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    Water Works

    Not sure a real game is the only way to show the best from this product. Scripting scenes with specifics units, specifics moves at specifics camera angles would give the best result i think. To be attractive a video has to show quickly all the advantages of this game with impressive footages from the battlefield. A mixt of real game and scripted scenes seems to me the most appropriated.
  2. Well, tbh the previous fuhrer had so many things in common with the real one...It makes this experiment so realistic and at same time so complicated <_< . But overall i think it was a cool experience where many things were learn from.
  3. Is leonlim007 is the new Abba's name? Abba, is that you? I tought you were KIA in one of your trip in the Middel east :unsure:
  4. Neo

    More Updates

    Oh what a sunny afternoon! 2 thumbs up err von Braun! ;)
  5. Neo

    Status Update

    Hey Mr. 48....Could you believe that 177 millions people could see their land invaded, their cities destroyed, their families and friends exterminated without attempting some sabotage against the intruders? :P
  6. Neo

    Status Update

    Welcome to you Apoco! This 2.7 version (or simply v3) has so many new tools..and time saved from the old boring guarrisoning will be used to keep the focus on the battlefield :)
  7. Neo

    0's Thread

    I love big winter maps..good job Rapt! Maybe your starting positions could be on the left and right ends of the map to make sure players use all the map.
  8. Neo

    New Allied Afvs

    killa + KoronaVB = mc2............You rock guys!
  9. Neo

    Ok, For Those With An Iq Above 120

    Btw IQ is a weak attempt to measure intelligence. For instance creativity, character, personality play an important role in what we call "intelligence" but they are not included in IQ tests. And like Albert said: "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"
  10. Don't worry Windows V, Firestorm (or Feuerstorm or Fuhrerstorm) is not always easy to follow :P
  11. Neo

    Ok, For Those With An Iq Above 120

    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." -Albert Einstein
  12. Hey Blitz fans... Do you realize how good is this Korona Von Braun? It take much more than one day to make all these cool buildings!
  13. Here's an "aerial photo" from this 4 players map. This map is a mixt of challenge and regular maps. It has the same size of the popular "Europe Shrinker " map. Speaking of Doc, i've included on the map some of his nice little cities. Also, every side have his specific particularities. France/USA: Start in France with tanks like the Somua, Renault 35 (new Korona unit) and old units like the FT-17 and Char 2c. Also, they have units in North Africa (Morocco and Algeria) and in Poland (squeezed bewteen the faschists and the communists) . In France they have their Maginot line to protect against their bad neighbors... In Africa they are facing Italians under Axis player control. Axis: Start in Germany with panzer II, III, IV and 38(t). Germany had invaded Czechoslovakia and are close to take control of Hungary and Romania. The first player to garrison the flashing building of Romania or Hungary get control of their armies. The oil fields from Hungary and Romania are very important for German economy (yes oil derricks can be captured). The axis player own the Italian army and control Tunisia and Libya. Italian troops in Africa have the frenchs troops on their west side and the British player on the east side. British: Start in Egypt with light tanks and some Churchills (new killakanz unit). They have access to Irak and Iran's oil field. Their strategic location make it easy to conquer all Africa against Italians and French troops. On the first stage of the war problem could come from the East (USSR) or if Germany decide to send his Afrika Korps down south! Soviets: Start in Moscow. At start they have the biggest army of the world. Tons of T-26 and Bt-7 can make damage if Staline decide to invade his neighbors. But the Soviets had some communication problems during the early years. The chain of command had some problems and communication between division wasn't easy...thats why during the first 10 minutes of the game soviets don't have access to their radar. Also, they cannot build the T-70 at start, this light tank will be available when the T-34 will. This leave the Soviets without tank production until they start their T-34 mass production. The Caucasus oil fields (Maikop, Grozny, Baku) is a very important ressource for the soviets. Having this area massively bombed could hurt their economy. This map could be available for 2.7 with all the new Korona's tech tree!
  14. It's funny how history is sometimes different from what we have in mind. I was among those who believed Soviet architecture was ugly, dirty and anything but nice. In fact, many USSR cities had nice buildings with surprinsingly nice urbanism design. Take a look at the nice city of Stalingrad before Germans destroyed it...It wasn't exactly how i thought a rough industrial city looks like in USSR in 1942..!
  15. Like Korona said tanks will have their realistic values about ROF (a Panzer IV ausf D wilth a 4.5 second delay between every shot compare to 10 seconds for a T-34-76 model 1941!) but also longer weapon range (the same values tested in the ww2 Experiment with sir Abba and Dr. Shrinker). In fact the new chart Logan and i worked on sometimes ago will be used. Add the fact Korona reduced the "shroud clearing range" to the "vision range" value and we now have units who shoots from a longer distance (increase of 50%) but need more scouting than before because the reduction in the shroud clearing range (-25%). So having more Soviet tanks than your German opponent will be a must if you want to survive in the steppes! ;)
  16. Not really...only the new Renault R-35 ;)
  17. No From Norway, Romania had a small army (few tanks +infantry) but they can join the war on your side if you capture one of the Romania "flashing" building. Same thing with Hungary. But chances are these 2 countries will join the Axis forces because the German player is very close and should normally garrison the Hungary and Romania buildings first!
  18. Derelict Noob alias Raptor thanks to notice every little english mistake i could make in every post, i really appreciate it. Now could you tell me if there's a mistake in the following sentence: Fuck you noob and get lost you asshole!!
  19. ... and one vote for "Europe under fire"... but wait...why your word "Fire" begin with a capital letter? Don't tell me it means Firestorm? :o Omg i can't imagine an Europe under Firestorm (or Feuerstorm or whatever).... This is not an end of the world map! :P
  20. Raptor....ask those who played in the tourney last year
  21. :lol: yeah it remember me something....
  22. Another "guess that plane" topic... the winners gona have the choice between the following prizes: 1) To be Abba's guest in Toronto for 1 week all expenses included (weed not included) 2) To be Neo's guest at the french fries international congress in Belgium 3) A dinner with Phoib and his girlfriend in Moscow 4) A week end for 2 in the mysterious Blitz volcano located in Yamato secret island 5) Free holidays in California at Nukesforbreakfast house (only condition will be to help Nuke with his studies all summer long) 6) A pass for 1 week at the Korona von Braun science center in England 7) Dr Shrinker old WOW cd 8) The right to drive the "banmobile" for 24 hours 9) A guided tour with killakanz in Irak (one way ticket) 10) The satisfaction of having guessed right
  23. Neo

    Kenyan Court To Rule On Jesus

    Are you really sure he's the only one? ;)
  24. Neo

    What Do You Drive?

    I remember when Dr Shrinker, Abba and me were Blitz addict and play almost everyday....our lifes were so link to ww2 reality that Doc compare our vehicles to ww2 vehicles....at this time he told us his car was (almost) a tank, my Jeep was compare to a....Jeep...and Abba vehicles to a troop transport (Abba takes the bus) :P
  25. Just to let you know that Korona and I are preparing special Germans missions available with the 2.7 release. A serie of 8 or 9 campaigns/operations will be available and will get trough some of the important battles from 1940 to 1944. 1940: The Battle of France (Mission:conquer Holland, Belgium and France) *Completed 1941: Operation Barbarossa (Mission:conquer Western Russia) * Completed 1941: The Battle of Moscow (Mission:Stop Soviet counter attack near Moscow) *Completed 1942: Operation Blue (Mission:take control of the southern Russian steppes into the Caucasus and capture some obectives) 1942: Operation Winter Storm (Mission: rescue the 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad) *Completed 1943: The Battle of Kursk (Mission: defeat the Soviet armies in the Kursk area.) *Completed 1943: The second Battle of Stalingrad (Mission: retake Stalingrad) 1944: The Battle of Leningrad (Mission: capture the city of Leningrad) *On progress 1944: The second Battle of Moscow (Mission: capture the city of Moscow) 1944: Operation Sealion 1944 (Mission: invasion of England) *On progress Up to now 5 missions are completed...stay tuned :ph34r: