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  1. In fact ironduke we already have these supreme commanders who d├ęcide who fights and where...The management of these "Guest" generals is not very complicated as long as they follow their orders of battle ;) And if they quit they quit they would be replaced (or not) by another "guest" general :P Generals can discuss strategy with their supreme commander but at the end the sup com get the last word!
  2. Last night the 17th and 18th Panzer crossed the Dvina river at Vitebsk. They encountered unexpected resistance from the infantry and artillery batalions defending the area. The Wermacht lost 17 tanks and 7 are under repaired (see divisions details link on the first post). Army Group Center has now 4 Panzer divisions with a total of 478 tanks and they are now at less than 400 km from Moscow. In the wide Moscow area (including cities near by) the Red Army has 626 AFV (mostly light units). Army Group North has 423 panzers against 585 Soviets AFV including the powerful 26th Mechanised Corps (110 T-34, 23 KV-1, 43 Valentines+light tanks). Rumors were that Army Group North could attempt to move to Archangel area to stop the Lend lease aid....On the Soviet side there was a rumor that Leningrad (now St-Petersburg) could be under siege soon.... :ph34r: Photo below showing German troops slowed down by november mud near Vitebsk.
  3. - Dr Shrinker And a new conscript could join his comrades soon: the new Nukesforbrakefast with his new pc and a good internet connexion...maybe Lurz or Tybo could join the Germans....then we could have some match ups between rookies ;) Also Stumpster is available but i guess he wants to play for zee Germans ???
  4. When asked by reporters if he had heard the latest UNS news concerning von Abba's statement, this man answered this: "This clown makes me laugh...he has no idea what's going on and I doubt we should wait any Japanese attack before starting our big war machine!" And he finished with this: "If you see him, tell Mickey Mouse to be prepared...the British attack was just a warning"
  5. He uses the technique of repetition to very good effect ;)
  6. BBC NEWS UPDATE: BRITISH MINISTER SPEECH FOLLOWING MILITARY OPERATION IN EUROPE: "We shall go on to the end, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; anywhere we can find these dam fascists! 2 weeks ago we successfully launched operation : "Hit and run" against German troops in northern France and Germany. Many thought it would be impossible to accomplish, but we did it...our troops landed in Germany and kicked many faschists ass. Yes my dear friends, now these bastards know we are a real threat for their reich...they know we gonna fight them on the beaches again and again until our final victory!"
  7. New units on the Eastern Front: Following the capture of Leningrad (now St-Petersburg), Korona Speer moved to the city to make sure the tank factory can produce T-34 and KV-1 On the other side of the front line the Soviets Mechanised Corps are prepared to defend the new Staline line and maybe evn launch some surprise counter attack... Since june 22nd the Soviets had lost more than 6,000 tanks, mostly light and obsolete tanks like the BTs and the T-26. Screen shot below shows this T-26 and the new T-60, a small tank with a 20mm canon, both being easy preys for Panzer III, IV and the StugIII. Only hope for the Soviets is the T-34 production from Urals...
  8. Your right, Bob can select his prize too..same with Korona and Logan but Abba told me he doesnt have enough weed for everybody... Doc changed his mind and could keep his WOW cd....Korona decided to visit his own Science center and close doors to the public because he doesnt want communist spy to steal the German science...and Phoib said he could be too busy with some "internals affairs" with his girlfriend in Moscow....Oh and also the visit in Irak would be without killa cause he is not really interested to open a travel agency over there.... And finally Yamato added a condition to reveal where his secret island is located: to sign in his ww2 tourney (you know his tourney with the strategy and all the numbers but without any game played?). Congrats to all winers anyway! :D
  9. You are one of the winners FECrtn2, congrats! (see details about these aircraft on the picture). Now you can select your prize :) Question for the experts now: what is the aircraft in the background on the first photo? <_<
  10. Was it possible to resign from the Wehrmacht without having to talk to your gestapo's buddies? Bye bye Dirty Harry, the men in black should ring at your door soon...run Forest run! :ph34r:
  11. -Reginon Don't know if this Macchi or something operated successfully or not in North Africa...but one thing is sure, it probably did better in combat situation than you do in aircraft guessing situation! :lol:
  12. ...doesnt worth all the useless space it would take to make atlantic ocean on scale er von firestorm
  13. And one more guest to the Nuremberg trial...if he survives till then... ;) And Reginon, ask Abba if you want to join Italian troops....I'm not recruiting for the faschists!
  14. Great Stump your timing is good, we're recruiting... we need fresh blood at the front line to stop the faschist! :ph34r: To Kaiser: duno what problem you have with the map soldier...About Italian force they are now under German control but it would be cool having somebody else to control them ;)
  15. No Abba... at best you could be saved from death penalty at Nuremberg trial...but i don't think you can escape from your destiny ;)
  16. First Bob jumped in the Allies leading team and now Phoib just let him know he could join the staff team soon? The promotion's week for Bob! ;) Btw your suggestion about supply lines vs amount of cash at start (we usually start with 30k) is very interesting and make sens!
  18. -Reginon Coast is about 100 km north of Hamburg and there are larges beaches in the Cuxheaven area (real name). British and Canadians landed with the 42nd armor division (190 tanks). In the process they lost all their tanks due to massive aerial bombing even after all the German defense was destroyed. We know that the Stug Abt. 201 will attack Allies at Hamburg next week (next turn). To see how many armor units every division has you can now check on the first post, there's a "Division details" file available -Bob Korona did a huge job with rules and new units (T-26, captured T-34 and maybe soon a Germanised version of the KV-1! ). Also Abba worked hard to improve the rules, he's taking the Fatherlands interest very seriously :P and Dr Shrinker just jumped in and is already shaking the third reich by his audaciuous moves :D And finally, Welcome on board Bob! ;) -Flyby Your right, the landing part of this tourney is new and we are working on it to make it the more realistic as possible and at same time, simple and fun to play. Up to now many elements are not taken into considerations like: U-boats attacks against ships from USA, Allies long range bombing raids, supply lines exposing their flank to opponent defense, etc. We have specifics rules for supply lines (by road or by train) but maybe the rules about supply lines by sea could be improved (chances are Korona Speer will find a genuis solution to this ;)
  19. He really makes me think about somebody i've played against lately.....can't remember who...
  20. -ironduke57 Soviets just received the first armor units from UK: 43 Valentines. Also, the first Hurricanes arrived in september and now most northern cities from Archangel to Demyansk have access to some of these fighters. And about capturing units in transit (by train or by sea), according to our rules these units can be captured "IF" player decide to move it to his final location and, at same time, the city fall into ennemys hands.
  21. To Logan: most of our informations comes from our spies in Germany and France....most of the time it is coded in different languages and it has to transit trough our special network...War is war and Moscow havent complaint about it yet and thats the most important for us ;)
  22. -ironduke57 Yes Archangel can be taken..in this case LLA should have to transit trough Africa and middle east :(
  23. Celebrations just started in Berlin when the party was stoped shortly after by some news coming from the west. British and Canadians were about to land in Normandy and even in Germany near Hamburg. "impossible" said some..."they are crazy" said others...None of these military experts was expecting a landing in France...and definitely not in Germany! Korona Speer tried to calm down eveybody when he said: "Even if they success to land in these areas where we dont have armor divisions, they wont survive very long...maybe they opened the door to a next UK invasion?" was it a joke to minimise the bad news or did he expressed the opinion of many in Germany about the British army? :o (psst never underestimate your ennemy) Rumors are Churchill wasn't very please with this operation but Rooselvelt followed Ike Shrinker advice and "ordered" the landing... Photo below showing Rommel supervising on the Atlantic wall...but what the hell is he doin there thousands of km away from his Africa Corps? Heared in Berlin by our Soviet spy: "Rommel is like a bad smell..he gets everywhere!" :D
  24. GERMANS CAPTURE LENINGRAD It was the bloodiest battle of the war. It was the first time in 2 years that Germans suffered so many losses. The price Germans paid to get the city? Thousands of dead and 2 armor divisions completely destroyed (8th Panzer and Stug.Abt 184). Soviets casulaties were very high too, losing their good 10th Mechanised Corps and their factory. Leningrad was also a strategic rail junction between north western and western Russia. It should help the Wehrmacht to move reinforcement units to the front line. Hours after the battle stoped, the city was renamed St.Petersburg and the intruder's symbols were suddently everywhere...