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  1. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    Someday:tm: That's awesome, I've really gotten into cooking the last few years as well. I spent a lot of our lockdown trying to get better at classic French recipes. Choux pastry can fuck a duck.
  2. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    I got a couple Amazon gift cards because gift-giving isn't really a thing these days. I do owe opals a drink someday when this vaccine is out there.
  3. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2021

    The future kinda sucks, huh.
  4. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    I've been stuck inside for 6 months, the fuck else am I going to do besides shitpost on a dead forum
  5. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    Hopefully none of you got coronavirus for Christmas Easter.
  6. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2019

    You already know how it is
  7. BlckWyerve

    Happy Thanksgiving

    What did I fucking say
  8. BlckWyerve

    Happy Thanksgiving

    What did you have to eat? Non-american plebs need not apply.
  9. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    Your present was the friends you made along the way
  10. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2018

    Yeah well that's what happens when you're in charge of people. You have to learn to be less of a cunt. Control your tism
  11. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2018

    We're all terrible people at heart. I'm better at hiding it these days
  12. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2018

    Somebody was finally able to classify your retardation? Absolutely brutal
  13. BlckWyerve

    Happy 2018

    Just kidding, it's shit.
  14. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    This is a time capsule for all our sins
  15. BlckWyerve

    Christmas Haul

    Honestly it'as kind of ridiculous. This one thread has survived 14 years