killakanz's Tank Setup for Total Beginners Tutorial

Next up, we need to position the turret's pivot point. Select the turret. The location of this pivot point is important as this is where the turret rotates around, so it may look odd if the pivot is out of place. Using 'Affect Pivot Only' again, move the pivot into the right place. On most modern day tanks, this would be in the middle and a little way forward.
moving the turret pivot
If you think it's in the right place, you can test it by rotating the turret and seeing if it looks ok. To me this looks ok, sure it looks silly because the barrel isn't linked yet, but I'm looking at the turret rotation.
spin test!
If you want the barrel to elevate, for arcing projectile artillery for example, you need to place it's pivot at it's evelation point. It doesn't matter where the other pivot points are, as long as they're aligned to world. If you want to tidy things up a bit just center the rest to objects.

Now that we have the pivots done, we can link things up in something called a 'heirachy subtree'. Basically what this will do, when we have the turret linked to the chassis, when the chassis is moved, the turret will move with it. Clever eh? This may sound complicated, but you don't really need to get your head round how it works for now, just know how to do it so you can get your tank working. How to do it is actually very easy. Hit the 'H' key to bring up the select objects by name window and select your turret.
Select Turret
This will be the child of the chassis in the subtree, when linking things you must select the child first before linking to the parent. With the turret selected press the select and link button on the main toolbar. It's the button with 2 boxes and a chain. Now hit 'H' again and double click on the CHASSIS.
The chassis mesh will blink for a moment to show the link was successful. Click the cursor button to get out of link mode. Hit 'H' and check the display subtree box. You should see the turret under the chassis in the tree. I told you it was easy!

Now repeat what you just did, but link the Barrel under the turret and the 2 treads under the chassis. Teamcolors on the turret should be linked to the turret and so fourth. Now the tank is ready to get some bones!

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