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Mission Update

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Ok just to let you know some news about the missions:


There is 22 missions overall: 11 Soviets, 9 Germans and 2 Allies.


The Soviets missions are:


1) The defense of Moscow 1941

2) The defense of Leningrad 1941

3) The defense of Stalingrad 1942

4) Operation Uranus part 1

5) Operation Uranus part 2

6) Operation Winterstorm 1942

7) The Battle of Kursk part 1 1943

8) The Battle of Kursk part 2 1943

9) The Battle of Smolensk 1943

10) Mission in Poland winter 1945

11) The Battle of Berlin 1945


The German missions are:


1) World War II begins 1939-1940

2) Barbarossa- The Bug River 1941

3) Barbarossa- Protect the supply line 1941

4) Operation Typhoon 1941

5) The Battle of Moscow 1941

6) The Battle of Stalingrad 1942

7) The Battle of Kursk 1943

8) The Battle of Tankograd 1944

9) Operation Watch on the Rhine winter 1944


And the Allies missions are:


1) The North African Campaign 1941-1942-1943

2) The Normandy Campaign 1944



These missions took almost 2 years to be completed. I would like to thanks those who tests these missions and provide me lots of feed backs: From Norway, Korona von Braun with is brillant ideas & Dirty Harry who tested all the missions (sometimes more than once), gave me full reports on bugs and lots of ideas to improve the final product. :hb:

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It was just a matter of time. At the begining every faction was supposed to have around 10 missions each. Soviets and Germans missions were made first and only 2 Allies missions were completed when the official release happend. Two more Allies missions are on progress: The Battle of the Bulges and the Battle of Guadalcanal.


So more Allies missions should follow during the next months..stay tuned

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