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    Germans Missions

    Oh and btw, these type of missions are very particular....the most important thing now is less "micromanagement" than "macromanagement"... :P
  2. Neo

    Guess These Tanks

    You almost got it Joker...but take a look to the haircut carefully and check the boots... i would say it is an "Abbakampfwagen Ausf.B" used mainly during ww2 to supply weed to the frontline troops. This model was used by many countries until this year. I think they have one in Toronto and it still working. Oh and the animal below is a donkey!
  3. Neo


    -Or30 It's been that way from a long time!
  4. Neo

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    War is over soldier....be happy! Would you like a seat at the United Nation instead? ;)
  5. BBC Breaking news: Intense negociations between Germany, USSR, Great Britain and USA have lead to a ceasefire. According to these informations Germany would retreat troops from USSR but keep control of all Poland, Ukraine and half of France. German troops would withdraw from Belgium and Holland. Japan and USSR would be close to a treaty but it seems a little harder about the Japan-China- UK situation. Finally negociations for Africa are not over yet. If these informations are true the world war could be over soon and Roosevelt would had succeeded in his attempt to keep USA away from this world conflict. We have a first comment from a British politician in London: "Well, like her majesty said to our prime lately: Oh my god, the barbarians are knocking at our door, Winston move your big a.. hum...do something!" From Britain we also have a short comment from De Gaulle :"Français, ne nous laissons pas enculer par les Boches!" To all of you who followed this drama almost on a day to day basis despite all the horrors of the war, despite all the violence, despite all the hate and fear between nations, i want to thank you for your support. You kept alive your hope for peace and it seems that you were right...we are very close to stop this bloodbath. May peace prevail for the next 1000 years!
  6. Neo

    Stop Complaining About The Ai

    Like Raptor said, scripted map can let you play against AI. I'm planning to make some mission maps on different theatres. Up to now the "Operation Winter Storm" is almost finished and 2 other mission maps should be ready "soon" . One of these maps called "From Paris to Berlin" let the player lead Allies troops from France to Berlin starting on december 1944. I'll make a post about it when these 3 maps will be completed....Stay tuned you all AI fanatics! :ph34r:
  7. Neo

    Blitz Is "dead"?

    Nice job as usual Korona von Braun! And about the fact both sides could have white units.... just simulate the "Greif operation" during the Battle of the Bulges :P
  8. Here it is.... Maps are from Pivac (Kursk mission), Dr. Shrinker (Africa maps) and me. Get the file here
  9. Neo

    Blitzkrieg Video

    Phoib could do it! ;)
  10. Dear comrade Raptor...if you want to write a book about your relationship with Abba it's up to you....but could you write your novel elsewhere cause this topic is exclusively for what is related to the ww2 experiment stuff. Thank you! * The Supreme High Command Headquarter is watching you... :ph34r:
  11. NEWS FROM AFRICA Operation Crusader still going on and once again the Desert Fox found a way to stop the charges of the Desert Rats! The 7th British division had to retreat despite their numerous superiority in tanks (188 vs 44). Overall The British have 129 tanks left in Africa compare to 217 for the Axis including units from the 132nd Italian division. In the last month the British had lost 362 tanks in Africa and Europe and now they are facing a major landing operation from the Germans. Is the Britts were too audacious with their landing operation in France and Germany? Many observers think so...In this case we could say the same thing with Sealion... For many Germany is taking too much risks to launch such operation and the opening of a third front seems to be suicidal...unless the German High Command see the Eastern Front like a war already won!....In this case many could have bad surprises soon! ;)
  12. Propaganda! In fact the Germans troops postponed Sealion because of bad weather....the Battle of Britain II should happen soon...as soon as the weather will allow the landing and as soon as we find where Allies generals are hidden...ooops! :mellow:
  13. We are proud to announce to the people of our Motherland that comrade Raptorokov was named General of the 27th Mechanised Corps by the Supreme High Command Headquarter. The 27th is located in the Rostov area and is mission is to protect the Stalingrad area and the Caucasus oil fields. This nomination will take effect on this november 18th 1941. Not a step back!
  14. - Kaiser Yes Kaiser your idea is good but to keep things simple we have these rules for landing maps: * After 30 minutes of play in a landing map a new script start and as soon as Germans don't have at least one unit in Britain, the game is over and the landing failed. * We also have rule concerning the Luftwaffe strenght during Sealion. Germans had the choice to call back Luflottes from the Eastern Front or launch Sealion with minimal air support....they chooses the first option. *Add the fact the Luftwaffe airfield is far from action and have to travel longer distances to reload...
  15. - Korona Speer Ioseph could have the same "oignon" costume when all the naz will walk on the Moscow streets as POW... We can organize an oignon parade with all the German generals dressed with the same oignon kit :P
  16. Neo

    Another Shellmap

    Cool vid Raptor! ;)
  17. GERMANS INVADED DEMYANSK AREA It was a clash of titans...a 3 hours game where the Wehrmacht launched his 149 Panzers against the 7th Mechanised Corps and his hords of light tanks. During the early part of the battle the Soviet defense had stoped every Germans attacks and the Hurricanes succeeded to provide decent air support to the Red Army. But when the last British fighter was shot down, the Luftwaffe took control of the sky and the FW-190 attacked Soviets defense and help ground units to break trough the front line. Having nothing to lose the Soviets launched a massive counter attack to bleed the Panzer divisions deep in their territory. This tactict worked so well that these elements from the 7th break trough the German defense and reach the Wehrmacht HQ where they destroyed most of the armour units Germany had in reserve. But without air support it was a suicidal mission. Light tanks and infantry from the 7th were destroyed by the Luftwaffe raids and infantry assault. With only 5 tanks left at the end of the battle, the Wehrmacht has paid a very high price to conquer Demyansk area...but now the powerful 26th Mechanised Corps and Archangel LLA harbour are separated from Moscow. Our reports from Berlin talks about mixed feeling upon German Generals...during the last weeks the Wehrmacht had lost much more tanks than they can build. After the siege of Leningrad, Demyansk is the second battle where the Whermacht lose all his tanks. From Moscow Uncle Joe was proud of men from the 7th MC..."They gave their life for the Motherland and destroyed 2 tank divisions". The "Not a step back" tactict still prevail, the main goal for Soviets being to bleed the German Army every time theyattack the Soviet front line. But once again the main factor for the German victory at Demyansk was the Luftwaffe...up to now the German air superiority made all the difference!
  18. NEXT BATTLES ON NOVEMBER 11th 1941: 1) Operation Sealion: Germans attack from Dieppe to Portsmouth: -Germany: Stug Abt.666 and the 22nd Panzer Division -U.K. : Coastal defense no armour support Germans attack from Hamburg to Dover -Germany: Stug.Abt.201 -UK : 42nd Division 2) Operation Crusader British attack from Sidi Omar to Bir El Gobi - UK : 7th Armoured Division (The Desert Rats) - Germany:21 Panzer Division 3) Eastern Front Germans attack Demyansk from Vitebsk - Germany: 17th & 18th Panzer - USSR: 7th Mechanised Corps -
  19. The Germans threaten to invade Great Britain. If they do so they will be driven out by our Navy, our Army and our Air Force. Yet the ordinary men and women of the civilian population will also have their part to play. keep calm and report anything suspicious quickly and accurately; deny useful things to the enemy such as food, fuel, maps or transport; be ready to block roads — when ordered to do so — 'by felling trees, wiring them together or blocking the roads with cars; to organise resistance at shops and factories; and, finally: "THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. BUT THINK ALWAYS OF YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE YOU THINK OF YOURSELF".
  20. In fact, from the begining of this experiment, we had to take some Blitz units and give them specific values as a simulation of the real unit. For instance the Easy Eight has the Valentine values (armor, weapon, speed, etc) and we use it until we get a real Valentine model.... Same thing with the Italian unit for wich we use (up to now) units in replacement of the Carro Armato M13/40. From the begining of this experiment Korona worked hard to make new models: BT-7, T-26, T-60, Pz III ausf L, Marder II, captured T-34, captured KV-1, T-34 with winter camo. The Pz IV ausf F1 and F2 models should be ready soon. To help with new models a second great modeler should finish new models soon...stay tuned ;)
  21. People from UK were shocked to learn that Germany were just few hours away to land on Britains beaches. At a London railway station, arriving troops pass by children who are being evacuated to the countryside.
  22. JOIN OUR PATRIOTIC WAR OF LIBERATION Those who wish to join the Red Army and fight against the faschists are welcome. Our enemy is cruel and implacable. He is out to seize our lands, watered with our sweat, to seize our grain and oil secured by our labor. He is out to restore the rule of landlords, to restore tsarism, to destroy national culture and the national state existence of the free peoples of the Soviet Union. But togheter we can stop this ennemy and save the motherland ! Terms of engagement: 1) Follow and succeed the special training provided by the Party 2) Follow orders of battles issued by the General Secretary of the Party 3) Not a step back
  23. Bah we don't mind about paint jobs on our tanks considering their short life span (new paint job on a Soviet tank can last for the next 3 months...wich is 3 times longer than the tank's life span) ^_^