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  1. Ah, do you also check DerelectStudios now and then? For BK2? For the past years I've been checking the forums and site for updates, now let's hope we'll actually see some new stuff. Can't wait for the new release.
  2. Hello :)/> So great to see that this mod is still alive. I thought this mod was dead for sure! Allow me to be blunt and ask when the planned release date is! So.. when is it? Did I read something wrong on ModDB or is the mod going to another game engine (Starcraft2) ? Anyway, I can't wait to play the new mod version. Also, if you want more publicity, why not post this update on the blog? Or the Blitz site? https://www.youtube.com/user/WW2GamesChannel I made this channel (link above) four years ago, not really doing anything with it, but will it be anything like those videos I posted? I thought the general 'powers' system was great and I liked how you could send out aircraft for reconaissance (fighters) they would fly over for a bunch of minutes. And will the Hummel be as cool as it used to be or is that just a bug? Sweet. Also, do you still take in Beta testers? Thanks and keep up the good work! P.S. Don't forget to set all forums to display posts for, say a year or so, because this one wasn't showing when I clicked on this forum (because it doesn't display 'older' posts).
  3. Rudolfvda

    Is Derelict Studios Dead Or..?

    Hi all, just wondering what's going on with Derelict Studios, you guys made great mods (my favorites BKII and MEC2) and was wondering if you are still alive? P.S. There's a lot of spam here on the forum from bots, and some pages aren't working or active such as the news and blogs page. Anyway, secretly hoping it's possible to mod the new C&C title and have a BKIII ;) Regards Rudolf
  4. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Good thing you guys are still working on Blitzkrieg!! But what about C&C Generals 2? They've announced that there will be skirmish in the first game release so that means there will be AI.. do you guys plan on making Blitzkrieg III for CC Generals 2? Seems like a logical choice to me, but then again I'm no modder. I mean, the new engine looks fantastic and it appears to be reliable. Or are you waiting for them to release some sort of SDK or announce it? Because aren't they using the same engine for BF3 which is impossible to mod (yet)? Thanks! Rudolf
  5. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Hey guys, I assume you heard about Generals 2 will have singleplayer now? It looks like it's going to be campaign mode though, but maybe it will have skirmish as well. I mean, obviously you can't have a campaign without AI, so why won't they add in skirmish as well? And with singleplayer, we can have mods right? ;)
  6. Rudolfvda

    What Is Your Favorite Strategy In Bkii?

    I don't like the Allies to be honest, because since BK2 became tank-biased airpower is useless now, and the Allies have poor production capability in late war game. I really do like the German faction though, because they've got the best stuff - and better. They've got excellent AT guns, excellent mobile artillery and ofcourse lots of tanks to choose from. Especially in late war, if you choose the right tanks - and I mean the medium(-heavy) ones - you can pwn the map. The Germans are the only ones who have the highest production capability which is essential for victory. Soviets are cool too though, but usually I play them to vary gameplay. Once you can mass produce those T34's nothing will stand in the way of victory! All in all I prefer the Germans - excellent value for money tanks, their soundtrack is really immersive, and they provide for the best strategies. I like to play defense in the beginning to rake in cash, and once I get those general points for medium tank mass production I'm on my way to own the map.
  7. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Ok. So.. why not limit the airfields then? On another note, will there be an update anytime soon?
  8. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Thanks for replying. Good to see the mod is still in progress!!! Maybe you are right about scouting, and I do deploy scouts myself, but I strongly feel that tanks should maintain shroud revealling as far as their firing range is. Just like it was in real life. I could send scouts with tanks ofcourse, but often they fall back for example when attacking buildings. Since snipers cannot attack buildings they just stand still left behind, like infantry. And to get them organized on the front of the tank army again - whichever way you need to move - is kinda painful as you'll spend time spreading them around, while the AI doesn't lose any time doing so, after all it's all being calculated automatically at the same time of other attack moves. Not to mention, when using attack move snipers will engage infantry or other snipers. So I will need to carry a whole lot of snipers which will result in a sniper war rather than infantry-tank battle which was far more common (realistic). As you can see I've got quite some objections and the simplest solution is to adapt the shroud reveal to its firing range. I also do send aircraft forward, but only to reveal the enemy base or on hotspots. There's simply not nearly enough aircraft available to send out on scouting missions. That's another reason for me to plea for self-built aircraft (airfields). Hope I didn't come off as a douche, but I'm just so annoyed by this. Can't wait to try the 'newer' version then. Any idea when this will be released? Or is it just waiting for Korona? I assume he is the main coder/scripter? Thanks again.
  9. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Thanks for your reply. So are you saying Blitz II is still under development/improvement? I've got a bunch of bugs to report that can help improve it. Would love to see them fixed because they hinder gameplay. Shall list them: 1. Often the enemies 'vision range' is further than that of the players. So, if I make an attack move with tanks they have to get real close before they start firing, while the enemy tanks are already doing so. And it has got nothing to do with the range of the tanks, I think their vision range is the problem reveiling shroud. This problem causes considerable losses in units on the players side. A solution might be to send some infantry ahead of the tanks because they can attack pretty much every unit, and thus will do so decreasing shroud and revealling the enemy tanks on time. But ofcourse it shouldn't be like this. 2. Also, especially the Soviets later in the game seem to bunch up their units at their base and are stuck in their position. They move, but just in a small radius back and forth, while all of them should have been sent out to attack. This makes the Soviets a really easy opponent while it shouldn't be. Also, the Soviets carry a lot of infantry on the back of the tank but only rarely deploy them. This is kind of a waste and contributes to the lack of challenge. I've also seen the Allies and even Axis get stuck in their own base. This especially happened when I put everyone in their own team competing against everyone. 3. One good thing I noticed though, is that the AI doesn't seem to have infinite money anymore. That's a great improvement because it rewards your own efforts. However, once you deploy anti-tank guns the enemy seems unable to destroy them and the enemy will start to run out of money fast. 4. Another great improvement would be if the enemy started battling with you for flag houses (for income). I know they attack occupied buildings but they don't occupy them themselves. 5. The Allies AI doesn't petition for support from the US. In the beginning of the game the Allies usually have a flood of units, but once they get better tanks, they are slower to build and the Allies begin to lack firepower in numbers and thus are less of a challenge to players. 6. AI doesn't use aircraft either, not even to counter enemy fighters/bombers. I really wish it would be back to the 'old' way where you could build up your own airforce and become superior in the air if played well, it made it really more interesting because the gameplay was expanded to the air, not just the ground. 7. In long games, the music tracks start to skip every half a minute later in the game, this is really annoying to be honest. Shouldn't be hard to fix (I think). Ofcourse, it deserves to be mentioned that Blitz II has greatly improved and is almost perfect - I really enjoy playing this mod, even today. There is simply nothing that compares even closely to this mod - the ability to build and choose your own tanks, factories, airforce, everything is controlled at the tip of your fingers, unlike many other WW2 strategy games which focus on, how many units they 'had' in this and that battle, this time, in this mod, YOU decided how the war ends. That makes Blitz II so fantastic. I mean, not to mention the music, the reward/experience system, the details of the units, the voices, everything has been fully perfectionized. If you are indeed still improving Blitz II, please take the above suggestions/bugs into consideration. Oh, and if there are updates don't forget to put them on the website! :lol: If there's anything I can do to improve Blitz II just let me know, even though I have little scripting experience. Thanks in advance. P.S. I also loved the MEC2 mod. But I thought that one was considered finished? Because I probably have a bunch of improvements to list for that mod as well. :) Kind regards, Rudolf
  10. Rudolfvda

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Thanks for your reply! Shame, I just LOVE the Blitzkrieg (II) mod, still playing it today. I also read on the website that BKIII was in progress but canceled due to some problems.. can't remember what game it was for. Do you guys have an eye on an another game though, to make BKIII for? Thanks again. Rudolf
  11. Hey guys, just wondering if you had any plans for BKIII, with the new Command and Conquer Generals coming. I know it's become free to play, I wonder if it's possible to mod something like that. BKII is the best mod I've ever played, and I still play it today. Hopefully someone can give me an answer. Thanks in advance! P.S. Weren't there already plans for BKIII sometime ago, but for a game outside the C&C series? Rudolf
  12. Got the error 1C today - corrupt or missing files. What I had to do to solve it was choose 'run as administrator' for blitzkrieg2.exe, as someone suggested before in this topic, only with a different error. I have windows 7 and never got this error before on my vista laptop, might be a windows problem!