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  1. Youre right Rapt, a game like this would be really fun to watch... Last game with Abba is almost 6 years away now... but I'm playing against Dirtyharry every week end and even if i use a special script where i uptech faster than him, he still owns me! Today we play 2 games, 2 epic battles with tons of tanks and i've tried to use all the tacticts i could. And like every week end the result was the same, General Harry lead his armies to the victory... :mellow: Lets face it, this guy is not human... he is probably a program, a special AI knowing in advance everything were going to do... Anyway the good news is that beta tests are moving forward with final tuning of the MP gameplay almost finished. Missions maps are currently under review by DirtyHarry and myself with adjustments with all the new units and new gameplay. Korona's works are awsome giving to the new units their true look (Nashorn, Panzerjager I, Achille, Archer, M10, M36) and he is thinking about making a new AI. All this meaning that we get closer and closer to the final release. Stay tune!
  2. Raptor, I don't understand what you mean... Ok my Irish roots makes me eat potatoes all the time, I agree, but where did you take from that I was a communist? You can't say such a thing without proof! For instance when I play Blitz I don't play with the Soviet faction...I mean well maybe i play as Russian but it doesn't mean anything....Or look at my avatar, you can't say that it is about the Reds or anything related to...euh, bad exemple....Or look at this red flag on my wall, it doesnt means anything at all...euh, well, bah.... :blink:
  3. This crazy idea of making a Blitz final release came from nowhere and is probably the natural outcome from all these thousands hours of works Korona, DH and I invested after the last release. The mini units idea was an idea Korona and I had discussed and tested at same time that we tested a special supplies map from Korona. The idea to have a gameplay where pincers moves were possible is what led to these mini units on large scale maps. Korona add many cool things like the gun accuracy (for instance the early T-34s models missed their target more than often while the German units had very accurate guns). We made the guns to have a more realistic range and so on with all the new stuffs included in the upcoming version. DirtyHarry and I played tons of games to make sure the new system was working (and yes he is a better tactician and have better strategy than i have, thats why i suggest to any of you playing against him to avoid any 1 vs 1 match up. 2 vs 1 if your not bad players or 3 vs 1 if your newbies ) At the end the result is double: 1) a release of a Blitz revamped version in 3-4 weeks from now and 2) a Korona project using sc2 engine with a cool supply system to be tested in the next months
  4. Neo

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Believe it or not but this Blitz mod is not dead yet :rolleyes:/> For the past months...years...a lots of works and experiences were conducted by crazy Blitz scientists...among them Korona, DirtyHarry and Neo. Many many things were changed or adjusted to a new gameplay. I wont name every modifications here cause tbh i couldn't remember what is part of the latest official version and whats not. In short let say the latest experiment seems to give some results. All units are now smaller and weapons range longer as result we can have larger battlefied feeling. This allow players more possibilities for large scale moves like pincers move or flanking, etc Dirtyharry and I are playing every saturday and sunday on hamachi with this new version. After different tryouts on other more recent ww2 games, we still comeback to this good old mod with its EA engine. Oh and a big HI to these old veterans players from the early years of Blitz (Abba, Dr shrinker, spfloh, Korona, Dirtyharry, Phoib, Raptor and others). p.s. about mapping, up to now i have around 50 new mp maps or missions. Big thanks to an awsome map tester: Dirtyharry :worship:/>
  5. Hi everyone. Like you know, a new patch should be released by Korona and his team soon... Among the new stuff available, we have many new maps (multiplayers, coops, challenges, missions) included in the patch. Overall, almost 60 maps for different types of gameplay. Here's a short description of these maps and for some of these maps, images showing the starting position of the enemy troops. But first of all, a brief description of the types of map you'll find in the new patch: Type of maps: 1- Mission maps 2- Coop maps 3- Challenge maps 4- Multi-players maps 1. Mission maps: A solo map with epic battles. Units are delivered or built. 2. Coop maps: 2 or 3 players working together to win against the enemy controlled by an AI. You can build units. 3. Challenge maps: Multi-player maps with pre-built units on it. You can also build units. 4. Multi-player maps: For 2 to 6 players. You start from the scratch with minimal units and buildings Let's start with the new missions maps: MISSION FORTRESS EUROPE (from Neo) Germany April 1941. You have the option to invade the USSR or build up your defenses and let the Reds attack first. Every Panzer division is delivered at your train station according to history and to the new type of tanks available. When you reach mid 1944, you have to face the Allies on the Western Front. Tips : It is recommanded to defeat the Soviets before the Allies have landed in France because a 2 front war is not really what you need to win. Mission Operation Desert Sun : (from DirtyHarry) After the British lost at El Alamein, the Russians sent a strike force to the Middle East. This force has come under constant attack and is close to defeat. Your orders are to go in and make sure that doesn't happen. Really fun mission from Dirty Harry! Mission Tiger Company (From Neo) You're taking part in the Battle of Kursk leading a Tiger company from the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte. You have to open the way for the SS Division (controled by the AI) and destroy the following objective one by one: 1-The village of Bykovka 2-An artillery battery on a hill 3- The village of Prokhorovka 4- Another artillery battery on a hill 5- The city of Oboyan 6- The city of Kursk. Tips: It is strongly recommended to follow your orders and do not skip objectives. Also you will receive infantry and artillery reinforcments after the capture of Oboyan, they will be very important to stop the Soviet's counter attacks when attacking the city of Kursk. Mission The Great Patriotic War: (From Neo) The map simulates what was the largest and most costly offensive in human history. The player will control the Soviet forces and has to first halt and then later defeat the German invaders in several phases. Mission The Battle of Prokhorovka : (from Pivac) Awsome mission on a really nice map from Pivac and a cool animation at the begining. The player has to stop waves of German tanks and protect a communication centre at the rear. Tips : The use of artillery is a must to avoid too many tank losses. Ok now we have the following missions already included in the campaigns but now also available in the map menu. Let's go with the 9 German missions: Germany at war MissionGerman1 (Europe38): (from Neo) This mission is about the pre-war events of 1938 with Czechoslovakia and subsequently the invasion of Poland, France, Holland and Belgium. The United Kindom would send troops to France to help them if Germany attacks first. Tips: the easiest way to conquer Western Europe is to follow history and invade in order: Czechoslovakia (you get the Skoda tank production), Poland (you get part of the Polish troops if you conquer the Western Poland) and finally France,Holland & Belgium. MissionGerman2 (Poland41): (from Neo) June 1941 Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the USSR by the Germans. You're in command of the 3rd Panzer Division and you have to 1) cross the Bug River, the border between USSR and Germany, and 2) secure the area east of the river. This is an easy mission where their Russian 'comrades' are taken by surprise by the sudden German Blitzkrieg. MissionGerman3 (Supply Lines 41) : (from Neo) July 1941 the Germans are deep into the Soviet's territory and their supply line are mor vital than ever for their push towards Smolensk and Moscow. General Timoshenko’s 5th & 7th Mechanised Corps will attack the flank of your supply line. You have to protect the truck convoys and stop the Soviet flank attacks. Tips: You have air superiority over the Reds, your Stukas should help greatly. MissionGerman4 (Mozhaisk Line 41): (from Neo) October 1941 you are in charge of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Panzer Groups during Operation Typhoon. You have to capture all the cities west of Moscow. These cities are forming a defensive line called The Mozhaisk Line. Tips: Make sure you conquer every city without too much losses because if you have less than 15 Panzer left, the operation will be cancelled. The use of your 105mm artillery guns would be wise.
  6. Neo

    Blitz Devellopments

    Yeah nice work UNI... DirtyHarry, only Korona Van Braun can answer your question :P Also, I've been away from the net for the last months but i should get back online in the next 2 week (they finally decided to install high speed cables up to the place i live far away in the mountains). So for the last few months i've been working on new missions using some new type of maps in wich you can play a whole campaign in a same game. More details to come....
  7. I love this railway gun....Anyone interested to have this toy on a multi-player map?
  8. Neo

    Blitz Devellopments

    Hi all....just to let you know that the next patch still a work in progress....During this time we still working on the fine tuning of this mod (Korona's working on units with less polygons...Also there will be new mission maps,etc). And like Korona once said: " If you want works completed faster just send us money" <_<
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    Bbc World War 2

    This documentary is awsome! Thanks Harry! :)
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    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    :P You bad boy !!! (post to be moved to the DS xxx topic)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Oh yeah Merry Christm....huh..well... :mellow: I mean....Happy New Year everybody!!!!!
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    Who The Hell Are You?

    Hehe Raptor...it seems the lil boy has become a man...i mean if i compare this photo with another one from 2 years ago....Conclusion: the military system named we-kick-your-buts-everyday-til-you-become-a-man is working! ;) Oh and congrats to you Phoib the red eyes vampire for your paper.... :P
  13. At 3:15 am today the Axis crossed the Soviet Union border. Panzer divisions are moving towards Red Army troops. We don't have much details on who is in charge to coordinate the Soviet divisions on the front. For now the Reds defense seems to be chaotic. Despite the fact British and Americans repeatedly warned Stalin of Operation Barbarossa, the Soviet troops seems unprepared to such attack. More details to come....
  14. "Suddenly and without warning, early on the morning of 22 June 1941, over three million Axis forces lunged across the Soviet state border and commenced the infamous Operation Barbarossa. Spearheaded by four powerful panzer groups and protected by an impenetrable curtain of air support, the seemingly invincible Wehrmacht advanced from the Soviet Union’s western borders to the immediate outskirts of Leningrad, Moscow, and Rostov in the shockingly brief period of less than six months. Faced with this sudden, deep, and relentless German advance, the Red Army and Soviet State were forced to fight desperately for their very survival." - David M. Glantz This could be the greatest battle of all time between 2 of the best Blitz Generals....Generalfeldmarschall Dirty von Harry and Gregory Koronavich, Marshal of the Soviet Union. This "one on one tourney" can be seen as an "apperitif" to the cool tourney Phoib is preparing for Blitz players, For now both Marshals will lead most of their battles. But if necessary, they could draft officers to conduct some particular battles. So you are invited to follow this tourney and enroll for the Wehrmacht or the Red Army. Front line view: Army Group North My link Army Group Centre My link Army Group South My link RULES My link
  15. My uncle....Murderers!!!!
  16. All is quiet on the German-Soviet border <_<
  17. Rules are now available for download on the first page ! You'll see how divisions can move by trains or by roads....How the gasoline reserve is used to move divisions and trains....How seasons effect will play against both sides and why Soviets have advantages to launch massive operations during winter...You will see how divisions can repair some of their tank losses and even capture some of the enemy tanks...You'll understand why the capture of the Caucasus oil fields could have an impact on the German war machine and the Red Army ...and many more rules to make this tourney as historical as possible! Oh and btw...our correspondant in Poland still sending photos from German troops along the USSR border....heres Bf-110s take off before flying rigth to the east...
  18. Now map has links to Army Groups North, Centre, South....and this despite the fact Germans still talking about maneuvres in Poland and Soviets about the Allied plot thing..... :P
  19. OKH had ordered a map with roads and railway with different colors and smaller green battlefields location... They said USSR will be easier to conquer with this type of map....Time will tell ;)
  20. Allied plot or not, our correspondent from Germany send us this picture from what he saw on the sky this morning. These little birds were flying towards the Communist border....Unless you tell me they are part of an Air Show to provide entertainment to the Soviet and German soldiers from Eastern Poland, i think something big is happening!
  21. This photo was taken only few hours ago...German troops moving towards the Soviet border. We may think it is just military exercises....but when we got these documents from our correspondent in Germany, serious doubts raised that Germany is just doing military games....
  22. To Comrade Raptorkov: Every battle has their own set up with defense, so no player can't build structure. On this 1 on 1 tourney, players use real units both sides used during the invasion of the USSR but on a 40% scale. Soviets get weekly production from factories according to historical datas. Germany get reinforcements according to their real reinforcement schedule, meaning not much during the first months (remember this war was supposed to be a short one according to the German High Command. All this means players have to figth with the same units real armies had 70 years ago. Long term strategy, tacticts on a large scale and efficiency on the battlefield should decide the outcome of this war. Of course Germany should defeat the early Soviet forces during the first weeks of play (one turn equal 1 week). The question would be more about the efficiency of the Soviets to recover from their early heavy losses and the capacity of the Wehrmacht to keep their fast pace before the arrival of the mud (autumn) and the cold (winter). Yes mud and snow will have direct effects during the tourney ;)
  23. Maps now showing Air Divisions location on both sides. As you can see, many Soviet airfields were very close to the border between Germany and the SU on June 22nd 1941. In game it could means the first attack moves for von Harry could hurt Marshal Koronavitch air force badly ;)
  24. Yes Kenny, only on the Eastern Front because......1) The battles on the "Eastern Front" constituted the largest military confrontation in history. 2)The Eastern Front was decisive in determining the outcome of World War II, eventually serving as the main reason for Germany's defeat 3) In 1941 Germany and the USSR were the 2 top military power of the world !