That's all folks!

That's all there is to it!

I hope you find this tutorial a great help. If you want to you can leave feedback on the forums. I'm open to any suggestions to make these tutorials better, or even any praise to my glory.
You may place a link to my tutorial on your site if you wish, but please to not copy it onto your site. Doing so will get the mob sent after you.

My thanks go to:
Me! killakanz, for putting so much time and effort into figuring this stuff out and writing about it.
Accele (For the chally's texture. Yep, the right person's finally been named! :p )
Flyby (for moral help while gazing at sample models trying to figure it all out)
Phoib (for his help with my aimless ramblings and keeping my dumbass on the right line with the modbuilding and xml code)
Smurfbizkit (for his handy hints)
Mastermind (for his help)
k4l4sh (@ for site design)
Mooshoo (html help!)
And everyone else who's been eagerly waiting for this. My fingers aint quite bleeding yet but they ache now. ;)


Fin :D