and units. I think i could say this mod is a good merge between history and gameplay and even before i join the team i was like you DirtyHarry, ready to pay to buy such a mod like this. The problem right now is that we still having new ideas almost every week (like the new aircraft system wich would be implement "soon") and consequently the public release is always pushed back again and again. I think we have to put a stop to the new ideas, wrap it up and have a release in the next 2 months. Anyway, Korona is having some good ideas to increase Blitz II exposure when the official release will be ready. So stay tune, the best is to come! :)
  22. Neo

    The Missions

    I forgot to mention that missions maps are much bigger than usual multiplayers maps. So it allow massive unit deployment on large front line and/or deep territories. But to make such big maps i had to save time and at same time get decent map layout. Thats why on some maps i used part of multiplayers maps (terrain, villages, etc) from the past versions. It could be the amazing village set up Dr Shrinker made on some of his fabulous maps or some set up from the old Challenge maps or even some maps used in the WWII experience.
  23. After some modifications on the mission lists, here are those who should be part of the official release: ALLIES 1- The Battle of Britain Your mission: Defend southern England including London aganst Luftwaffe bombing raids. Scripts are based on the daily targets followed by the Germans from august to october 1940. Counter on the screen let you know how much industrial ressources you have left. German targets worth between 1 and 3 points and you lose if counter reach zero. You win if you have ressources left when the last air raids are over. Difficulty rating: hard 2- Operation Crusader Your mission: Defeat Rommels Afrika Korps in North Africa in 1941 & relief the siege of Tobruk. You lead the British 8th Army including the powerful 7th Armoured Division (Desert Rats). You will have the opportunity to use killakanz's models: the Valentine & the new Matilda II. Difficulty rating: hard (Rommel is not really an easy prey :) ) 3- The Battle of Guadal Canal Your mission: Pacific theatre 1942, you have to protect the airfield on the island & defeat Japanes troops. This mission having Korona's models like the Japaneese soldiers, the Zeros, the American P-40 & an aircraft carrier to help to defend against Japs air raids. Difficulty rating: average. 4- The Normandy Campaign Your mission: Normandy June 7th 1944, one day after D-Day you have to conquer Normandy & defeat the German counter attacks. You lead US & British troops (and Canadians too ) and have to liberate 7 villages including St-lô, Villers Bocage (be careful, you could have to face German ace Micheal Wittman and his 101st Heavy tank Detachement) and the very well defended city of Caen. Difficulty rating: Average to hard. 5- The Battle of the Bulges Your mission: Belgium December 1944 Germans have launched their operation Watch on the Rhine. After few days they are now close to the Meuse River wich would be their last obstacle to reach the harbor of Antwerp. You have to hold the front line against Panzer Divisions attacks and wait for Patton's reinforcements. Difficulty rating: Average. GERMANS 1- The Battle of France Your mission: France 1940 You lead Army Group A trough the Ardennes and you push west to cut off and surround the Allies that have advanced into Belgium. You have to cross the Meuse at Sedan then defend against French conter attacks and finally defeat the BEF at Arras. Need some coordination but overall an easy mission to get things started. Difficulty level: easy. 2- Barbarossa- The crossing of the Bug River Your mission: June 1941 you have to cross the border between Germany and Soviet Union and secure the bridges over the river. Under your control the 3rd Panzer Division. Difficulty rating: easy. 3- Barbarossa- Supply lines July 1941 Soviets are defeated on every front and they desesperatly need to do something. Marshall Timoshenko launch his Mechanised Division against your rear to cut your supplies line. Your mission: protect this supply line and dont let your supplies counter reach zero or you lose. Difficulty rating: hard 4- Operation Typhoon October 1941 you have to capture all cities west of Moscow (destroy Lenin statues in every cities) before december 1st or the mission will be canceled. Under your command a powerful strength from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Panzer Groups. Difficulty rating: average. 5- The Battle of Moscow Leading the 3rd & 4th Panzer Groups you have to destroy the Moscow defense and capture the city. Not only you have to get trough the solid defense Soviets have builded but you also have to protect your rear (CC) against Soviets counter attacks. Difficulty rating: hard. 6- The Battle of Stalingrad You have conquered Moscow few months ago and the following spring Operation Blue was launched. The OKW has decided that Stalingrad has to be destroyed. More than ever Soviets need a victory to boost their moral. But Germans are ready to launch a massive air and ground attack supported by a 800mm railway gun: The Dora. Difficulty level: average. 7- The Battle of Kursk July 1943, Germans and Soviets have builded up armies for what could be a turning point in the war. With the losses of Moscow and Stalingrad and the failure of their Operation Uranus, it would be the last Soviet attempt to defeat the German war machine. On their side, German last victories boost the morale of their troops and a victory at Kursk could means the end of the Red Army. Difficulty level: hard 8- The Battle for the Urals June 1944 all Western USSR is under German control. But far to the east the Soviet military industries are runing at full capacity. Your mission: You have to destroy 3 military complex in the Urals: Tankograd in Chelyiabinsk (they just began producing the IS-2 heavy tank & the ISU-152), the factory no.183 in Nizhny Tagil (mass production of T-34 85mm) and the city of Kirov where they mass produce the SU-76. Difficulty level: hard. 9- Operation Watch on the Rhine Ardennes december 1944 Following their victory on the Eastern Front the Germans decided to mounted an offensive against the Allies Your mission: launch Operation Watch on the Rhine and capture the harbor of Antwerp & destroy every fuel depot If Allies are defeated they could be forced to negociate a peace agreement in Europe & Asia. Difficluty level: hard SOVIETS 1- The defense of Moscow Moscow november 1941, civilians and soldiers are preparing to defend the capital. Reinforcements from the Far East should arrive soon. Difficulty level: easy to average 2- The defense of Leningrad A cool mission made by Korona where you have to defend Leningrad against rushing German attacks. Many suprises on this mission including the NKL-26, an armoured aerosan (snowmobile) armed with a mg. 3- The defense of Stalingrad September 1941 Germans are invading the south of the city. Operation Uranus will be launched in few weeks but for now you have to stop the Germans and hold the city until timer reach zero. From the start you will have to survive massive He-111 bombing, artillery barrages including the Dora's 800 mm shells, & finally the ground assault on the southern part of the city. Difficulty : average to hard 4- Operation Uranus part 1 Russians troops have massed north and south of the besieged Stalingrad. On Uranus part 1 you have to start a pincer move to trap the 6th Army in Stalingrad by attacking the German northern wing: the Romanian 3rd army. Difficulty level: easy 5- Operation Uranus part 2 Same as the previous mission except you complete the pincer move and crush the Romanian 4th Army from the south. Difficulty level: easy 6- The Defense against Operation Winterstorm December 1942 you have to stop the Germans attempt to relieve the 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad Difficulty rating: average 7- The Battle of Kursk part 1 You have to defeat the German 9th Army on the Northern Front. Ferdinands and Tigers I are part of these Panzer Divisions. Difficulty rating: average-hard 8- The Battle of Kursk part 2 This time you have to face the best of the German ground forces qith 3 Panzer Corps including the powerful 2nd SS Panzer Corps. Difficulty rating: hard 9- The Battle of Smolensk After Kursk Germans were retreating west and Smolensk was a key network of railways and roads to protect. You get orders from Stalin to liberate the city using 15 armies to counter attack. Difficulty rating: hard 10- The Battle of Berlin The final chapter on the Russo-German war. Berlin is surrounded by Soviet troops and you want to capture the city before the Americans arrive. Difficulty rating: average.
  24. Neo

    Evil Sister

    Not only work continue but there new ideas every week to improve the product ;)
  25. Its not easy to find people to play with right now..but as soon as the new version will be available (around Christmas time or new year day) , it should be much easier. So be patient i think it will worth the wait... ;)