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  1. Zero_Point

    Wii Fit To A Girl: You Are Fat!

    Remind me to make a big-ass shit-fit out of a game if it ever tells me I'm fat/stupid/retarded/Jack Thompson. Media attention, here I come!
  2. Zero_Point


    Here's a few models I made for Generals a few years back. Thing is I can only model something if I have a physica interpretation of it. I had a figure of theGuntank and MK IV and a friend of mine had a figure of the Shadowcat. *Edit* Dammit! "Copied" my ass! Stupid Photobucket. :ph34r:
  3. Zero_Point

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    Garry's Mod shenanigans for all! Never-ending Construct, Parts , , , , , and . Also, Shortbits and .
  4. Zero_Point

    Supreme Commander

    In that case... Don't get one. They're already obsolete. The newer graphics cards can do physics better and faster, and multi-core CPUs can do them alot better than PhysX too. Don't believe me? The makers of Newton Game Dynamics reported an 83% increase in performance with dual-core CPUs when they re-did Newton to utilize them. (most other physics engines like Havok only report 40-50% increase, and Newton is more "precise") And oh yeah, there's not alot of games that support PhysX. The few example I can state off the top of my head are Cell Factor and Rise of Legends and *maybe* Unreal Tournament 2K7.
  5. Zero_Point

    Supreme Commander

    ...Where the hell did you read that you NEEDED a PhysX card?
  6. Zero_Point

    Supreme Commander

    Don't you mean "in here"? I'm sure there's plenty who can run it better than I. ;) Then again, clebrity status would be nice... But enough arsing around. Who wants screenshots?! :ph34r:
  7. Zero_Point

    Community Summit Report

    Here's a theory: The whole thing about C&C 3 is that it's fast-paced. Mayhaps day-night transitions would give the unwanted illusion that the battles are lasting alot longer than they really are.
  8. Zero_Point

    Community Summit Report

    Are day/night transitions really necessary though? I could care less considering there'd likely be no tactical advantage to fighting in either time period, and it'd just be useless eye-candy.
  9. Zero_Point

    Community Summit Report

    Remember, C&C 3 has ACTUAL shadows and not little grey blobs like WCIII.
  10. Zero_Point

    Supreme Commander

    Yeah, I figured as much. At least this forum isn't as anal-retentive as the Facepunch forums. And it's a good setup I think, has little or no poblems running anything I've thrown at it so far. Afterall, I had UT 2K7 in mind when I built it. (let's just hope I didn't piss away $1800!)
  11. Zero_Point

    Supreme Commander

    Personally, I LOVE it. That tactical zoom spoils you, though. Tried playing the C&C3 demo and couldn't zoom out far enough which frustrated me. Anyway, I can say that it delivers on many points. HUGE armies, interesting resource options (low on mass? That boulder over there could come in handy...), fascinating experimental units, and the "adujust-on-the-fly" orders system is awesome once you learn the tricks of it. It does, however, lag a bit, and even when it doesn't lag frame-rate wise, unit orders take a while to take effect on large maps (think about it: your CPU doesn't only have the units/structures to manage, but all those damn trees and unit debris!). And the whole "Imma desync in the middle of a game!" is kind of annoying if you didn't get the latest patch where-as your opponent did, which has happened to me a few times because my friend/opponent doesn't inform me that there was an update before we LAN. In the end though, I'm satisfied with the game, and I'm looking forward to the plethora of mods that are inevitably going to be released. Imagine a WWII mod with the scale this game can provide... And for those who are curious... AMD Athlon64 X2 FX-62 dual-core @2.8GHz 2GB Crucial DDR2 in dual-channel 2x 7950GT KO edition @ 650/1550MHz Runs it at maximum settings pretty damn well. :D That, and it appears I've been gone for... forever, and my warn level is still 4.
  12. Zero_Point

    North Korea Is Creepy As Hell.

    Only with China's blessing, of course. However, I'm thinking this time (if there is a "this time") they will have China's blessing. China will be generous....... That's the ONLY thing keeping us from taking action against North Korea right now if you ask me. It has something to do with that rapidly industrializing soon-to-be super-power neighbor of theirs... And yes, I predict China WILL become a super-power in the near future. But, my question is this: Why is China backing North Korea? NK has NOTHING to offer China in terms of support, either financially or military. In fact, I'm surprised China hasn't just annexed NK and gotten it over with.
  13. Zero_Point

    She Will Ban You So Hard.

    ... No, seriously, ...?
  14. Zero_Point

    In Case You Had Forgotten...

    That's assuming they have a head to kick- Oh, you mean the one with the primary brain in it. Right, gotcha! Anyhoo, this is wrong. I'd go almost as far as to say that it's more wrong than that bitch who holds "I'm glad your son died" signs at soldiers funerals.
  15. Zero_Point

    Lion Of Cncden Involved In Serious Accident

    Holy shit on a stick (shtick, if you'd rather)! That is what once was, and no longer is, a Dodge pick-up! I'm surprised he got out with as few injuries as he did... I've seen the aftermath of wrecks like this at our local junk-yard. Not too pleasant, considering most have a lingering odor... You can guess what it's from.