9. Exporting.

The final step before exporting is to set the Export Settings. Go to the Utilities tab on the right toolbar and click the W3D Tools button (if this hasn't been added to your buttonset, you need to click the More... button to find it.
The W3D Export Settings section is the only part of the toolset we need to use. The options we need to focus on are:
Export Transform (-pivot position and orientation)
Export Geometry (-mesh)
Normal (-a normal object)
OBBox (-the pickbox)
Hide (-for when you need a surface that should not be shown, like the Pickbox)
Shadow (-objects that cast shadows)
W3D Export Settings

Ensure your objects have the following:
- Chassis, Treads, Turret, Barrel : Export Transform, Export Geometry, Normal, Shadow
- MuzzleFlash (flame doesn't cast a shadow) : Export Transform, Export Geometry, Normal
- OBBox : Export Transform, Export Geometry, OBBox, Hide
- FXTrack bones : Export Transform (note when Export Geometry is unchecked, all other options are blanked out. Transform is the only option you need for bones)

We are now ready to export!
Click on File>Export...
Change Save as type to W3D XML Asset (*.W3X) and type in a file name. It can be anything you want, however it is a good idea to use a naming convention to keep things clear and organized.
The devs use [FACTION][OBJECTTYPE][NAME][EXTRA], giving GUPredTank (where G is faction GDI, U is objecttype Unit).
I'm naming mine GUChally. Click Save.
Export As...
The W3X Export Options panel pops up. I'm exporting a simple Hierarchical model with no animations and no reference to other XML files, so I pick the Hierarchical Model option.
If your model is animated, you would pick the Hierarchical Animated Model option.
The Skeleton option is for exporting a character boneset, Pure Animation is for animated character bonesets and Simple mesh is... erm... a simple mesh (no animations, no hierarchical subtree)
W3D Export Settings
Also note the Export Using Existing Skeleton: option. This is used when exporting infantry models, refering to a skeleton set you've exported earlier.

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