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A Tribute To The Mappers

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With the release of 22 missions maps I think it's time to give credit to some mappers and particularly those i used their works to build missions.


Begining with the mission maps:


German mission 2 (Crossing of the Bug River): A Pivac map with lots of transformations but i love the type of texture he use

German mission 7 (Battle of Kursk) Partly Pivac map texture

German mission 8 (Battle of Tankograd) Partly Pivac map texture

German mission 9 (Operation Watch on Rhine): Cities are from Dr. Shrinker map:Pocket of Smolensk. His hability to build

nice lil villages is very impressive


Soviet mission 2 (Battle of Leningrad): A mission Korona made with lots of details, a nice and cool set up

Soviets missions 7-8 (Kursk): Partly Pivac map texture

Soviet mission 10 (Poland): A winter map using Capt.Miller nice set up and light effects


Allies mission 1 (North African Campaign): Use a nice African map (Tobruk) Dr.Shrinker & Freedom made long time ago.


About multiplayers maps i don't know all the creators, but i can name some of them and invite others tp post here.


Maps are from: DirtyHarryTAT, Pivac, Dr.Shrinker, Comrade Raptorkov, hawk10314, Neo and others....


n.b. Last minute news: some of the multiplayers maps are now fixed with the patch release. Also a new map is now included: "Prokhorovka" from Pivac.

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You have at least 2 maps on the map pack comrade Raptorilonokov ;)

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