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    Blitz Devellopments

    Sorry to be kinda noob. and a bother for that matter now..lol..but for what you said about the ai building only a CC is there anyway to make a team spawn and move into the map while still having the ai build??? and for some of these if ive wrote a scrit like this.... Under plyerrussia added the new team Edit teams-add new team team-Russian reinforcements owner plyrrussia Min5 Max5 unit type-kv1 checked team members are ai recruitable Still in edit teams template under reinforcement part of it listed my waypoint for the team to start waypoint 25 Scripts- Under plyr russia folder Made new folder First script-Timer -(script conditions) if true-(actions if true) set timer russian reinforcements to expire in 160 seconds. run subroutine create second script-create--(script conditions) if true and timer russian reinforcements expire. -(actions if true) spawn an instance of team russian reinforcements at waypoint 25. run subroutine move. Third script-Move--(script conditions) if true and team russian reinforcements has been created. -(actions if true) move team russian reinforcements to waypoint 26. run subroutine Timer. Now ive been trying to just even spawn the team like that and have it move in off screen but everytime i do the ai wont build cause i put it under there folder....and i still dont see the team...now i've tried to do named units under or the team thing under the plyercivilian folder and had them come in and the ai builds but then it wont let me transfer them.....????? also if i try to do it under neutral in edit teams and im done setting the stuff i see nothing when i hit ok...if you can see its a mess.... like i said i can do good on making the maps but i just recently started working on scripting. i can make briefing's and do fun stuff like rank players up quicker and turn the entire map radar on but this is my first of this kind...so thats why im kinda lost. so if you could send me or if you would a examle map or a good detailed tutorial id greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone and great mod...keep up the good work!!!! PS...is there any chance in the future that skins may be added to any of the tank models????just asking...
  2. **Schindler's List**

    Blitz Devellopments

    just wanted to say thanks Raptor & DirtyHarry for both of you trying to help me out....Also D.Harry i sent you a message about the example map you were talking about if it went through ok...thanks.... :P
  3. **Schindler's List**

    Blitzkrieg Production

    Hi, Just wondering if this mod is still in production or if its dead? Also if it still is being worked on if there is a possible realease anytime soon.... thanks..... B)
  4. **Schindler's List**

    Blitz Devellopments

    Hi. First off i'd like to thank everyone for making this great mod. I have been playing it for some time now but i just have never posted anything on here. Now, I have a question. I have been making some muliplayer skirmish maps for this game and i can get the ai to work and everything and i know how to set the money system with the buildings and everything. But i was hoping to go a bit further and i've been try'n to mess around with the scripts lately and spawn reinforcement teams for the ai players without much luck. Everytime i put the scripts in the players folder the team will spawn but the ai wont build. i was just hoping if anyone could help point me to a tutorial on this or maybe show me how a script like this would work or anything....any help is appriciated... Also dont help my computer crashed a while back so i lost all my old maps so now i've been just starting to make them again.... Thanks again for any help....and again thanks for the great mod everyone:)