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    I Have Questions!

    There will be between 5 and 10 missions per side Missions
  2. Neo

    The Missions

    Well, at first it was supposed to have between 10 and 15 missions for every faction (here is a list of missions unfinished because it would take too much time to finish or simply scratched because they were not fun: Soviets: the second battle of Stalingrad, IL-2 mission after Kursk, Operation Bagration, IL-2 mission at Sevastopol....Germans: Operation Sealion, Luftwaffe bombing raid against soviet airfields, the second battle of Stalingrad, Operation Winterstorm, The Battle of Kharkov, the Defense of Normandy on D-Day...Allies: The Dunkirk evacuation, Operation Torch, an Italian campaign, The liberation of Paris, Operation Market Garden and The Remagen bridge. So we think it would be more appropriated to have less mission and have a release sooner :)
  3. Neo

    Evil Sister

    About the Stalingrad mission Korona was refering to, it will be splited in 2 seperated missions. The first one begining on august 1942 will be a tough one with the player having to hold the city despite massive German air bombardements, artillery barrage (including Dora the monster) and finally the assault from the German 6th Army and 4th Panzer Army. The second Stalingrad mission will start with the first snow on mid october and last until Operation Uranus is launched (wich will be the scenarios for the 2 following missions). Comrades, the sky is dark over Stalingrad...open your umbrella... its raining bombs ;)
  4. Neo

    Blitzkrieg Minimods

    Without killa, making war would be far less pleasant ! :)
  5. I have no problem with that :)
  6. Neo

    Fictional German World War Ii Tank

    Reaper, if you're interested by German super heavy tanks you should read about the E-100, the Tiger-Maus panzer. This tank was more than a paper project... Flyby builded a nice E-100 model sometimes ago :)
  7. Neo


    Wont be easy to find someone to play with till the official release....But welcome onboard Panzergrenadier! B)
  8. Neo

    The Panther Tank

    Like Phoib said, in the new release units will have many new "realistic" values. Korona and i worked on a new system where units have specific values according to historical datas. For instance your Panther will come in 2 models. One close to the "D" model and another one close to the "G" model. Of course, like Flyby said, this game is not a ww2 simulator. But values like production cost, building time, speed, turret speed, weapon range, ROF, armor, etc are giving units an appropriated weight in the balance of power (i forgot the new projectile system Korona has implemented: guns having chances to miss target or at the opposite, score a critical hit even on bigger tanks ). And no, in the new version the Soviets AFV dont have better range (excepted for the ISU-152 and the IS-2). Most of the Soviets armour units having average range, good armor and usually a slow ROF. Thats why their efficiency is much more related to their number than to individual caracteristics. Cheap production cost and quick build time is very helpful here. For sniper tanks like the Panther and the Tiger its very different. These powerful units having longer weapon range and cost much more than Soviets AFV. So they have to be used carefully with cheaper supporting units. So its just a matter of time before you see it by yourself
  9. No but there will be lots of missions where the player have to stop asking stupid questions and just fight the enemy!
  10. 6 Axis missions are ready plus 1 more not completed yet
  11. EA suggest 256 Mb free ram for ZH....i would say 500 Mb is the minimal requirement for Blitz and 1 Gb (1000 Mb) would be perfect for multiplayers games.
  12. All following missions are depending on the success of current mission, that's why we have to win every mission to move to the next one. Having Axis wining or being defeated in a single battle in Africa wouldn't have change anything. At the opposite, if Germans are defeated in France in 1940, it would have a great impact on the following events and the player can't launch operation Barbarossa. Good try anyway <_<
  13. Nope....Missions are not a re-write history type...Missions are related to historical events in wich the player have to win the same way the country have won more than 6 decades ago. Only exception will be for the Germans where they have to win the battle of Moscow in 1940 (not an easy mission i must admit it). But the Afrika Korps will be in. One of the mission having the player to lead the Desert Rats against Rommel hells boys ;)
  14. Yeah it took me much more time than anticipated to make these missions maps (up to now 6 German mission+ 1 Allies are completed....Allies having 3 more missions to be completed and soviets 4). During that time Korona is working on new stuff and he is improving what we have already (like the aircrafts gameplay).
  15. Ask Korona about aircraft carriers :ph34r:
  16. Neo


    Sorry kids but you'll have to wait the missions maps are over. Until then ffa maps ideas are welcome. Raptor ask me for an all Germany map wich is an interesting idea...Still open to any suggestion as long as we speaks about historical maps :)
  17. To miko898: concerning update i would say Korona and i have focus on aircrafts for now. Korona works to make them even more realistic are giving good results up to now. The allies first mission (Battle of Britain) should give you good opportunity to experiment a new gameplay in air battles. To finish with the updates i would say the Battle of Britain is over and the Battle of Guadalcanal have just begun
  18. Neo

    He 162

    Bob, the idea behind the challenge maps was to give the player a particular experience about ww2 reality by creating an environnement related to specific period and on a particular theatre of war. But the new tech trees we have and the new units included allow the player to get the "challenge" feelings while playing regular online games. So basicaly there wont be challenge maps anymore, not the way they were made. But there will be some maps that i would call "Battles maps" using very detailled datas about historical contexts and where you can use pre-builded units. So you begin the game with an army but at the opposite of the challenges maps, you can follow all the tech tree to improve and upgrade your technologies like if it was a regular game. Battle maps will include: Eastern front 1943, Stalingrad 1942, Berlin 1945, etc. Right now lots of energy are put in the making of missions maps but the multiplayers games still the best way to have fun day after day cause no AI or set up would never replace the unpredicteable nature of the human brain (except 1 or 2 players i wont name here, who used always the same turtling tactict when they played...but this was long time ago....DrShrinker & Abba should remember them too :lol: )
  19. Neo

    He 162

    In fact, we could have as many missions as we want. All depends on Mr Time and Mr Korona Von Braun. A release in june and a release in september would make a big difference on what mission could be included or not. Also, missions are very different from each other. Their difficulty level is based on history. The Battle of France and Barbarossa stage 1 could be considered as easy ( you can't choose the difficulty level). At the opposite the Battle of Moscow is not as easy... Game lenght could also vary from 30 min to 90 min depending the mission. So the number of missions per side do not represent exactly the total hours of play with every faction. For instance the Battle of Britain (player defending the island as British) could be a long game if the RAF is defeated and air superiority allow the German invasion troops to land in UK.
  20. Neo

    He 162

    Just to let you know whats hapening with the missions: Germans: 1) The battle of France 1940: Follow the manstein's plan and force allies to retreat and surrender 2) Barbarossa I: Air mission, the Luftwaffe bombing Soviet targets near the Russo-German border 3) Barbarossa II: First Panzer division crossing the Bug river. 4) Barbarossa III: Protecting the supply line against Timoshenko counter attack. 5) Operation Typhoon I: The capture of the cities near Moscow including the Mozhaisk line. 6) Operation Typhoon II: The Battle of Moscow 7) The battle of Kursk: A final Soviet counter-attack at Kursk (fiction) Soviets: 1) Leningrad (Korona map) 2) Moscow defense 1941 3) Stalingrad 1942 4) The Battle of Kursk (Pivac map) 5) The Battle of Berlin Allies 1) The Battle of Britain: Air mission to defend Great Britain in 1940. RAF vs Luftwaffe 2) Africa 3) Air mission in the Pacific. USA vs Japan 4) D-Day 1944 Hope i dont forget any mission...
  21. Neo

    R3 Mapping Guide

    Universaali, if i understand what you want, you want a multiplayer map where you get pre-builded units or buildings from the start? 1) Edit/ Player list 2) Choose New player 3) Select "civilian" as faction for this new player 4) Set name: choose any name (Bozo) and replace the 0001 by this name. So you have "playerBozo" 5) Click "set name" 6) Click ok 7) Put any buildings or units on the map and select "teamplayerBozo" on the object properties. 8) Make a script: If true....Player/transfer/transfer assets from one player to another player/ All assets of playerBozo are transfered to player0 (if its a 2 players map you have to make this script for player0 and player1...3 players: player0, player1, player2 etc). NB You also have to make all these optional scripts diseabled and depending the starting location of every players, you enable the right scripts. Good luck!
  22. Neo


    We already have these big Mouses, Tigers, Panthers, Elephants, Dragons.... :unsure: huh... is Biohazard still alive?
  23. Neo


    Just to let you know that i'm working to add pets on some maps. Up to now we have (thanks Korona for help) cats, dogs, cows and horses (no, dogs wont carry explosives forget it..but horses could tow guns). So during games, between 2 battles you can feed these pets (only specific maps will have these pre-builded pets). The more you feed them the more chance you can "control" them. For instance you could use cats and dogs for scouting, horses for towing and cows for... :unsure: well we dont know yet so we are open to suggestions. If you have any other suggestions about any animals involved during ww2, we could add it to the gameplay.