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  1. So..... Does anybody actually still play this mod, or did just spend 5 minutes downloading to play against a computer opponent?
  2. Kenny

    Blitz Devellopments

    What's that coming over the hill?!? A monster!
  3. Kenny

    Blitz Devellopments

    Nice, 128 mm of pure german power, and a lot of weight (73 tonnes?) to reduce mobility <_< , guess it will be very expensive in game, an entire army of these could do wonders, perhaps :) alltough, not on the attack... Anyway, very nice and good luck getting it working and all. (BTW, is it my monitor or does it really look a little low and long?)
  4. Kenny

    Match This Weekend

    I don't see why you couldn't join, only 1 thing; if raptor wants to play on his map there can only be 4 players. :mellow: I don't know how many mates you want to bring? But if raptor is okay with it, I can't find a reason to not let you join. :)
  5. Kenny

    New Map!

    Nice map, especially like the many river crossings. It also has a good size and quite some villages with money, ideal for large battles, can't wait to play.
  6. Kenny

    Match This Weekend

    Well, since I have a 3-day weekend, I will be able to play on saturday and sunday. Have you got any idea of a time on wich you like to play?
  7. To counter this threat, The NSB (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging), if war breaks out, will help the german Wehrmacht and do our best to form a division of the Dutch/Germanic SS. :mellow: And the german troops stationed at the USSR/German border are only there to protect them from British attacks. :huh:
  8. If the F├╝hrer doesn't forbid me to retreat when im almost completely surrounded........
  9. Participate......, Any more information? :P one more question: Will you follow the real timeline?
  10. Okay, so no 2-front war for the Germans :) Anyway, good luck to both Generals/Marshalls!
  11. Nice! Sorry Marshall of the USSR, even tough your conscripts will fight 'til death, and tank-crews will bravely drive into enemy fire in their steel coffins, I think the Wehrmacht will win :) An one more question, will it only be on the Eastern Front?
  12. Kenny

    Active Player List

    xfire: Cyankenny-knops :)