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  1. Opals25

    Happy 2021

    this future blows
  2. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Some day right? I built myself a new computer as an after christmas gift to myself
  3. Opals25

    So, whats up

    I've been lucky as well to not be super affected by everything. I work in eCommcerce and the companies done well even if they're assholes and have every one packed into the office still. Oh well.
  4. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    'Sup nerds it's Christmas and today we got bombed! Shit's wild. We did a skype call just now with my family and got a few things opened up and then have a call with my wife's family a bit later today. So far we got; An Oculus Quest 2 from my brother. A big box of asian foods and candies from my brothers fiancé including a sushi making kit Simon StÄlenhag's The Electric State artbook Root the Riverfolk expansion Flying Colors a book about flags from my wife Communist Cats card game A small set of National Park field notes books The Untitled Goose Game soundtrack on vinyl. Some other board game related knick nacks. Dice boxes, chit holders, etc. I'll see what more I get later if I don't get blown up!
  5. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

  6. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Oh damn, what are you nerds doing here with a pandemic going on still!
  7. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    That's the dopest shit
  8. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Delongi Espresso Maker Bubble Tea Mix LEGO Architecture London Skyline A History of Art in 21 Cats The LEGO Architect The Greatest Brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO Sharper Image Streaming Drone Disney Villianous Board Game Expansion We're going to the in-laws in a few weekends for a late Christmas.
  9. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Hey, we got a late start to Christmas this year! My list will be coming soon.
  10. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Oh wow, also 15 years. Half my life's Christmas gifts are in this thread. Need to reformat the OP sometime too....
  11. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Christmas morning comes later and later as I get older... I kinda want breakfast first now. ---------------------------------- Here we go! We were at my families for the first time in a few years with my brother and his G/F coming into town. LEGO Architecture Las Vegas Chris Hayes, A Colony in a Nation Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism Coffee & Snack Pack TV Rear LED Lighting "Cat Daddy" Coffee Mug Scythe board game Pandemic Legacy board game New Orleans "Been There" series mug PK Subban Nashville Predators TShirt Assorted candy and snacks.
  12. Opals25

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I went home for Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years so I had turkey. It was good.
  13. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    If Phoib keeps the servers running I keep posting.
  14. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    When I started this thread I was 15 and must have been a sophomore in high school. Next year's post will make it 15 years old and chronicle half of my life's Christmas gifts. In the mean time I've gone to university, fucked it up, still graduated anyways, got a real job and got married. This shit is wack.
  15. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Merry Christmas! Being old now means traveling and doing Christmas twice so I'll have a few things next weekend when I go see my parents. Today we're with the wife's. ANYWAYS to get started, from my brother; the game Secret Hitler and a P.K. Subban Nashville Predators Jersey! From my wife; a record player, a Nuka Cola growler, an Up Goer 5 xkcd poster, the Little Grumpy Cat that wouldn't book, and Made in North Korea a book about graphic design in the DPRK. From the wife's family; a new pocket knife, assorted candy and snacks, a $20 steam gift card, and a LEGO NYC skyline set.